Friday, June 10, 2011

Bonjour Croissants

Les Croissants Pur Beurre, watercolor, 9" x 11" Yesterday we ventured into the land of tartes and pate sucree. Today, fasten your seatbelts as we tear through the lush golden anatomy of the French croissant and pate feuilletee.Is it pâte brisée? I'm crazy for L'atelier des Chefs' fierce pastry instructor - I can watch him torture that pastry endlessly whatever it's name is...
Thanks to Merisi, I now have a special knife and can cut paper-thin slices of the golden croissant...
So much better to just munch a small bite and have a flat tum like these beauties..
If only I had a portable battery-operated knife to take to Paris, then I could eat a thin sliver of the richest pastries and not think twice about it.
It would fit into a Boulangerie bag.
On verra bien.
Yellow bird and Ladybug are thrilled with the new electric knife - so many petite morceaux du croissant/crumbs to devour.


  1. Love your watercolor!

    I haven't had a croissant in ages. I saw whole wheat croissants at Trader Joe's and thought - what's the point?!?

  2. Justine2:09 PM

    LOVE the idea of having your cake/croissant and eating it too without too much damage to the hips.
    I suppose one needs Yellow bird around to clean up the leftovers..?

  3. 'whole wheat' croissant!
    quelle horreur.
    Perish the concept immediatement!

  4. Re:Paul’s bakery chain, they have made a entrance through the back door opening few franchises that did not work too well in Florida.

    They will open in Washington DC few places before the end of the year I hear and will make their way to Manhattan for sure… do not worry

    “Croissant pur beurre” will be in the Big Apple soon.

    Put way your electric slicer…. Croissant should only be shared by hand….
    Even if it is messy…

    All the best,

  5. Thank heaven, I can sleep again! I was so worried that the knife would not work as well as you envisioned. ;-)

    Your croissant painting is so beautiful, the croissant seem to want to jump on my plate. And I wouldn't mind, not at all! ;-)tat

  6. Paul *owns* Ladurée? Oh, I wish I did not know that. Ignorance is bliss. On the other hand, thrilled to know that L. is opening in nyc!
    And finally, dear Carol, I do miss Sarabeth's...a lot!

  7. Hi Carol, I have awarded you the Stylish Blogger Award! Check it out here:

  8. Anna-Maria A.4:35 PM

    Paul and Laduree in the same boat?They seem opposite ends of the totem pole..
    What a shocker
    Who knew?

  9. I have always preferred croissants to any type of rich creamy or chocolaty desserts. I love the flaky buttery ones that weren't made by a machine but by the hands of a pastry chef who knows what they are doing!
    Gordon Ramsay did a show where he went to find the best croissant in Paris and these chefs folded in large sheets of butter into larger sheets of pastry. It looked heavenly.

    The Wanderfull Traveler

  10. Oh now I am nostalgically remembering dad carving a ham with an electric knife.......and that comforting low buzzz, AND no more ripping crossaints like a wild beast, just a civilized buzz, a ladylike slice and bob's your uncle!

  11. Too true Julie.
    The handle of this electric knife thing was meant for a guy..
    Maybe a construction worker :)

    Pass me the Turkey!


  12. I always enjoy your blog so much. And I LOVE croissants! Wishing I could have one right now.

    P.S. I included a link to your blog today in my blog post.

  13. There used to be a "real" French bakery here in Providence.
    They made the best croissants. I used to buy a bag full - they were as fresh as could be.
    The bakery closed..........
    At least I can look at your pics and remember :)
    Have a great weekend!

  14. Carol, you are too funny. I love the idea of the electric knife :-) Although in the meantime, I'll just have to guzzle the pastries whole. Adore your croissant paintings.

  15. Croissants=Paris
    Paris croissants=heaven!!

  16. Oh, buttery delights. I had an awful egg and cheese muffin this morning from the coffee shop because I'm totally out of groceries. But a croissant fresh from the boulangerie. That would have been worth getting out of bed even earlier for.

  17. Anonymous6:29 AM

    WHAT?? Laudree in NYC???? Plane ticket please!!!

  18. Dear Carol, your watercolors are just getting prettier and prettier by the minute!
    Food and art!!! Is there a better combination?

  19. My friend just directed me to your blog as we just got back from Paris and Paul's croissants were eaten every day! No, I didn't have an electric knife but my husband and I did share one. I have to admit that I felt guilty because they were the most amazing buttery creations ever, but with all of our walking he didn't gain a pound and I gained only 2! Not bad as pastries and Paul's sandwiches and macarons and gelato were daily fare!

    Loved this post, it made me salivate.

  20. Love your food paintings, lovely and delicious!<3

  21. HI Carol - I need that Paul bag. Don't care what's in it.

    In NY, not sure how I feel about that...

    Merisi is a gem.

  22. Ah, croissants! They are the epitome of French bakery. The equivalent of four pats of butter is in each one, I've been told. But how could one slice one up with an electric knife? Non, non, non! They must be torn and eaten in entirety, preferably with strawberry preserves. Oui!

  23. Leslie Schramm7:58 AM

    Just back to Scotland from Lille in France, Paul had their usual excellent pastries,and my breakfast favourite of Fougasse avec Lardons, and then the wonderful "Le Blue Chat" for chocolates . Love the paintings, but croissant's are def for tearing, or dipping in the caffe creme

  24. Bonjour Lundi!
    May i have a croissant, please?

  25. I opened your blog this morning and fell into a depression - the paintings and photos are LOVELY, but my heart clenched at the thought of a fresh croissant from a boulangerie and me being SO FAR AWAY FROM PARIS!!!

  26. Why not buy a French electric knife next time you're it in one of those airport lockers. Of course, next time you arrive, just walk right past the locker if you see some gendarmes hanging out there...waiting for the owner of the contents.


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