Saturday, April 07, 2012

Guerlain - La Petite Robe Noire

 After our photo session we went inside Maison Guerlain.
 The special La Petite Robe Noire exhibition by graphic designers, Kunzel and Deygas was on.
 Have you seen the video for La Petite Robe Noire?
 It's Guerlain's nouveau addition to the perfume collection (formerly only available to private clients). I promise you it's delicious. I loved seeing the designer's work-in-progress sketches.
 If you'd love to have a super GLAM photo portrait of yourself shot in Paris, fabulous fashion photographer, Carla Coulson is now doing private portraits.
 You can see before/afters here thanks to a little help from makeup/hair/lighting artists + Carla's arts.
 Carla is shooting her divine portrait sessions at tres luxe Hotel Lancaster on the Champs-Elysees and around Paris. I peeked in just before my meetup.
 French Girl will go Shanghai for 2 weeks so I'll be Paris house-sitting end of April. I hope to catch a glam photo shoot with Carla (croise les doigts/cross the fingers). If you'd like a glam portrait of your pet painted in Paris email me.


  1. Anonymous5:01 PM

    I love your art to pieces, Carol! It's so delightful to find in my mailbox each day. I thank you for what you do for us readers every day.

    Hurray that you will be housesitting later this month...lucky you!

    Happy Easter, Carol!


  2. Love your site!
    Was just perusing the net and came across your site.....I LOVE it and love your paintings!
    I hope to get to Paris one day soon......have only been there once with my little Yorkie Millee!!

    Have a great day!


  3. Your blog makes my day. I love reminiscing about la vie parisienne. Your pictures are so beautiful; you do a marvelous job capturing the quotidian.
    We share a love for macarons, it seems. Thank you for your lovely updates!


  4. Can't miss with that opening shot!
    You're going back to Paris so soon?
    Gawd, you're lucky!!

  5. You did a wonderful job on both of those paintings.. really captured Shanghai's personality. She should be really happy. How fun to be going back so soon.

  6. Shanghai looks just like a little dog I know...sweet. Great portraits you did, Carol. Sounds like you're having fun--when do you move to Paris?

  7. He's looks like a Parisienne chien. Very pampered and he eats macarons. I'm going to post photos of my two darlings on my blog. They are Japanese Chin.

  8. Melody5:41 AM


    I am still enjoying your beautiful art work and blog.
    The little dog paintings in Paris is so cute

  9. Gorgeous post...must get to Guerlain next week...and have fun when you house sit in April/May. A bientot.

  10. You are the sweetest!

    Carla Coulson

  11. Wow - that does sound glam being with Carla! Recognise that last shot - Brentanos? Love ze rabbit. Happy Easter to you, Carol!

  12. Shanghai is pretty cute (tres chic haircut), but even cuter in your portrait. How wonderful that you will be going back to Paris so soon! xo

  13. Shanghai so cute a lhasa Apso! Great portraits ! I would have loved a photo session w/ you for Goaties & zee Scampi! even better if in Paris!
    so while house sitting, will you be also house hunting?

  14. Sweet Dogs!

    Happy Easter, Carol! xxx

  15. Once the word gets out that Paris Breakfasts is moving to Paris (long overdue, by the way)I think you should be greeted as you come up out of the subway by that hunky rabbit, and his wheelbarrow, and be paraded around town.

  16. Happy Easter! LOVE the puppy paintings!

  17. He's just too cute Carol!
    I think I need to commission a Wilson print in front of Laduree.
    Hope you had a wonderful Easter.

  18. What a joy to see this post...happiness evident from start to finish! Great that you will have the opportunity for even more time in Paris, too.


  19. Love those red ones Carol... gorgeous... I am glad that you found the charms of Repetto so irresistible... xv

  20. Very cute pet portraits!


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