Thursday, June 09, 2011

Pate Sucree

Les Tartelettes aux Fraise by Carol Gillott Les Tarelettes aux Fraise, watercolor, 9" x 11"

Francois Payard I've had a rude awakening of late...Secco ParisFor years (at least 5) I've been walking around Paris, admiring, shooting, leche-vitrine and eating altogether way too many pastries...Francois Payard PatisserieOnly to discovery I know ZIP about pastry making! Ouch And to add insult to injury... I've been leaving the crusts on way too many tartes...Like this Fauchon tarte au citron. SHAME on moi!
How did I make this alarming discovery? By browsing Japanese pastry books. It became crystal clear I don't know beans about pate sucree and pate brissee. What's more I will NEVER know if I don't eat the $#@! crust! How can one claim to KNOW pastry intimately if one does not eat the total affair?
I'm ready to give up Japanese pastry books and head for French books or English. Your suggestions are most welcome.Better yet should I head over to the French Culinary Institute for a crash course in the anatomy of a tartelette?

BEAR, comme habitude, is way ahead of the game. He's studying more and eating less. Watch this video from L'atelier des Chefs to become better informed about what we put into our mouths. Pastry is serious business! It's not just about flannering around gazing into glorious patisseries vitrines! Mais non!



Theresa Cheek said...

quelles horreurs! You are such a creton to not eat the crusts!

A Brush with Color said...

Are you nuts? The crusts, at least on good desserts, are often the best part. I just made a cheesecake for something at work, and people were licking the plate from the crust. Love your recent paintings--charming, Carol.

Parisbreakfasts said...

I AM a creton!
It's too true.
But I am ready to change my horrid ways.
Henceforth I will eat every blessed crumb!
To Hell with bathing suits etc.
Pastry comes FIRST from here on it.
After all pastry = PATE in French!!
THANK YOU for your support :)

Nori said...


Crusts :) Yum :P
If you need a translation for Japanese text, I could help you!

Merisi in Vienna said...

I can't believe it, you not eating the crust! *sternlook*

Send Bear to me, I'll teach him how to make pastry crusts. He in turn then can teach you.

Sarabeth said...

One does not have to eat the entire crust to enjoy and learn about it. All one needs is a bite or two. If I ate every morsel of every dessert that I have sampled in my lifetime, I would be in BIG trouble. Bravo on your restraint and beautiful artwork of the tarts.

Parisbreakfasts said...

Excellent point Sarabeth!
But you know if the urge should arise there are many more lurking in your Bakery Kitchen.

In my case when a tarte is sitting in the fridge radiation temptation..
Well temptation usually wins out. That's why I avoided crusts.
Now I'm locked between a crumb and a crust..
Choices, choices...

Murissa said...

Must have at least a couple bites of crust!
Do you ever plan to head to Japan to roam around their pastry shops?

The Wanderfull Traveler

Amy said...

CAROL!!!!!!! The crusts are the best part! I once made a graham cracker crust and just ate it before I got to filling it - I've also bought frozen pastry crusts and spread them with butter, cinnamon and sugar and rolled them up into tiny little cinnamon rolls.


cmorgenstern said...

Hi there, or should I say Bonjour?
I love your blog and specially the watercolours. You make me want to go to Paris right now. I have already started to check my calendar to see when I can actually take a few days off and go - to Paris of course. thanks for sharing your delicacies in photo and paint and words.
from Germany

Anonymous said...

Thank you for all the delicious deserts you share with us :)

Dumbwit Tellher said...

Fear not as you are not alone. If I were worried about calories, I would too leave the crust behind. Leave it to BEAR to be 'on the ball'. He is looking a rather slim these days. Perhaps too much studying and not enough pastry tasting?

Have a magnificent, delicious weekend Carolg.

x Deb

~Suzanne~ said...

Bonjour PB~
These little sweets 'samplers' that you've been painting are just out of this world!!!

There are SO MANY wonderful patisserie to choose from.

Dianne said...

Ah! Bear is always one step ahead - he has that -je ne sais quoi - and regarding pate he has -savoir faire. Non non non!!! bear is no crumb.

Anonymous said...

Well THAT"S a relief! I thought that your "rude awakening" was diabetes.

Frances said...

Carol, you've made me smile with this confession re crusts. I'm sure that Bear helped you to made this grand step forward.

Pastry making is definitely an artful skill and with practice can be learned.

Perhaps not in our current NYC heat wave though. Temperature is very important.


Frances said...

Carol, you've made me smile with this confession re crusts. I'm sure that Bear helped you to made this grand step forward.

Pastry making is definitely an artful skill and with practice can be learned.

Perhaps not in our current NYC heat wave though. Temperature is very important.


Nikon said...

The photos get better every day!
Hungry as heck over here :)
Good to see BEAR is at work!

K and S said...

eep! not eating the crusts, some are definitely better than others.

jeanette, mistress of longears said...

And I thought you did RESEARCH! Well this one is easy, in fact there is an expert right in your part of the world. Go to Amazon to see Maury Rubin's Tarts cookbook and get the name of his bakery. I have made nearly every recipe for crust and his are all superior! So the bakery must do a great job, too. Go straight tothe Bakery. Do not pass Go. Do not receive $200.00!

Parisbreakfasts said...

I KNOW Maury and I know his bakery from the day it opened.
LOVE his stuff - best chocolate cookies and best hot chocolate in NYC!
It was on PB here!
Bon idea Jeanette!

MMO said...

Dear Carol
Every time I look at your blog, I remember the time that I went to Paris and did NOT eat any macarons or any other tartelettes. Well, shame on me!

Justine said...

J'adore le baking video de L'atelier des Chefs!
The chef is like a mad general.
Terrifying! yet adorable.
If he told me to march off a cliff I would happily do it.
Trop serioux! :)

pink living said...

I took pastry classes at Ecole Ecoffier at the Paris Ritz it was fun and I took some here and in Ohio. I learned a lot and of course eating the results was yummy too!

Have a pink day!

Mary's Pastry Lab said...

this blog is absolutely inspirational! reminds me of my days in Paris... keep the beautiful posts coming!!! :)