Thursday, April 26, 2012

Paris Yeah!

 Come for a random walk around Paris in the drizzle
 More watercolor illustrations from Printemps artist, Aurore de la Morinerie.
 At 'la goute' time/4:30pm Angelina was packed like sardines
 I take-away a dome foret rouge of neither black forest chocolate nor framboise but Kirsh-infused chantilly inside
 I did not eat any compote de pomme yesterday
 The Polonaise I shared (I only ate half and just the meringue topping)
 You know it's Spring in Paris when you see asperges blanc. The season is short
 Beautiful hot pink clematis inside Prince of Paris fleurists, Eric Chauvin -22, rue Jean Nicot 75007
 I spotted Peggy Porschen's Boutique Baking with my cover illustration 🤸‍♂️ inside Librairie Galignani!
 Goofy froggie purses in a papeterie shop window.
 Hugo and Victor chocolate domes filled with Spring seasonal flavors.
 Grey, gris Paris.
 What to wear if you're going in Colette on 213, rue Saint-Honore.
That's Paris YEAH!
A Sonia T-shirt for kids at Baby Tuileries.


  1. I think they should call La Polonaise Mount Everest or Mont Blanc?
    Is it named after Chopin?

  2. Lucie in the sky6:37 AM

    Love the pink frou frou skirt!!

  3. Geri, NJ8:34 AM

    Love ~ and how exciting it must be to see your own work in a shop. That flower shop is like a mini Monet's garden, which must be bursting in spring.

    1. it was thrilling...
      I had to buy it :)
      Guilty as charged.

  4. You're breaking my heart - oh, Paris!

    I want that woman's red tulle skirt. SO. BAD.

  5. Well, it is cold and dull here and not at all like Paris.

    What I want just about now ia bouche a la reine --a sort of overflowing vol au vent with creamy chicken and mushroom gloop in it.
    But I expect you already have had lunch......

    1. La bouche a la reine sounds too gloopy for me, Buster but I'm not a cream person

  6. Those frog bags are a riot. Somehow I don't see Parisian women sporting those. Love the breezy watercolors. Wonder whose they are?

  7. Oh my. I wish I was there! Somehow drizzle doesn't seem so bad when you're in Paris, does it?! Have fun!

  8. Ha! you are now famous in Paris! How great that must have felt to see your artwork on display in bookshops!
    Will this rain never end?
    And do they make that Sonia T-shirt in adult sizes (& if not why not?)

    1. The rain is intermittent here in Paris with occasional teasing by the sun.
      Then another splatter. Natch I left my umbrella at home but no matter

      The Sonia T-shirt for kiddies was 90€!
      I did have myself in mind...quelle idiot moi..
      A child's size 12 is a long time ago.

  9. I like the mystery artist sketches. The chocolates look fabulous, too.
    I could be very happy living in that "gris"building :)
    That couple outside of Colette - meh......

  10. Carol, it surely looks as if you and that independent travelling Bear are having a grand Parisian time whatever the weather.

    Lovely to see you book cover in a chic Paris shop!

    It's still quite chilly in NYC and rain has joined the mix ce soir.

    You, or Bear, must know ... how does one properly pronounce Rykiel? Tell me when you get back to NYC. Tea is a must.


    1. You've got our Paris weather Frances so enjoy it :)
      Drizzle + chilly with occasional teasings by the sun popping out and departing quickly...
      c'est comme ca

      Rykiel = (I think..)
      rye-key-L (J'pense oui)
      most ppl just say Sonia..easier

  11. I enjoyed my walk through Paris with you very, very much. As you new follower I look forward to revisiting and I look forward to your visit and comments

  12. Looks like you and Bear have hit the ground running, as usual.
    Love the illustrations.

    1. Exactement Bill :)
      Yesterday I finally went to take a break in Galeries Lafayette Home in their little resto upstairs.
      I sat down
      No one came by with a menu
      No one came by at all
      I fell asleep
      FOR 15 MINUTES!
      I woke up refreshed
      And left.
      I must do this again some time.
      They did wish me, 'au revoir' as I was leaving :)

  13. I cant believe you bought the book. You should have been given a FREE one. :) How fun to see it there. Love that child's T Shirt. To bad its so small.

    1. I WAS given one free but I forgot to bring it with me!
      Must have book by my side at all times Cris

  14. How I love that Printemps artist! Why are they so shy about attribution?

    1. I think it's their regular artist..
      I've take shots before of similar style loose fashion figures...
      I will investigate.

  15. You must visit 'Merci' a concept store on Bvld. Beaumarchais in the 3rd. Our apartment was just a few doors down, and I loved stopping in daily to see what was new. It's tucked into a courtyard and has a very magical feel.

    1. But I did post on MERCI here
      and many other times..
      I LOVE their cantine!!

  16. Ohhhh, I LOVE your blog!!! Thanks for posting pictures of people on the street. I will be arriving in Paris May 8 for ten days. I have never been to Paris (Or anywhere in Europe) and I was hoping it would be a bit warmer....I had already picked my wardrobe (based on Ines de la Fressange "Parisian Chic" style guide). However, after seeing your photos, I have decided to go with MUCH warmer "Parisian Chic" clothing! Thanks for the warning you didn't even know you were giving! I hope you and Bear are keeping warm!!

    1. Paris is a stripper's dream.
      You must bring light layers and have a bag to throw them in as you strip throughout the day..
      GREAT post idea!
      merci carolg

  17. Check this out! Your book cover is in a giveaway on Design*Sponge!!

    1. BIG MERCI Jeanette!!
      You as always are Mme Sharp Eyes
      alons with the long ears, ahem
      Quadrille Publishers was lovely to work with..


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