Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Paris Bleu

Paris blues by Carol Gillott Is bleu as prevalent as red/rouge in Paris?Paris blues by Carol Gillott Oui...
Paris blues by Carol Gillott Je pense oui...
Paris blues by Carol Gillott Why not dress head-to-toe in bleu?Paris blues by Carol GillottOr a blue work jacket like Bill Cunningham always wears. Paris blues by Carol Gillott Or a tablier en bleu
Paris blues by Carol Gillott Bowtie in bleu? Oui bien sur!
Paris blues by Carol Gillott MERCI, 111 bd Beaumarchaise, was having a Universal Blue promotion.
Paris blues by Carol Gillott Lots of indigos from everywhere.
Paris blues by Carol Gillott Nothing but blue skies and blue birds at MERCI.
Paris blues by Carol Gillott A not-to-be-missed Odilon Redon (maitre of blues) exhibit at the Grand Palais.
Paris blues by Carol Gillott Blue food is a non, non.
But a boite en bleu from Pierre Herme?
Absolutement oui!


  1. Always love french blues. I'm sitting at my desk at work surrounded by bunches of beautiful blue hydrangeas that cheer me up. So post, C.

  2. First of all, I love your blog. It serves me as great inspiration. To the purpose of my message: I've tried with no success to make macaroons. I see your photos of the delicate delights and I want to make then. I hope you can help me with a good macaroon recipe, please. I would so much appreciate it. THank you. Carolina Elizabeth

  3. but I don't bake Caroline.
    at all
    pas de toute
    I only paint macarons sorry

    Get Mad About Macarons
    ppl love it :)

  4. Blue is my favorite color & you sure found the most pleasing shades of blue!
    Beautiful shots.

  5. I love blue, too! These are beautiful.
    (Hmm, maybe blueberry macarons?? Pourquoi pas?!)

  6. Funny but bleu looks more French to me than red....possibly because I've never BEEN there! :-)

  7. While experiencing the beautiful blues in each of your photos, It hit me that most are mid-value blues, not too dark nor too light. They have in common a purity of chroma
    that is so very appealing to the eye. It is an added pleasure because blue is my favorite color, also.
    What is it about blue...?
    That is so coldly delicious.

  8. Chere Carol, j'adore bleu et j'adore rouge! Paris dreams, indeed. What a fabulous blog... I have been a fan for a long time. Your artwork is dreamy. Love it!

  9. While out running, walking or driving. My thoughts often drift to color mixing and the recipe color for surrounding sky, shadows and trees.

    Your man in blue?

    A mix of cerulean and cobalt blue with a hint of titanium white. And the dark folds of his jacket? Phthalo and prussian blue with just a hint of burnt siena.

    Love your work.

    San Francisco

  10. I just love this blue and it goes great with white. N'est-ce pas? :)

    If you like this blue, I'd say check Alaçatı, İzmir and Santorini out. I'll be in Santorini in a few days. I'll take pictures and upload them to my blog. :)

  11. I adore your blog. It is very inspiring, I don't eat much pastry however but I love your watercolors (les chiens, les chats). I live in Madrid, Spain two hours away from Paris.
    Last time I went to Paris I visited Au Petit Bonheur la Chance, Laduree and Poele, according to some of your ideas.
    I feel very happy to be so close.
    You really show your love for the city.

    I am a fan of your blog for some months. I have started my own travelblog too, in Spanish, though.

    Love Maribel.

  12. Laura's comment about introducing a touch of Burnt Sienna into a blue reminded me of the following:
    I was showing some students how to drop Burnt Sienna into a wet wash of French Ultramarine (the opposite also works)and as it did its luscious mixing one of the women said "My Gawwwd! That's so SEXY!"
    Of course you do that lots in your washes, Carol.

  13. I love, love, love those brilliant blues! And the teapots are out of this world. You just make my mornings with your beautiful photos each day. XOXO Claudia

  14. Hmmmm, on second look, I guess they're coffee pots, but WHATEVER, they're so beautiful, can't keep my eyes off them. The colors are so vibrant. C

  15. I love that tea (chocolate?) set! I've never been a big fan of blue, until I went to Bleu Pastel de Lectoure, where they have revived the ancient process of making blue dyes from wode. GORGEOUS blue. I wanted to wrap myself in it entirely.

  16. Anonymous10:16 PM

    When I wore all blue as a child, I was called a bluebird. I'm still addicted to color.

  17. Always like french blues.And the teapots just very beautiful. You just make my mornings with your beautiful photos each day. Thanks for sharing!

  18. Rosemary8:09 AM

    can you remember the name of the Bistrot a Vin (Allopathie) it looks very interesting and I fancy a visit there.



    1. La Pharmacie Restaurant - Bistrot à Vins 22 rue Jean-Pierre Timbaud - 75011


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