Thursday, April 19, 2012

PB on Pinterest

 Some PBers asked me a while back if they could 'pin' some pictures on Pinterest. Not being in the know then I said, 'No'
 Now that PB is all over Pinterest, well why not?
'Pin' away I say.
 Just tell me what you'd like to see more of to pin. Paris desserts for sure. These pretty 'whoopie' pies are from La Grande Epicerie believe or not!
 Even Angelina has come up with a 'Whoopie Up' pie.
Who knew?
 More fashion windows? More Pink? SPEAK
 More ballerinas? Silly question. of course!
 Novelty shops like L'Art du Papier on rue Vavin?
 Is French lingerie too 'R' rated for Pinterest?
Oui o non?
 More interiors?
More Parisian architecture?
 More Bears?
I see one paw raised.
 Do you want to know what's 'IN'? The latest foodie tendance/trends? Waffles/gaufres - that's what. Even Pierre Herme is making them!
I'm off next Tuesday so hurry up and tell what is your Paris-To-Die-For favorite subject so I can shoot it PBers. This is supposed to be a fun book (if Jackie turned Paris spy, then what?)
Do let me know. Cheers Carolg


  1. Oh. I am so addicted to Pinterest. Don't get me started. I love all of your stuff. But I like your drawings most of all. bisous!

    1. Whoops how could I forget the drawings?

  2. Lucinda11:52 AM

    M A C A R O N S!!!!

  3. Good for you, Carol--more visibility. People get all nutsy about it, but I think it will draw more folks to you, personally.

  4. Anonymous12:17 PM

    I LOVE when you are in Paris and just happen upon great things to photograph for your blog. You find the unusual as well as the traditional. I love your watercolors and your trips to the great patisseries( showing Macs) and chocolatiers.Also the people , pets, fashion and foods You do it all and you do it better than anyone else! Thanks for sharing your fabgulous views of Paris. My day is automatically better when your blog appears in the inbox.
    Merci ~fan from rural Oregon

  5. Anonymous12:20 PM

    Better yet... Please, please post them on Pinterest! You would get a HUGE following on Pinterest for sure! Love, love, love visiting Paris through your eyes! Love the macarons, bien sûr, but all the pastries, cafés, shops, streets, people... Books, recipes, drawings, trends... Love the pink, the red, the orange... And the playful anecdotes! You must join Pinterest... And you can even display your drawings for sale there too!

    1. Oh Thanks!
      I didn't know that :O
      I thought maybe it was better as reposts
      I did join but haven't done a think.
      OK food for thought
      THANK YOU fan fr Oregon!

  6. Anonymous12:27 PM

    As a Pinterest member, you could even add a "pin it" icon on your blog to facilitate pinning on Pinterest boards... By clicking on board images, all Pinterest members would be directed to your blog, thus generating more exposure for you as well!

    1. Dear Anonymous,
      Could you email me?
      Great rewards await you!!

  7. I love learning....about Paris "staples" you use in your watercolors. That's how I got my gf to bring back Confit de Petales de Rose!

  8. Dear Carol, yes your 'watercolors' are number 1, Paris 'doggies', BEARS bien sur (lol), Paris as seen from YOU - the romance of it all (the streets, people, landscapes, etc...sigh - it's so incredibly beautiful and some of us DO indeed live vicariously through your vision and your lens). All the rest is just brilliant of course. I do agree with 'anonymous' about adding a Pin It icon to your blog. It's easy peasy to do as well and will increase your reach and following, and be even more marvellevous. Hard to imagine :) Thank you for making each day so special. Very grateful

    1. Thanks Risa,
      I really appreciate the support and tips.
      I joined and did zero.
      I have my homework set out before me I see :)
      BIG MERCI! Carolg

  9. Rachel1:39 PM

    Hi Carol, I would love to see more of Paris street fashion, what the real people are wearing!

  10. You are a smart cookie! Having your images out there just pushes readers right back to you which you can add a Pinterest button to you blog and activate it in your blog footer as well. Both encourage your readers to pin your images and follow your pin me if you need help setting it up.

  11. Hello Carol,
    Until I am able to return to Paris (for the 3rd time), your daily posts help to keep that emotional connection. *sigh* I love pics of fashion, and also architecture, and in particular the colorful little shop fronts.On my last visit I stopped in L'Art du Papier and bought some beautiful stationery.

  12. ... um, I have pinned a few of your watercolors ... automatically it tells the viewer where it came from, and gives Paris Breakfasts just huge marketing arms ... I knew you would love it if you knew ... other than the watercolors, you know what I like best ... Paris at night ... sorry I missed the crepe maker one night on the street in front of St Germain des Pres church (I've only bought a hundred crepes from him over the years, what was I thinking) ... XO

    1. err...Karen
      That guy serves pre-cooked crepes and he reheats them.
      Or else he cooks them so fast they are undercooked
      This is a big non-non
      Better to get a freshly well-made crepe

    2. I don't know how I deleted that reply ... yes, the crepe is real, I watch him make them .. but the citron is a bottle (boo) not fresh ... I don't recognize the man in your picture, maybe my guy is down the block ... possible, at night I'm usually exhausted and quasi delerious.

    3. OMG, and you should def try to sell some paintings on the street ... it would make a great story anyway ... I have bought painting on the street ... what the heck, not as good as yours .. but it was part of the fun. I stil have them, and often wonder if they are prints, but they are cute and when I look at them I think of that moment in time.

    4. Give them a rip and you'll find out if they are authentic...
      Or else rub a wet finger on the art...does it smear? It's real if it does..but then what do you do?

