Thursday, June 16, 2011

La Seduction (part deux)

French Croissant by Carol Gillott La Seductive Croissant, "9"x 11"La Seduction Just like the multi-layered French croissant, we return to the layers of French seduction PBers.La Seduction Yesterday I watched again Eric Rohmer's L'Amour Apres Midi/Chloe in the Afternoon for a crash immersion into the seductive arts (highly reccommended in Elaine Sciolino La Seduction).
Elaine Sciolino - La Seduction Then headed out to the Strand Bookstore to hear Sciolino do a reading.. In the book, turn to pages 117 - 21 for why we Americans go around smiling way too much in France. SVP PBers - restrain the toothy grins and don't fling it about so generously, at least over there!
A somewhat reserved half smile (like the Mona Lisa?) is prefered.
Use your eyes first and foremost to display 'La regarde' or The Look and you'll win far more love battles over there.
La Seduction As a sidebar, dear Parisienne, French Girl, was in New York for a week of feasting on bagels and cupcakes.  Leave it to French Girl to nose out like radar a cardigan and T-shirt filled with enough Fr ruffles to sink a ship at Hollister Co. The French attention to ruffles is bred in the bones.
Elaine Sciolino - La Seduction Elaine could not have been nicer last night. She's a terrific observer of the French and their covert ways (Elaine Sciolino covered the CIA for the Times) but she isn't about to give up her smile for French savoir faire, completement.
Elaine Sciolino awared the Chevalier de Legion d'Honneur The French think so highly of Elaine, she's being awarded the Chevalier de Legion d'honneur this weekend. BRAVO Elaine!

La Seduction Elaine Sciolino's book is a delight filled with endless insights into what makes the French tick, particularly in the romantic/political arena. Open it anywhere and plunge in. You'll be enthralled like a quick trip to Paris. A PBer commented on my marking up my copy. Didn't you mark up your college texts to highlight the bits you want to remember? Same thing here.


  1. Justine11:56 AM

    An irresistable book!
    can not say no to this!!

  2. Extremely seductive watercolor...

  3. Ahhhhhhh Carol,
    I seem to be unable to go on line without being tempted by...feeling the allure of, and ultimately giving in to the seduction of your daily postings of beautiful water colors, and all things sensually yummy in Paris.

  4. Hello Carol!! just as I have arrived back from our family va-cay in North Carolina and its gorgeous Smoky Mountain vistas, rushing rivers, and beautiful waterfalls with one seductive croissant and some catching up on PB from the last two I want Paris.

  5. Love that watercolor--you've definitely got croissants "down" at least as far as painting them, now, don't you?! I think I have French Girl's sweater. I love it and always get compliments when I wear it.

  6. Anna-Maria A.1:25 PM

    French Girl knows how to pick em even in the US of A.
    Does she ever err fashion-wise?
    Not that I would ever have the nerve to wear all those ruffles...

  7. Your water colour looks as delicious as your flaky croissant! Another intriguing book selection!
    Thank you,

    The Wanderfull Traveler

  8. Christina5:54 PM

    I don't blame you for devouring that croissant!
    But what would French Girl do?

  9. Georgette5:56 PM

    LOVE IT.
    Still can't believe it. Working on my "French Girl' wardrobe too. Counting the days.

  10. seductive indeed.
    so well done.

  11. So, next time in Paris, you will be (only) half-smiling? :-)

  12. Hahahaha :)
    OUi, exactement Peter.
    I shall get this Mona Lisa watch at the Louvre as a handy reminder, should I start to smile too broadly...ahem

  13. I love your blog.
    I am interested in visiting France and I would like to visit Brocantes in Provence near Luberon.
    We are looking for white provence furniture (tables, chairs, etc.) and some decoration items.

    Could yopu please be so kind and recomend us some villages with beautiful brocantes
    Yours sincerely,

  14. I love those blue-eyed models! Very striking....
    French Girl looks wonderful :) Generally I just get to see her ankles.
    Love your painting!

  15. cracking up about the smiling ...

    LOVE the croissant watercolor. It's reminding me of yesterday ... I was running late and my boss ran next door to get me a croissant since I hadn't eaten.

    One of the kids (I am teaching art to) looked at it suspiciously and in a way only a 6 year old can, said "Where did you get that?" I told her and explained it was my breakfast. "Is it chocolate?" Yes, I said. "hmm... well, THAT is NOT a very healthy breakfast."

    No, but it was great.

    Hope you are having a beautiful week!

  16. Your pretty painted croissant looks very real Carol- I could pick it up and eat it. Miam!
    I have read that the French don't like to smile too much it's sort of being too friendly - giving too much away - they like to be more discreet or shall we say more selective.

  17. Anonymous10:14 PM

    Yes, I marked my first year books in college but never again, I just couldn't take it. Maybe a little page corner turn down to mark a spot or a piece of useful information, and that was enough. And every now and then a star in pencil.

  18. Well, Joseph,
    I dare say Lord Peter Whimsey's Bunter never messed up a book either.

    If one is going to do some sort of review, a yellow mark hither and thither is required I find...

    Please forgive my sacriledge in this instance?

  19. Who can't be seduced by this post? Love it. Gosh, I've been showing my fangs off for too long. Oh-là-là. Will have to try out le look of Le Mona Lisa. I'm intrigued by your friend's book. Must check it out (although don't tell hubby) As ever, your watercolours are breathtaking!

  20. What delights, Carol!
    I thoroughly enjoyed this post, the more I read, the more I smiled, trying hard to keep my lips more the Mona Lisa way. Not easy with a blog like yours, I might add.

    Merci beaucoup for the smile,

  21. My copy of Elaine's book is in transit from the transfer station in Brooklyn Park Minnesota and is on its way to me - hopefully by this afternoon (I love's package tracking system...). I can't wait to get out my post-its and my pens and my colorful highlighters and attack it this weekend!

    I'm not naturally smiley, and I loved being in France where no one, not one single person, said to me, "Come on, Amy, SMILE!" Oh, these annoying, friendly-at-all-costs Midwesterners I live among...

  22. French Girl looks beautiful.I like this website and it has given me a bit of inspiration to have success, so thank you.

  23. French Girl loves Hollister clothes and will be able to buy them in Paris very soon. It's boring how American brands come to France!!!! Anyway, no good bagels and cupcakes! So , I still have to come to NYC!


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