Friday, April 20, 2012

M I Dotty?

 M I dotty? Dotty tarte au citron from Cyril Lignac's La Patisserie.
 Where is my blog FOOTERTHANK YOU for your sound advice yesterday PBers. I'm getting a Pinterest kindle book to figure out how to find my feet a toute a suite :)
 A stolen foot shot on the No.96 Paris bus. She was eating an ice cream cone too. On the BUS!
 I'm a big fan of kids bookstore, La Sardine a Lire. When she asked would I like my books wrapped as a 'cadeau'/gift I said, 'no'. When I saw a sample package on the shelf I said,'YES!'
 La Vaissellerie never disappoints if you want dotty dishes in Paris.
 A tres quelle ordinaire papeterie near Metro Ecole Militaire has adorable fraise/strawberry backpacks in the window. What's not to love?
 Cerise/cherries are dots/pois oui?
 A dotty cerise collier/necklace seen in a Marais vintage shop.
 A very important DOT, if you're glad you were born. Like who isn't?
 Has top chef Cyril Lignac gone dotty? Grey/gris gateaux with red dots.
 Kid's lunette shop with knitted froggie sitting on a dotty champignon on bd Raspail. Top this!
 Dotty mushroom as a kid's night lamp at La Sardine a Lire.
 Designer Christian Lacroix Sweetie-Darling tosses dots around. If you pop by Cyril Lignac's La Patisserie this weekend, bring your running shoes. You'll need them.


  1. I would have bought that necklace as fast as could be. Those dot and plaid bowls would come home with me too. Oh dear, but I do like your dots.

  2. Lucinda9:59 AM

    Love yr random walk down DOT rue in Paris :)

  3. Yes, you're dotty; that's already long established. But so is the woman with the polka dotty hose--love 'em. Fun, Carol.

  4. What amazing things to be seen there. But that bookstore wrapping gets the grand prix!

  5. it something in the air? Because lately I've been following DOTS around, too.(notice the 2 dots in too?) Where did the ice cream girl find her tights? Je veux!

  6. Jill in Ontario12:07 PM

    I have just started to join your Paris Breakfast Club meetings

    and I'm so enjoying the lift it brings to my morning!!!
    Did I find 'you' because of your watercolour talents?
    Maybe you have seen some fab paintings you could pass on. Much as I adore the pastry scene, I find my willpower being constantly challenged. Where I come from, a small Ontario city, we don't have such delights in I would have to try following a recipe....whoo, too much time and too many calories!
    Continue to explore and share....

  7. Christine12:09 PM

    I so love your fashion shots and architecture.

    And of course any food trends.

  8. I think that dotted cake is ALMOST as sweet looking as your dotty shoes...

  9. Not sure why the French call polka dots "pois," not petit pois (peas). Maybe we are sillier to make our dots sound like Polish dots??
    If you find out why the French call them "pois," let me know.
    BTW, it hailed in Paris early this p.m.!!

    1. I meant to ask that question since I noticed 'poise' in the La Grande Epicerie choc bunny adds.

  10. The Dalmatian tights and red handbag are drop-dead gorgeous!

  11. I like the frog with the glasses :) And the bookstore wrapping.
    The pastries look good, too - but they always do!
    As for the polka dot stockings, I don't think so.....
    Have a great weekend.

  12. I know a couple of places that are going on my list for my next trip up....!

  13. I am seeing spots before my eyes.....Those spotted legs.. oh my..That bag is cute. Good thing you saw it in time. :)

  14. Love Dots.. use to wear some dotty tights and shirts as a teen going out at night... your site always reminds of fun and being artsy!!!! Jag älska det!!

  15. HI Carol!
    How are you?????? This just made me NEED to be in a patisserie....... That first picture lookeed like a lemon Eclair??????? and I too loved the wrapping on your cadeau.... Btw juft signed up to follow you on Pintrest.xo Maryanne

  16. I love the red/white polka dot shoes with the striped socks!!! make these in grown-up sizes. love, love, love them. Rest of your "pics" are way fun too.

  17. Yes, U R dotty....and I mean that in a good way.

    1. It takes someone DOTTY to know one!!

  18. Ah tarte au citron. That picture made me so hungry for my favorite pastry in France. Last Fall while in France for three weeks, I had it for dessert almost at every restaurant we were at, if they had it. I finally found a recipe for it for the years when I can't be in France. Love your pictures of those wonderful Patisserie's goodies..yum yum yum...

  19. fun post ! nice to see paris in a dotted way !
    happy sunday

  20. Terri in Arabia10:24 AM

    Dear PB,
    Thank you for all of your updates on Paris(EVERTHING!)
    I took the Paris By Mouth foodie tours you mentioned and leved every minute with Phyllis and Meg.
    Please keep mentioning their tours!!!!

    Better yet draw pictures of them giving tours!!!!!

    thank you for making me smile everyday.


  21. Yes U R definitely dotty, in the best possible way :)
    Thanks for the larf c/o AbFab (did you see their Xmas reunion special? They all look older except for Eddie's mum who manages to look even younger!)
    Best pic ever award goes to dotty tights lady in the bus - fantastic!


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