Monday, June 06, 2011

Writing on the wall

I LOVE Paris signs.

I love the typography... I love what they say: mille-feuilles, tarte fine aux pommes. Cheescake I could do without.

I love seeing the hours written in script on the door, but I don't love showing up and they're ferme/closed.
Patisserie Secco decided to repaint their doggie on the wall. Why? Were the neighbors upset to lose the old doggie?
 La cadeaux is such a French concept.

Jean-Paul Hevin doesn't need words - just macarons.

I can not resist reading these authorized bread prix lists. I have no idea why? This one - Gerard Mulot's vitrine.


This not-so-little piggy read the writing on the vitrine and is about to enter. He hesitates. A few doors down Patisserie Gerard Mulot, where you can easily make a pig of yourself.
With this enticing sign in the window.
Which would you choose?


Amy said...

The shop with the pink signs and pink door. Pink, pink, pink, is there a more beautiful color?

A Brush with Color said...

Love the pig. Cute little guy. Your recent pastry watercolors with all the images scattered about are charming, Carol.

Justine said...

I love French shop windows too.
thanks for reminding us how unique they are!!

Bill said...

Must we choose? Can't we just eat everywhere?

Merisi in Vienna said...

May we have a progressive pigging out, please? Tapas here, pastries there, more pastries further on, coffee around the corner?

Nikon said...

The composition of the second shot is perfect - great photo.
I like that pink shop, too and, of course, the last!
Dying for pastry :)

Frances said...

Carol, I also just love the look of French hand writing. How I wish that my own writing were so stylish.


Anna-Maria A. said...

Love the Dalmation puppy...but I'm biased as a Dalmation owner

Max said...

'L' as in LADUREE?
The one and only..?

Elaine said...

I take photos of the signs whenever I go on vacation. I think it adds to the flavor of the trip. No pun intended!

Maria Sundquist said...

The little piggy is so funny/cute/sweet/ I love it! Aswell as the doggie. Oh Paris...

Marilyn said...

Thanks to your wonderful blog I am on my way home from Paris with a few of those delightful pastries in my bag. I cannot believe those sparkling macarrons in the windows have lost their appeal, can you say oink!

william ternay said...

"This little piggy went to market,
your little piggy went to the pastry shop..."
Was that critter real?

jeanette, mistress of longears said...

So - am I going to have to push the pig aside to get into that shop???