Wednesday, April 04, 2012

La Mere de Famille

This morning Mad About Macarons Jill sent me an email expressing expasperation with a very French,
"Ouuuuf !"
This page is from the brilliant, L'ABC des onomatopees par Bruno Gibert.
 I remembered I've not shown you any Parisian oeufs for Paques/Easter.
 La Mere de Famille on rue Cler, is one of my favorite chocolate shops but it's closed on Sundays (at 8am).
 Still the windows were full of delightful ouuuf/oeuf/eggy creations.
 Liqueur-filled little eggs as well as chocolate-filled eggs.
 Candy eggs sitting realistically atop a stack of hay gave a barnyardy feel to the window.
Unrealistically French lapin/rabbits think nothing of laying bird's eggs if they're chocolat.
 Quite simple eggs strung together for a decorative effect like xmas lights.
 Your classic foil-wrapped assorted chocolate eggs.
 A touch of whimsey - is it a chicken or an egg? It's both and sitting in an eggcup no less.
 When I returned from my early Sunday morning stroll French Girl was up and making breakfast.Her cashmere sweater is by Hector et
 Was she making une omelette?
Pas de tout.
She was making a classic bacon and eggs once-a-week Dimanche petit dejeuner.
A possible Jean-Babtiste Chardin painting in the making no?


  1. Mmmm...
    Not at all fair to end this post with one of my very favorite breakfasts.
    I already had a healthy breakfast at 5:a.m.
    OK; heading out the door for a mid-morning repast of what else; bacon and eggs.
    Your fault.

    1. Hahahahahha
      why not head to the drawing board instead?
      I'm soooo tired...
      I got up at 2 - good old Jetlag
      I heading back to bed!

  2. Welcome back and thanks for taking us along ~ also for the whimsical Carla link, by the way!

  3. Welcome back.. hope you get over your jet lag soon. How come that breakfast of bacon and eggs looks more wholesome?

  4. oh I should have added to that last statement.... then ours over here...

  5. I like the metal molds of the fish and rabbit! The chocolate chicken/egg looks delicious, nevermind which he/she is :) Thank you for this post, delightful as always!

  6. beautiful painting there at the end! Love it.

  7. Lucinda2:15 PM

    Gawd I lurve her sweater!
    She is a brill dresser for sure.

    1. Anna-Maria A.2:16 PM

      Yup perfection!

      love the little buttons on the neckline too...those French!

  8. Can't wait to see your painting!

    Do Parisians eat soft-boiled eggs in a glass?

  9. That food looked good :)
    The Easter eggs look great - even if a bunny laid them!
    Get some sleep!

  10. Where can I get some of those exotic French chocolate-egg-laying rabbits?

  11. Anonymous7:01 PM

    ouah would be wow! As I have never seen bacon for petit dej in province, though I like the still art.

  12. Love it, Carol. Ouf, oeufs and Chardin is a great start to the day! Merci xo

  13. I'm giving myself an EGG white facial right now.
    Looked at myself in the gym this morning. Oh my.
    Not a pretty site!

  14. I've been to that exact chocolate shop (I rented a rue Cler apartment when I studied at the Sorbonne). I remember that they wouldn't sell me just a couple of chocolates. I had to buy a whole box. "Non, mademoiselle" I was told. Hmmmfff. So French of them.

  15. Thank you for the lovliness!

  16. I love French windows! I hope to be there for Easter one year, to enjoy the seasonal change.


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