Friday, April 27, 2012

Paris Printemps!

 Fauchon has a new Spring tea - the vert parfume
 Everyone in Paris hopes to have a balcon no matter how small and on that balcon must go little pots of flowers/herbes.
*Remind me to water French Girls pots!!
If the drizzle ever stops.
 More lush flowers from fleurist Eric Chauvin.
 Springie fuchsia shoes from ARCHE.
 Fuchsia tables at Au Nom de la Rose on rue Cler
 Printemp's windows again have flower heads this year.
 In all colors.
 Flower-colored macarons at Galeries Lafayette
 For new bebes born in the Spring (or anytime at all) you must have gifts of dragee/candy-coated almonds at the babtism.
 Sweet springie bebe shoes.
 Adorb bebe in Natalys vitrine
 Buy DIY herbes for la balcon at Les Marche les Enfant Rouge + a very good Mediterranean sandwich as well.
 Tuesday, 1 May is muguet day!
 Put a SPRING in your step!
With new pointie toed ballerinas or pots of muguet or macarons or anything at all! Now if the rain would just go away and come back another day.
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  1. Enjoy every moment in Paris....I will take it rain and all any time!

  2. Geri, NJ7:35 AM

    I covet that tin. Gorgeous flowers...I needed these lovely images this morning! And thx for the cultural tidbits...muguet day ~ yay, I actually have some blooming in my sad little garden (ah...the fragrance)... dragees for baptism...who knew? So nice! Sunny skies to you...

  3. looks like you are having fun, and what a treat to be in a real French apartment .. enjoy to the max ... yes, love the tea tin, must try to find one here ... thanks for bring a bit of Paris to us ... Karen in CT

  4. Anonymous8:14 AM

    Pointe toe ballerinas?! I love them. I hope they arrive in the US.

  5. That little baby is adorable--and those pink shoes are fabulous. Love it.

  6. Ah, window licking...

    The Chauvin roses are absolutely gorgeous! The container reminds me of some stuff I'm selling at my first and only garage sale this weekend...(the loot is cataloged in today's post).

    1. Sharp eyes Amy!
      Eric Chauvin is famous as well for his cement containers.
      His shop is tiny but he does many major events.

  7. ohhh I want everything from the tea to the shoes... so spring

  8. Lily of the valley.....mon favourite! But I'll be in Lucca on 1 May...let's hope they have it there!

    1. May 1 is a BIG holiday here!
      In fact everything closes so it might be good to be away.
      The French are getting a VERY long weekend.

  9. thanks for taking us on vacation! Love the pics.

  10. I say you should pull a Gene Kelly and if not go dancin' in the rain...then do a rainy day watercolor or two for us. On a gray day the light will hardly change all day!

  11. The flower shots are great - springtime in Paris!
    The fushia shoes - ahem :)

  12. I just love your posts. Thank's carol for all your great ideas!

  13. Leslie in disguise4:05 PM

    Bonjour, Carol!
    I recently discovered PB and I love the photos and your bemused tone!
    I plan two weeks in Paris end of the summer.
    My concern is the emphasis upon delectable sweets and baked goods in PB!
    I am already a bit overpounded and if I do not discipline myself before the trip I will be in tres grand trouble when I get there.
    Am trying to channel my inner Leslie Caron . . .

  14. there are MANY salade posts
    Look for designer food posts..
    organic bla bla bla
    what can I do..they want it
    I am practicing The Just One Bite regime
    Wish me luck and look the other way when you see a dessert on PB
    desolee :(

  15. Ah Pink.. right up my Alley. :) Love that pink table and chairs under the flowers and that pink flower pot with the Lily of the valley flowers. Big sigh of contentment :) Oh and don't forget to water French Girl's plants! :)


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