Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Bear is in Paris!

 Bear had a lovely trip over on the AirFrance air bus.
Bear thinks he will never need to watch another French film in his life, he watched soooooo many on AF!
 Unfortunately Carolg is still home packing.
 Nevermind. Bear takes Roissey bus(10€) into Paris by himself. Maybe someday Bear will become a Paris bus driver!
 At last. L'OPERA final stop. This time Bear is not taking petit dejeuner at Cafe de la Paix since Carolg has all the
 On to ligne #8 to Ecole Militaire where Bear is housesitting
 1st stop a look in Lenotre's macaron windows along Avenue Motte-Picot.
 Next a look at Carrefour's spring leeks/poireau
 Bear insists on reading every lunch menu in the street
 And checking up on every poster in Paris
 And waving at every Paris bear
 Then a look into a very traditional blanchisserie/laundryof sorts for special occasions.
A lunch date with Martine's rescue dog at Patisserie Jean Millet on 13,rue Saint-Dominique. Spring leeks and Lot, a kind of white fish
Dessert - a traditional 'Polonaise' -  a tall pile of delicate meringue sprinkled with toasted almonds resting on a Kirsh soaked-base. Lots more Paris to come tomorrow even if it is chilly and drizzly and Carolg again did not bring the right clothes!


  1. Absolutely lovely, my dears (you and Bear).

  2. ~! Oh, and the Polonaise. Yum.

  3. Geri, NJ6:54 PM

    April in nice and what luck ~ you have a perfectly good reason to go clothes shopping there! I like the bear's eye view...he's very brave to travel alone.

  4. Oh My this is SO CUTE!!! I want BEAR to visit me!!!
    Now about the "POLONAISE"! WOW that is mile high meringue. I would LOVE the recipe??? I followed your lead but I didn't see a translator?
    Thank you for such a fun post...
    Have a wonderful week,

  5. Maybe its a good thing Bear went ahead of Carol so she can pack the right clothes. :D When in doubt pack layers. I know you will have fun anyways. I think tho, if you keep eating those desserts you will need some new clothes anyway. :)) Have fun.

    1. NOW U tell me!
      I only ate the meringue part(HALF since we were sharing...)
      But I did REAL damage later on at Angelina..oh dear :(
      Where is the fruit compote at Angelina?

  6. Egad! Here's hoping Carol catches up with Bear before he runs amok.

  7. Great pics! Good to be looking at Paris over Bear's head again :)
    Have fun!

  8. Soo good. Your blog is like dessert. I love living vicariously through Bear!

  9. Wonderful (as always).
    Can you convince/train Bear to hold the camera instead of obstructing it?
    Such an enfant terrible, eh?

    No matter though... loved the post as always. You make an endearing team.

  10. Hello Carole Bonjour

    I think it is avenue Motte Piquet…. But Motte Picot sounds very nice…

    Bear is lucky…

    1. I knew it was wrong Marie but the Jetlag :)

      I am changing my name to:

      Carole Bonjour!

  11. Bear, you are so adventurous! Harry the Cat says he'll accompany you next time so you don't have to travel alone. Carol and Amy can travel together when they've finally decided which shoes to bring...

  12. Next time I'm in Paris, I want to go out to play with you! xx

  13. You will make a great bus driver :)

    1. Tanks Em :)
      1st I MUST learn to conduir!!
      I think it would definitely help.


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