Thursday, June 23, 2011

The Paris Walk part deux

Previously I was absolutely certain the Parisian straight legged gait...
Was due to the stance of the Eiffel Tower...

Then I spotted Pres. Charles de Gaulle on Champs Elysees et voila!

Even Parisian 'walk' lights commemorate...

General de Gaulle...

Your average Parisian simply does not bend their knees when they walk...

It's a fact no one else has bothered to notice. None the less I'm convinced.

It would behoove you to wear US Converse shoes if you'd like to blend in whilst practicing the Parisian walk - a bit of a paradox no?

Here a French dad demonstrates the walk...

The son seems to be getting it.

Not much is required of the Parisian dog.

If they choose to bend or not bend at the 'knee' joint (if there is such a thing)it's of no consequence. C'est comme ca.



  1. Grazie per il tuo post ! Aspetto con impazienza i miei voli parigi !

  2. So funny... I noticed this when I lived in the UK (see: Abbey Road album cover) and think it's a European way of walking, since they do so much more of it than we do in the US.

  3. I think it must help if you have long skinny legs or does the walk GIVE you the legs????

  4. Haha, this is so true! I know that I unconsciously start to walk like that in Paris....

  5. elizabeth12:33 PM

    carol, love the "walk" today and the eiffel tower in the background in the stance photo?? where is that from? another wonderful a.m. trip to paris thru your post again this a.m. merci!

  6. Could this be the real reason for why French women stay so thin?

    I love your unique eye for these things. Wish I was strolling in Paris now!

  7. The Eiffel Tower is from a little card & notebook shop on rue Dragon on the left side walking in from bd Saint-Germain. You can't miss it.

  8. Hee-hee-heeee!
    Carol, my laughs only increased as I took my own walk through this post today. One of your funniest observations yet!
    I leave for Maine tomorrow. I'll have to check out how the lobstermen walk down to the wharf, to get my lobsters. I know I'll be "waddling"
    after they are consumed.

  9. *smile* Great fun, merci!

    I'll have to check if the Viennese walk light does a Raditzky! ;-)

  10. Hilarious post! Your connection to the de Gaulle statue is a brilliant bit of observation - thanks for the laugh :))

  11. That is so funny. I never have noticed, but you're absolutely right!

  12. The Parisians seem to walk with such purpose....cute post Carol...xv

  13. Very cute and yet observational post!
    Tu est une vraie Flanneuse!

    The Wanderfull Traveler

  14. Who knew?
    I love the shots - especially the statue of de Gaulle - quite a stride.

  15. Great observation. Yes, they do seem to move in their own way.

    I'd love to walk in Paris. I'm sick of my daily walk/runs up and down the street where I live.

  16. Carol, I love this post! So funny, especially as it's right. There's also certain women's bum wiggle... something in 20 years I have never manage to perfect. It can only be done by the French ;-)
    I love how you bring in CDG - too true! Fantastic.

  17. What a great post! It made me smile this morning and that's a great way to start off the day!

  18. This was intriguing so I tried it. I found that in order to achieve 'The Paris Walk' one has to be totally upright with buttocks flattened, then your legs will not bend when you walk. Slouching or leaning forward makes the legs bend to compensate. I have put on at least ten pounds from just looking at the delicious cakes that you paint. Keep em coming you wonderful girl and give my love to Bear.
    Your greatest fan,


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