Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Kouign-Amann I ♥ U

 Can you have a love-hate relationship with a pastry?
 Yes, if it's a kouign amann
 A pastry impossible to spell, pronounce or resist if you love caramel.
 Butter-loaded kouign amann come from Brittany as does this gent at the Salon du Chocolat.
 I even love his hand made signs/porte-etiquette...very gemutlich/homey
 I think I ate more kouign amann at the chocolate salon than I ate chocolate...
 Georges Larnicol is the maitre de kouign aman in Paris perhaps. He even makes minis called kouignettes to keep the guilt at bay in a vast multitude of flavors. To-die-for near Metro Odeon.
 I'm also a big fan of Pierre Herme's kouign amann even if he does sometimes sneak in framboise confiture in the bottom (propably a no-no if you're a die hard kouign-amann lover). It's tucked away in the viennoisserie bin, mostly overlooked by mad about macaron lovers ahem.
 One would think the kouign amann is a regional monument in Brittany. It utilizes the famous local au beurre sale. If you see the letters CBS run and get some. Caramel au beurre sale/caramel with salted butter. Abreviations are are rampant in France if you hadn't noticed. This is a chocolate box at CDG to remind you of all the goodies you missed out on as you munch away.
 A kouign amann has to be lurking in one of these pastry cases. Recently a lot of vintage books have been republished like this Nos Geographies de France by Daniel Picouly. A book with wonderful old school maps of where to find what to eat in France (as if we needed help).
 At the chateau Sebastien's sister made it from scatch while we all sat around, enhaled and drooled.
 One could say this is taking things to an extreme but it aptly expresses my fondness for Kouign amann.
The roots of the obsession started early. My dad and I used to sneak out Saturday mornings and make a run for Philadelphia Sticky buns before anyone was up. Certainly this is a distant carmelized cousin of the kouign amann Breton non?
Old habits have a way of sticking with you forever
(no pun intended).


La Table De Nana said...

I had never hear of these:)

Oh they look and sound wonderful..
In the kitchen..sunny day..Christmas..music..baking:)
Happy Holidays Carol~

Bill said...

A sticky bun "grilled" is definitely to die for!

Nikon said...

You are getting playful with this one :)
I'm not crazy about caramel - too sweet.
I do love the illustrations from "Nos Geographies de France."

Ginger G said...

... going to back home Philly from Seattle for Christmas and my aunt just asked me what foods I wanted - sticky buns topped my list - your email came in just as I was answering her!

Anonymous said...

@ Nikon - they are more buttery than sweet.
@ Carol: easy to pronounce, if you memorize it and ignore the spelling: "Queen Amahn"

Parisbreakfasts said...

You have your own pastry shop up there
Boulangerie Kouign Amann
322 Ave Du Mont-Royal Est
I'll link to a recipe for you Monique

Parisbreakfasts said...

That's right dig the knife in deeper Bill

Parisbreakfasts said...

I see I left the last N off too :((

Merisi in Vienna said...

Oh, dear Carol,
this pastry sounds and looks like a dream, a salted caramel one!
Imagine, there's a baker from Brittany selling cookies at the City Hall Christmas market. I'll have to suggest kouign aman for next year's Christmas. ;-)

jeanette, mistress of longears said...

I LOVE them already! They will be my new Quest!

Parisbreakfasts said...

U can find them in Montreal, Seattle, Salt Lake city
I have to go to Paris

Linda said...

Wow! Wish we had the little ones here in Portland but atleast we can
find them(larger) at the wonderful St.Honore Bakery.
Oh la la!

parisbreakfast said...

I'm glad they're unavailable in NYC so far - seriously dangerous!

Joyfulartist said...

My Mom used to make wonderful sticky, carmel, nut cinnamon rolls with loads of butter and brown sugar. These remind me of them. If I close my eyes I can imagine how they melted in my mouth.

Jules Alveria said...

I heart caramel. I will be making my very first trip to France in two weeks. Hope to treat myself to some kouign aman during my Parisian journey.

Jan said...

could have put "no bun intended" for the last sentence!

Parisbreakfasts said...

I thought of that but...ahem
one pun is enough IMHO

Cindy said...

Oh, yes, the kouign amann is amazing. We leave for France on Monday and have a request in to our baker in our village for two fresh kouign amanns. Yum!

La Bonbonniere said...

This looks amazing! I have never had kouign amman and love these incredible photos! I am dreaming of Paris and these delicious treats. Thank you!

Parisbreakfasts said...

Lucky you Cindy
Boy would I like to be in yr chosettes...