Tuesday, June 28, 2011

My Studio 2011

WELCOME! You're invited in to my studio 2011
Not that much different from my studio 2010 is it?
OK maybe it is.
Amazing how many ways you can throw stuff up in the air and it comes down in different patterns like pickup sticks.
These macarons are only 3 months old.
I use a pastry box to reflect the light - another Eureka moment.
Do you believe if you surround yourself with the things you love, eventually they'll sink into your brain by osmosis? I do.
I love Morandi, Wayne Thiebaud, Japanese prints, and Fr pastry.
The studio exhibit is constantly changing.

Here is a pile of Parisian gifts-with-purchase I send out with your watercolors.What BEAR is reading these days.


  1. What a lovely glimpse!

    Fun to see the stash from which my snippets came.

    Great shot of bear in headphones!

  2. Read PARIS WAS OURS and am starting on Paris Metro stories. Currently reading:

    The Warmth of Other Suns

    Indian Voices

    Old Filth

    In French:
    Mangez Moi

    Count of Monte Cristo

    No wonder I go around confused all day.


  3. Bear is so hot, I wonder to what beat he is dancing! ;-)

    A fine home of a great creative spirit!

    (I am trying to slowly clear my table of all the school stuff - yippie!<<9

  4. Sharon2:57 PM

    My watercolor arrived with all its Parisian finery.
    Thank you
    so much.
    Simply delighted with it.
    Love the paper you are using, nice
    and mellow. Y
    our blog showing your studio is fun...
    I love organized
    chaos, which I am sitting in myself.

    Have a great week, keep the paint and inspiration flowing.

    Smiles: Sharon

  5. If you surround yourself with the things you love, eventually they'll sink into your brain by osmosis?
    Oh I do hope you are right.

  6. So interesting to see where you create your magic. I'm impressed by Bear's reading list! I wish more people would talk so enthusiastically about books they're reading, art they've created or knowledge they are possessing.

  7. So jealous that Bear is reading My Little Paris! It doesn't come out in the States until Oct :(.

  8. Justine4:42 PM

    That macaron bracelet looks exactly like the real ones in the box!
    If only it were edible too..

  9. Your studio travels with you in your bags. I've seen it, in person, at the tables at Le Sélect. And I love it!!!!

  10. Eva,
    BEAR ordered My Little Paris (the French version) from Amazon.fr
    He didn't know there was going to be an English version!

  11. Inspiring! Makes me want to clean up my desk!

  12. I just love your work..and now your studio..The creativity is just flowing in every little nook and cranny.

  13. Fun, Carol. Nice to see the maestro at work--love that Steinberg at the New Yorker book!

  14. Oh to get a closer look at those walls! Yes, I, too, believe in osmosis but in my case the skull is very thick and it's taking much longer than I wish!

  15. Thanks for the peek into your studio.
    It is amazing what can be done in a small space,isn't it?
    I like your recent work seeing inside the pastries.
    Also, LOVE the macaron bracelet!!!


  16. You're making me giggle Linda...

    I can take a football field and mess it up!

  17. Wow, I'm impressed!
    So much stuff in so little space - but everything still looks orderly somehow!
    What you need now is a cat! You'd love it, just laying on top of everything that you were about to work on.

  18. Another Morandi fan raising her hand here, Carol.

    Yes, I do think that things around us do seep into our artistic consciousness. Often without our awareness.

    Sometimes when I am drawing or painting, I will have a moment of realization ... ah, I know where I saw that color, or that little animal, or swirly line.

    Thank you for the view of your studio. xo

  19. Hahahahaha

    It's true that Bear does not make a big impression on my stuff...

    A cat would definitely do the trick and leave the paw tracks.

    Smart thinking as usual Nikon :)

  20. Oh yes, this looks like my office! Of course, I don't have macaroons on my desk or those lovely sketches. It doesn't seem to infringe on your beautiful art, so I wouldn't change a thing!!

  21. Un bel droit d'inspiration.....

    Bonne journée

  22. I love your studio, it where a woman creates. Creativity does not come for organization. Never has. xx's

  23. Hi Carol!!! Thanks for sharing your work place, I enjoyed watching every little detail on the pictures, I loved the macaron bracelet, where do you get it???

  24. I love, love, love the cluttered artistic collage of what inspires you! I also love peeking into others' creative spaces. I get inspired by what inspires others!

    My writing office holds things that inspire me, too, but I have to have things filed and stacks put away or I go crazy - they clutter my thoughts. Didn't used to be that way, but it is now. You can see my own creative space here: http://amykortuem.blogspot.com/2010/10/im-in-my-office.html

  25. A must read! I'm talking about YOUR POST. The book, too!

  26. Ah, J'aime!
    I would find a good use for that Laduree box, too:) Yours is a success because you can put it to good use every time.I am sure it sends good vibes to your pictures!



  28. Wonderful glimpse of where the magic happens, Carol. Thanks!

  29. Even the Studio is a work of Art. :))

  30. Would you please tell me what your favorite brand of brush is. Also
    the short brush with the stubby fat handle. Where did you get that?
    I enjoy your post so very much. Thank you, Karen

  31. I cut down those brushes..
    I really like DaVinci Synthetic Jr and Isabay 6225

  32. Bonjour PB~
    Well I have to admit that 2011 does look a bit like 2010; HOWEVER, there seems to be a little more order AND you can see the desk top!

    (I dare not show you mine!)

  33. I ADORE your studio, Carol. Too funny about the osmosis... and now I see how to help the back when at the computer: piles of books! Fantastique.

  34. Anonymous12:44 PM

    I Love your studio. I wish mine was as colorful and lovely :)

  35. Judith8:07 AM

    I HOPE your studio is different this year... What kind of chair or stool are you sitting on these days? How's your back feeling?

    I always love photos of people's workspaces. Clutter, to the uninitiated, means tools close at hand. Nothing wrong with that!

    Best wishes,



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