    5. .. I took a jewelers loop to one .. and didn't see any "tiny dots" which is how I've heard you can spot a print .. so they may be real .. they are small & sweet but simple so I suspect real ...

  13. Geri, NJ3:19 PM

    I think your formula all along is perfect...always a fun potpourri with unique twists and turns ... I do enjoy "vacation apartment rental gazing" to get a glimpse of the quintessential Paris interior ... but of course one cannot go knocking on doors ~ I wonder if there is a design district like we have in NY and Miami, for instance? I love architectural details, particularly Guimard's iconic work...and, of course, the shop dogs. Traveling vicariously, I would gladly follow you to visit exhibitions at the Museum of Decorative Arts ~ another place I never manage to see.

  14. I agree with Geri, continue your potpourri; random subjects - you know what will work!

  15. I am on Tumblr and I blog, if I start with Pinterest, I will be finished, kaput, kerplop :)
    besos, C

  16. Your blog is great and I wanted to pin but did not thinking it might not be ok. So thank you! Desserts, fashion, and architecture, art, parks, bikes. Anything!

    1. Pin ME Dove!
      I need a crash course in this..
      Wonder if I can find it on French TV?

  17. Anna-Maria A.7:19 PM

    I get dizzy just looking at that circular stairway..maybe THAT'S how the Fr stay think.
    They get vertigo and lose their appetites going down the stairs...
    Just all yr pics indiscriminately.

  18. If I were to pin every interest-worthy thing on PB, I would never have time for anything else! I guess that's not a problem for you...:-)

  19. Anonymous10:22 PM

    Love all the different things you post..that's half the fun..not knowing what you will see!
    Really enjoy the shoes, boutiques selling unique things, what people wear (maybe include some gents), all the pastries! yum, and of course, Bear...he is just too cute!



  21. I have held out on pinterest, already spending enough time on the internet without it (and so I have no idea how it actually works). I'm glad that your fame is spreading though Carol.

    1. Me too Louise,
      I have no idea how it Pinter works either.
      I watched the tutorial video even...
      In one ear and out the other..

      Where is my BLOG FOOTER?
      I need an anatomy lecon..

  22. Thank you for your posts and the happiness it brings to my world every time I read them and for the inspiration to explore and look for Paris everywhere I go!

  23. Anonymous5:02 AM

    I'd love to see more street photos.. petites rues, lovely corners and of course lots of shops' windows, interiors, architecture etc

  24. How about a picture of Brangelina having a Whoppie Up at Angelina?

  25. Well, a nice picture of some exquisite flan would go well on Pinterest.
    Re-discovering your blog has made me pine for the land of Gitanes and Bouche a la reine.
    Gosh, such ages since I was there...

    1. I just HAD to look up Bouche a la reine

      wow thymus and some other bits I could do without but it surely does look tres jolie!

  26. ps Pinterest is loads of fun.
    Almost as big a time waster as my current obsession Instagram
    where I rule as biffwix and my daughter ( a photgrapher) as claudschmid

  27. Nora in CT8:25 AM

    More photos of chien and chat si vous plais (I have like no French, can you tell?)

    Love your blog!!!

  28. How about some pictures of Parisians doing whatever Parisians do? Sidewalks, cafes--well, I don't know, but I will soon when we go!

  29. Alan in ZA9:48 AM

    More pictures of Bicycles, scooters, well-dressed Parisian’s and their well-dressed children, beautiful buildings and of course Paris design
    Enjoy your trip


  30. Love that you allow Pinterest! Such an awesome site for recalling all your fabulous photos on!
    Just keep them coming :o)
    Have you read "Paris to Die for?" - A fun read! Love the cover - so retro chic!
    à bientôt! Vxx

  31. Add to the list:
    I adore unique, modern jewelry, both costly and inexpensive....
    Love your site!

  32. Carol, I was so happy because I thought You had a profile on Pinterest, It would be great to see you there:))

  33. C~
    Would love to see you on Pinterest too. I pinned you already on my "Favorite Blogs" board. Thank you for allowing us to pin more of your wonderful work (art & photos). I hope it will bring you much new business. I look forward to adding your work to my "Oh so French" board, so keep posting your fabulous work and we will let more of the world see your talent. ~Jen

  34. Anonymous12:28 AM

    Just saying, I think you must read the 'fine print' regarding Pinterest. I hear they are changing the terms but at the moment once you Pin it they have total use of the images. They say they 'own' them.
    It might be worth checking quite closely the terms ..... I'm reluctant to be a downer but it's only 'cause I love your work and blog and appreciate your hard work. x

    1. Pinterest changed their terms on March 24th, 2012 because of the outcry! Power to the people! It's on their website and FB page.

  35. Is French lingerie too 'R' rated for Pinterest?Oui o non?

    pas de tout!

    1. errr...Pinterest is mostly Girls, Robert

  36. Carol it's Pin-tastic you are on Pinterest. I would follow you anywhere so naturally I'm following you on Pinterest. From what I know; it drives people to your blog/website. I've actually bought from people and businesses I would never have found without Pinterest. Learning about Pinterest? Let me post a shameless plug for my boards; in particular, Cyber Space. It has lots of info for newbies. Here's the link and you can publish it or not but I know it will help you.
    I do have one word of advice - there's a lot of spam on the site so, before repinning anything; make sure it takes you to the original link and not spam. You'll love it as we love you and your blog. Happy pinning! PS..I have a board 'In My Dreams' that is my fantasy life and I have so much fun with it.

    Annie (Sydney, Australia)


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