Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Macaron/Food Photography Ranch Weekend

Last night I lite a 'macaron' candle and said a little prayer... Photo by Helene Dujardin Photo by Helene Dujardin
Macaron Queen, par excellance, Helene Dujardin is joining forces with Pioneer Woman, Ranch Queen, for a prize weekend in July of baking macarons, shooting them and riding broncos in OK. If you're a photography afficianado you'll definitely love Helene's new book on how to shoot food. I'm working my way through it.Pioneer WomanRee Drummond of 'Pioneer Woman' is the mistress of home on the range. If you haven't visited, run over right now. You'll not be disappointed. And why not throw your hat into the ring to win this terrific weekend (July 23-24) baking and shooting macarons. Wouldn't it be great if a PBer won?
I entered the contest. Even though I LIVE in macaron T-shirts and wear macaron boxer shorts. I drink out of a macaron cup... Use a 'macaron' mouse pad daily, still I cannot bake macarons! Macarons infiltrate my life in every possible way. But shouldn't I be baking the %$#@ things as well? I may have the biggest collection of mini macarons on the planet... While others go to Paris and buy Christian Dior socks I spend all my $$$ on macarons...

Attempting to read Japanese pastry books on macarons is not beyond me. It's called obsession.
Besides BEAR says he'd like to go.
BONJOUR Macaron Weekend!


  1. Anonymous8:11 AM

    Carol, I entered too, if I win I'll take you so if you win you can take me! Cindy

  2. Bon jour, Carol.

    I so enjoyed seeing the Kings of Pastry film last night! Thank you for the viewing tip. I hardly ever watch tv, and don't usually have any idea what is on when and on which channel.

    What an intense competition! I have to admit that those sugar sculptures were way beyond my comprehension! I just wanted to tast the pastries.

    Best wishes on the Texas opportunity! xo

  3. DEAL Anonymous!
    Whoever you are, most kind to offer.

  4. Haaaa! Sounds fun. I might just have to enter. Love the tshirt

  5. Justine9:26 AM

    if anyone deserves to learn how to make macarons you do PB.
    Or one of us PBers..
    merci for the news alert!

  6. I am embarrassed to admit that I have Never had the pleasure of a macaroon! I enjoy vicariously through your lovely blog. Winning this contest would allow me to experience something I've only dreamed about..
    Merci for this competition !

  7. Best of luck to you Carol! You sure deserve to win. Although I might throw my hat into the ring as well. : )

  8. Awww man! I just checked my calendar and I can't go that weekend. I'm going to TECHmunch, a food blogging conference in Boston. Oh well. Thanks for the tip anyway.

  9. I also entered, and credited Paris Breakfasts for inspiring my macaron obsession!

  10. Hehee. I love this!
    I've got a macaron candle, too. The difference is between a Scot like myself and you, Carol, is that I don't light it. :-)

  11. Bree? I think you mean Ree (The Pioneer Woman)

    Love your Macaroon blogs and pics!

  12. I need that t-shirt!!

  13. Anonymous11:42 AM

    I really enjoy your site and its pictures - you do a great job. However, Ree lives in Oklahoma - you're really sure you want to go there????? :) (This is meant to be a funny comment as I live in OK myself.)

  14. Bon jour Carol,
    I love receiving your daily posts on Paris Breakfasts!
    I saw the lovely macaron cup and saucer today and would love to know where you got it.
    Merci, Linda

  15. OMG!
    why do I think anyone who lives on a ranch has to live in TX!?
    I probably just nixed my chances..
    I'll go fix it a toute a suite.

    The macaron cup and saucer is from Lenotre, Paris
    I don't think they ship overseas but I could be wrong..
    Bon Chance!

  16. I may have to get that book! I just started doing an assignment for a magazine and I have to shoot my own foodie photos.
    Thanks for sharing!

    The Wanderfull Traveler

  17. Good luck! I won't enter so you can have my chance. I love macarons but can't eat them because of the almond flour (I'm sadly allergic to nuts).

    And why bake them when you can BUY them? Silly girl.

  18. You must certainly win!
    I can just see you in Texas. Oh my dear, twice in one year. Yikes.


  19. How was that saying, something about good girls stay home? Well, I was busy doing what I had to do and now it is too late to go to the rand. *whinewhine*

    Sounds fabulous. I keep my fingers crossed for you, I want to see the pictures!

    Another fab post, btw.! :-)

    Ever seen macaron bed linens? Wouldn't that be fantastic? Up to your ears in macarons every night? Instead of sugar plums pistacchio macarons dancing on your pillow?

  20. P.S.: I better go to bed before I do more damage.
    I wanted to write "too late to go to the RANCH" - bonne nuit!

  21. Good luck, Carol!
    If anyone has the talent to take the winning shot, it's you!

  22. As a former P-Dub admirer and now decidedly not, I ask:

    Are you really sure you want to do this?

    And if you do, please back pictures of the real people who do the real work at the ranch.


  23. Zut! I missed it. Never mind: I know how to make macarons and it's easier than you think. Come on, Carol - you can do it. Just have the confidence, and go for "Mad About Macarons!". It's fun, too :-)
    Jill xo

  24. You have such an interesting blog!! I love macarons! My favorite is Rose Petal =)

    I have a sort of travel blog and I spent the weekend in Paris and wrote up about it...tell me what you think about it! =)


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