Monday, April 23, 2012

Bear makes Greek Yogurt Ice Cream!

 Bear adores ice cream. So do I.

 And I love to paint ice cream. When my niece, Louisa invited me over to test some recipes - her saffron frozen yogurt ice cream - I didn't say no.

 And I got to make the ice cream.
churn-churn soooo easy.

 We made ice cream sandwiches.
Are you melting yet?

 Naturally I had to get a Donvier (non-electric) ice cream maker like Louisa's. And naturally I went hunting for easy frozen yogurt recipes. I found Food For My Family's Lemon yogart.
Ta Da!

 Plus Greek Fage yogurt was on sale last week.

 Bear and I added a little extra lime zest + juice. It calls for just 2 T of grated zest. We may have gone a overboard on the zest.

 But how the heck can you measure out zest with these high-tech microplanes? I much prefer Chef Marthe's Paris gizmo - the zest collects neatly inside the handle.
I'm getting the source for this one.

 Bear dropped the lemon into the yogart mixure.

 Do wear white when making frozen yogurt ice cream.
All my clothes now have white spodges on them.

 It takes just a few turns of the Donvier paddle in a 20 minute timespan et voila!

Easy peasy and better than store bought ice cream. Plus you know exactly what's in it. I tried making straight-up frozen yogurt with no sugar but that fell flat. We better had success with 2 mangos + 3 cups of yogurt + 1/2 C sugar + lemon. Do not measure out the yogart into a measuring cup. Just dish it out straight from the container.

 Bear and Babar were thrilled with the tart, lemony flavor and creamy texture. I'm thrilled to announce with 'The Smaller Spoon' diet. Bear's tiny 2 1/2" spoon is coming with me to Paris.
You HAVE to eat slower with this spoon.


  1. Oh yummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm! I will be trying this soon.

  2. Very yummy! Dangerous to have around, though...

    1. EXTREMELY LOW calorie Amy
      so not dangerous...practically good for you since it's YOGURT!! YAY

  3.'s probably a very good thing that Joe doesn't like ice cream. I always had ice cream in my place, but now, I hardly ever buy it because I know I'll be eating the whole thing. Looks easy. (I also made a lemon mousse from the Moosewood cookbook a few times that was easy and so refreshing--you'd like it. Not ice cream, granted, but mousse...)

  4. I know, the Donvier is so fun! I'm pretty excited to make fresh fruit ice cream and frozen yogurt now that we're coming into warm weather. Hmm, rhubarb ice cream, anyone?...Your creation looks delish!

    xoxo Louisa

  5. What a great way to begin your two weeks in Paris.
    With DESSERT!

  6. All bears adore ice cream :)

  7. Bear called and said that I could come over for freshly made ice-cream. He said he's been hiding some good chocolate to through in the batch, too. I always liked Bear. Now I think he's adorable!!!

    1. Please bring the COOKIES!
      so we can make ice cream sandwiches

  8. Lucinda3:46 PM

    LOVE the concept of the Smaller Spoon Diet!
    you still get to eat the whole thing just little bites..

  9. That looks so good. I love home made ice cream or frozen yogurt and you're right, store bought can't even come close.

  10. I like your sketches of the ice cream cones. It looks like you had a fun time!
    Too much work for me, though!!

  11. The ice cream looks delish Carol, and your watercolors are lovely!!

    Art by Karena

  12. I am a true believer in The Smaller Spoon Diet....all those gelatos can't be bad....since they ALWAYS come with a tiny spoon.
    Hard to believe, but I think ice cream even "tops" macarons... in my pantheon of dessert....did I say that? Must get the Donvier out...have always lusted after those $350 miracle makers.

    1. Don't lust.
      The Donvier makes me feel like a milkmaid.
      So hands-on and non-electric
      David Lebovitz looked for one in France since the name is so Frenchie but no go :( Quelle dommage

    2. Jeanette Mistress of Longears10:53 PM

      You know who else liked to play milkmaid?
      Marie Antoinette !

    3. Oooops I just changed my mind
      I'm going to become a bus driver!

  13. Aren't you clever. I would rather Make this then Macarones. :) Looks very refreshing.

    1. so MUCH EASIER!!!
      Costs less and LESS ingredients!!
      easier than pie
      not even unhealthy, quite the opposite IMHO
      the liner sits in yr freezer ready to go At a moments notice you have ICE CREAM!
      I'm getting an ice cream truck when I get bk fr Paris

  14. Oh I forgot to say that this would have tasted VERY good today. We had the warmest day this year at 83 degrees and very HUMID. Ice cream or frozen Yogurt weather for sure!

  15. Num num! Looks good bear!

  16. This sounds so yummy. I don't have much of a sweet tooth but I love lemony stuff.

  17. This looks sensational. I love the notion of the saffron yoghurt. Clever girl your neice.

  18. The saffron gives it a lovely color. Plus she adds a touch of Rosewater to the mixture..
    YUM and very refreshing.


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