Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Patisserie Yamazaki Paris 16th

YAMAZAKI PARIS by Carol GillottFramboise Fantasie, watercolor, 9" x 11"

YAMAZAKI PARIS The posh 16th arrondissement is loaded with posh patisseries.

YAMAZAKI PARIS And I've barely set foot in them.
YAMAZAKI PARIS This is pretty tragique - I must make up for this lapse next trip

YAMAZAKI PARIS I just happened to waltze by Patisserie Yamazaki enroute to the Musee Marmottan last October
6 Chaussée Muette 75016
Metro: La Muette

YAMAZAKI PARIS As usual I ran in, stole some shots and ran out without tasting a thing - quelle dommage :(

YAMAZAKI PARIS Unlike trecherous Financier Pastries lining the shelves of my refrigerator and hips...ahem

YAMAZAKI PARIS I have more resistance in Paris - there's such a wealth of choices.

YAMAZAKI PARIS You know in the next block or so you'll find something irresistable. Pastry procrastination is easy in Paris.

YAMAZAKI PARISNew York is not so full of temptation.


YAMAZAKI PARIS I promise to go inside and EAT something next time!


  1. Justine11:25 AM

    Perhaps it is 'tragique' NOT to taste a thing in Paris..?
    Practicing too much restraint is not good for the soul IMHO

  2. PBPP - Paris Breakfast Pastry Procrastination -
    I love that, but I love the Framboise Fantasie painting even better!

  3. I am eating all these yummy pictures and drawings with my eyes...feeling very light, but still quite hungry! ;)

  4. I'm afraid that when I finally get there, I will not practice Pastry Procrastination. After all, I will not yet know (in my heart) that something equally tempting is just around the corner. How many trips do you estimate it will take me to build up the confidence to Procrastinate?

  5. PS Today's ironic work is " mal nourri"! "en France"!!!

  6. Anonymous12:46 PM

    The perfect patisseries in Paris are unbelivable - there is so much choice. Today I have the choice of one dozenth end of my street at metro st placide, - or perhaps a little walk to the food hall in Bon marche' - there is always the ever so beautiful Gerard Mulot - yesterday frambroise was in order, if only. Had a photo to show, the iPad doesn't want to cooperate. :)
    Having a wonderful, glorious, sun soaked time in Paris x

  7. Its so wonderful to see all the berries again. Your watercolors look more tempting than the real thing!

  8. DEFINITELY plan to make up for it! They look amazing.

    (Don't you ever get in trouble for sneaking in and stealing photos?)

  9. I don't know Yamazaki yet and am ashamed of, but still : your 2 last paintings are amazing Carolg, I absolutely love them !!!
    Hi New York :)

  10. Dear Amy,

    After months and years of intensive training in French pastry bootcamp, I am now a professional stealth pastry shooter.
    You too can get the training.
    Lemme know...

  11. I have much more resistance when in Paris - there's such a wealth of choices.

  12. Looks amazing.
    One thing I notice is that there is so much of the same pastries. Have you come across any places that try to make unique and new looking pastries but that still provide the same amazing taste?

    The Wanderfull Traveler

  13. UOUU!!
    looks amazing!
    xxx darling!

  14. You're killing me with these pics :)

  15. Carol, on this horribly hot day (off) in NYC, I ventured down to Bond St. to look at easels that convert from upright for canvas to more relaxed angles for watercolor work. Do you have any such item?

    Anyhow, I got off the subway at Broadway and 8th St and nearby, under a very unattractive building reno scaffolding, saw a Financier shop. Gosh, that seemed so awful. I will wait to visit F Patisserie at Grand Central.

    Enough about me and my travels, travails. I love your recent paintings! Still hoping to find time for another catch up with you.

    This current city heat is not friendly...we need an early summer chill.


  16. Whoa..
    I didn't know?
    Another new Financier Pastries?

    I don't use any easels at all - a clip board with metal clips works fine for me. I use the least amount of painting gear possible.

    the pastries may look all the same because I love to shoot fruit tartes - but there is a wealth of variety and endless creativity.
    Of course there are the traditional classic pastries everywhere.
    Try Carl Marletti next time - I must as well.

  17. Carol, Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dear 'Fellow' Francophile, for today's much needed Paris 'fix,' and all the other times you provided a virtual quick trip to our mutual love, Dear Old Paris...

  18. Love your artwork. Just love it!
    So happy I found you, everytime I visit I smile. xx's

  19. These pictures are killing me! But it's such a happy death.


    Have a look on our page so that you'll can choose your next temptation!


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