Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Paris Saint-Valentin Report

Petite Coeur Rouge9" x 11"

Have you let your beloved know what you would like for Saint-Valentin's day yet?

Perhaps you were thinking along the lines of a millefeuille en forme de coeur from Lenotre?
Pierre Herme has an elaborate fruity heart for those who are into counting their daily fruits and veg...
A filligree container of what? Qui sait?

Chocolatier Patrick Roger never disappoints when it comes to 'creativity'. This has to be for les mecs non? PLEASE do not leave this outside my door, merci beaucoup. For the bookish among you Hugo & Victor have their usual Moleskine albums full of chockies..
Heart-shaped cupcakes anyone for the DIY bakers?

I don't know what magic ingredients are in Fauchon's love jam - if it has healing powers I'm ready to try it.
A cariar dinner at Petrossian? I'm game...
I would LOVE one of these tarte au fraise from Carette, especially if it had a little pleated paper case/"Les caissettes plissées. Merci Patricia H. for the important info.
In fact I already got my Saint-Valentins gift - a pair of gents boxers covered in purple macarons from Rick Tulka in Paris. He felt I had to have it and I did. So I'm covered.
As for the BACK report:

We get an MRI tomorrow (for the 1st time [eeek])

More physical therapy, this time at the clinic with machines etc.

And we're finally sleeping better, walking(hobbling) better and without the cane sometimes (yay!)

THANK YOU PBers for all your kind messages and vibes!




  1. Sigh...they do romance so perfectly, les chocolatiers.. (sauf one..) Heart healthy in a different way, practically essential, non? :)

  2. I actually do enjoy Valentines day...No, I have never had a romantic one. Yes, I have a very loving and attentive husband who makes the most of each day we have together, so trying to impress the point on Valentines day is not, my love of Valentines day comes from the decision I made whilst quite alone (a singleton) in my college years, and thought I would make the day a celebration of the love of family and friends...a "you are loved, and thank you for your care of me" opportunity. I find quotes, poems, make homemade cards, give tasty treats, and try to put out heart shaped surprises throughout the day: heart shaped pancakes, heart shaped notes in backpacks for example. Love the chocolates (what beauties) you shared, thank you. And your boxers were my favorites....actually, I am going to attempt to make heart shaped macarons for my family this Valentines...wished I could have you taste test them...I will report back. Glad you are getting a thorough safe and keep warm.

  3. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. What a beautiful post - I truly love the delicacy of your water colors, so simply yet so definitive of the ideas you are trying to get across. I love the sweetness of the little bird in the first one.....

  5. Justine2:47 PM

    Les shorts are HOT HOT HOT!!
    even French guys flip for macarons?
    who knew

  6. I'm so glad you're doing a little better, Carol. I'm sure the chocolate dreams will help!

    I woudl take ANY of the options you offered (even the busty one) over the Dove chocolates I've been trying to soothe myself with lately.


  7. Lurve the boxers! But even more so, I would lurve to see a pair of lounge pants in this fabric. Ooh la la! That would be my ultimate gift!

    As always, your watercolors evoke such sensitivity and detail! Can't get enough of your talent and I hope you feel better soon!

  8. Trés magnifique et douce Saint-Valentin dans Paris!!
    Belle soirée

  9. This is a lovely post for Valentine's Day! Your watercolor technique/work is amazing!

    I have to say my favorite item on this post is the boxers. It's cuter than red kisses! :D

  10. Dear Amy!
    Please do yourself a BIG favor and trade in the Dove chocolates for something imported from World Wide Chocolates

  11. Love those cakes. I want them all. Your watercolours are so gorgeous. And I'm a big fan of your blog. Love your stuff and your wonderful way of seeing the world...

  12. So glad to hear you 're mending! Do you think Bill has time to get a passport so he can grab my Valentine at Laduree? I have been very slck in the hinting department!
    And, never underestimate the power of a Dove chocolate....they used to get me through some tough days! Although, I have to agree on your WW Choc recommendation!

  13. Cool boxers!...
    I think I am going to get myself a bouquet of roses...
    Nice to hear you are feeling better!
    Take care Carol.

  14. Great looking post, Carol, lots of eye candy to enjoy. Speaking of candy...Patrick Roger knows chocolate :)
    As for your shorts..........Rick's going to lose his link if this keeps up!!

  15. I'm so glad to hear you're doing a bit better, Carol. Love the watercolor--very nice!!!

  16. Continued best wishes to you, Carol, for a steady recovery.

    Meanwhile, thanks for showing us so many artistic, and sometimes even crazy or elegant ways to celebrate the coming fete de l'amour.


  17. Gorgeous! I'd be pleased to recieve any of them.

  18. Mary in London4:58 AM

    All these Valentine's Day gifts are quite tempting - Chocolate and hearth, it is so me.
    I hope they have some of these at the Hotel Paris Arc de Triomphe where I'll celebrate.

  19. Oooh, I love the Hugo & Victor chocolate books!

  20. Bonjour Pb~
    I just Loved your Valentine post...
    and aren't you the lucky duck~macaroon boxers!!!!

    Didn't know you were having back problems. MRIs are nothing just NOISY and COLD. I hope you get relief...I know about these things.
    Happy Valentine's Day!!!

  21. Ooh La la...rrrrrrrrrrrred and chocolate. Romance Romance....The city must be carried on it with windows filled like this, even to make the metro run..and Parisien hearts dance..:) Sigh. And major yums!

  22. Vite, vite, get better Carol! Until then, I will settle for any of these Valentine's sweets:

  23. What a pretty cherub and hot boxers.

    I loved your Paris spoons, by the way. I like how you left one "free."

    : )


  24. Like the filigree Laduree container--very pretty--hope your therapy is going well and you are back to full health soon.


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