Wednesday, February 16, 2011

French Bleus

Russian cup with blue jug,9" x 11"
I'm on a blue milk jug painting jag.
Cuisinophilie 28, rue du Bourg Tibourg I got this blue crockery jug at a vintage kitchen shop in the Marais.
Cuisinophilie 28, rue du Bourg Tibourg Cuisinophilie on 28, rue du Bourg Tibourg
Cuisinophilie 28, rue du Bourg Tibourg They have a plethora of French blue items.

Cuisinophilie 28, rue du Bourg Tibourg And they are right nextdoor to Mariage Freres!

Chocolat Marquise de Sevigne is also gaga for true French bleu.

Naturalement chocolatier Jean-Paul Hevin is Parisien King of French Ultramarine bleu!

PB watercolor on Etsy Jean-Paul Hevin chocolate box, watercolor on Etsy, 9" x 11"

His metal boxes make perfect gifts and last forever true bleu.

Speaking of French bleus - this is me gazing out the living room window wistfully at the junk food/candy store on the corner. I have ventured out to the postbox to mail off your paintings. Fortunately no junk food urges overtook me at the time.

Not to worry.
I booked my seat to Paris/Venice for mid-March yesterday.
One MUST think positive!!

watercolor on Etsy Confit de Rose, watercolor on Etsy, 9" x 11"
So everything is coming up roses...or it will be!


  1. Jeanne9:56 AM

    Quelle Belle Vie!!!! vous avez!

    j'aime le bleu!

    Glad you are feeling better and booking flights!

  2. I could use a blue jug for one of
    my Still Lifes, in the class I'm
    teaching tonight, Carol.
    I'm giving my students a hefty dose of Giorgio Morandi, just to shake up their routine.

  3. Who knew, la vie en rose is lined by French blues! ;-)

    Beautiful paintings, and three all at once, you really are on a roll!

  4. Paris/Venice encore?! Sacre Bleu! Sounds marvellous, Carol. These latest wc's are tres chic. Oolala. Glad to hear you're recuperating. Lovely French blues.

  5. French bleu...fantastique! These are all so beautiful, Carol. Years ago I attended Le Cordon Bleu School of Cuisine in Paris...which is why I am a Francophile. The logo is blue, the famous ribbon is blue and I have learned somewhere along the way that a blue kitchen brings the chef bon chance! Needless to say my kitchen and French porcelain is BLEU!
    Carry on blue.

  6. Love the French Bleu! I visited Bleu de Lectoure, a wode factory in the south of France, in September. I'm generally not a blue fan, but I fell in love with the ancient process and the color it resulted in.

    You'd have loved it, Carol.

  7. Jeff S.1:34 PM

    Thank you for bringing good cheer to my hospital room!

    Tapped out one-handed
    on the munckin- sized
    keyboard of my iPhone

  8. Brave woman! you must be feeling better. I do hope the trip finds you ready and willing and, I must say, careful. I will always be glad to be joining you via blog. Beautiful blues.

  9. Thanks very much Jenny for your encouraging words.
    I LOVE PT!!
    Now I'm off to the hot pool to do leg lifts..
    Gotta be ready for PARIS!!

  10. Anonymous4:17 PM

    Where are you staying in Paris? -- and how long?
    Where are you staying in Venice???
    Oh how lovely.

  11. Who needs pink when there is blue?

  12. lovely!

    happy night!

  13. Oh happy days you're feeling better enought to book a trip. Of course I might just limp over to Paris if it were me. :) Lovely post. all paintings. You know I have had to add blue to my decor since coming here regularly.

  14. oops. thats loved all paintings..

  15. I love your blue vintage jug - I want to shop for pretty kitcenware like that in Paris one day..

  16. Anonymous5:14 AM

    I was delighted to come across your wonderful blog - from a remote farm in Ireland (sounds romantic but is cold and muddy!)I dream of my fleeting 24 hour visits to Paris planning what to wear, where to go and remembering my parents who spent a lot of time there. Have you read 'The Ballard of Bouillabaisse' by William Thackeray- who wrote Vanity Fair? Next trip 2nd April - quelle joie!

  17. M. in Paris5:43 AM

    Oui! good painting !
    I try to sleep in my bed and dream in blue ....

  18. Thank you for your lovely comment on my blog! I have long been a popper-in to yours. Love, love, love your style, fabulous watercolours and quirky/funny take on all you write about. And Paris and Venice in one trip? Almost more excitement than one can bear - enjoy! - and I so look forward to the pics.

  19. love the blues but your rose painting is simply lovely!


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