Monday, February 28, 2011

Bear Stories

BEAR's first Birthday is soon so we thought we'd celebrate today.
BEAR would like to drop into Sonia Rykiel to visit his long-lost brother. BEAR never stopped missing Paris... He remembers every detail of his last day... Bear feels a great affinity with a town loaded with stripes. BEAR wants to know if we'll take the EUROSTAR this trip now he's an expert. He was a swell guide in Venezia certamente.
He's lined up quite a few chocolate places this trip you know.  He'll be on the lookout for more bear doudous bien sur. BEAR has such fond memories of macaron class at The Ritz. He's thrilled to bits that he is going to get to interview Mad About Macarons! author, Jill Colonna in Paris for you.
"Can one ever have too many petit dejeuners?", Bear asked.
NY Bears have captured BEAR's imagination.
He didn't expect there to be such a large bear population, especially at FAO Schwarz. BEAR's bag is packed & prete to go off mid-March. 


  1. bon anniversaire bear!

  2. Jeanne Long10:06 AM

    Joyeux anniversaire à vous, monsieur l'ours. Je voudrais pouvoir vous rejoindre à Paris pour célébrer!

  3. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Joyeux Anniversaire Bear et Bon Voyage aussi!

  4. Jan Heigh10:45 AM

    Dear Carol;

    I'm so looking forward to your report on chocolate stores on your March trip. I've been researching chocolate stores for my May trip and have marked them on an old Paris map. Many, many stores in the 6th. How in the world to narrow them down?

    I enjoy your blog and adventures so much and hope you're completely well now.


  5. Bon anniversaire en avance, Monsieur l'ours! Si tu pourrais avoir un (au moins!) petit-déjeuner pour moi, je serais très reconnaisante!

  6. Happy birthday Bear, and enjoy your next trip!

  7. ... joyeux anniversaire cher ours!
    la chasse au chocolat heureux!

    hope my "Google Translate" is correct

  8. Bon anniversaire Bear! Looking forward to your watercolors and posts from Paris & Venice, have a wonderful trip.

  9. Joyeux Anniversaire, Bear! Je suis sooooooooooo jealous that you're going back to Paris! Tell Carol that I love the little birthday macaron painting...

  10. Happy Birthday, Special Striped Bear!

    Carol's mentioning of you missing Paris almost brought tears to my eyes. I am so happy that you are going back, visiting not only your hometown, but Venice as well! Oh, the fun you'll have! I can see Carol crossing on the traghetti-gondola from the left bank to the right bank of Il Canale Grande and back again, showing you all the sights.

    Big bear hug,

  11. Rest up, Bear! You're not as young as you used to be, and Carol has big plans! LOVE your "bro"!
    And a big merci - when a friend was buying 2 baby gifts for her French cousins, I was able to certify that STRIPED onesies would be de rigeur!

  12. Très bon anniversaire BEAR! Et bon voyage!

  13. No, dear bear, you can never have too much "Paris Breakfasts"! I am eager to read your adventures.

  14. Bonne anniversaire to bear and you! I'm psyched for your next Paris adventure, Carol. Look forward to it. Beautiful watercolor, bien sur.

  15. Happy Birthday, Bear!! How lovely that you will be able to celebrate in Paris -- and Venice, too! Wish I could be there to share a macaron or two with you.

    PS to Carol - So glad to hear you're back on your feet again. I have an image in my mind of Bear scurrying along beside you carrying your watercolours so you'll be ready to sketch!

  16. Happy Birthday Bear!!! This is my favorite Bear post yet. He is gaining wisdom as he ages.

  17. Prof Adrienne1:18 PM

    I love your blog, the photos and the watercolors. I also would like to recommend it to students of French—

    so would it be possible to say BON Anniversaire—since it is masculine? What may be charming for me is confusing for them.

    Thanks so much!



  18. Justine1:22 PM

    BEAR is soooo HOT HOT HOT!
    Can't wait to see how he likes Venice.
    I know Venice will LOVE him!
    Happy B-Day BEAR!

  19. NO traghetti-gondola for this girl, MERISI!
    Been there, done that on those narrow passenger boats lined up one by one.
    BEAR will have to go on his own - I'm sticking with the very large and comfortable vaporettos!!

  20. Happy B-day Bear!

    I hope you stop by Le Sélect for a visit when you are in Paris!

  21. BON ANNIVERSAIRE mon petit sweet Bear!! Je t'aime Monsieur Bear and would love to hug you!! Wishing you and your Maman a wonderful upcoming Bon Voyage and I so hope 'someone' locates your long lost frère and adopts him so you can both be together again!! How joyful that would be - I'm so excited for you both already just thinking about it :) and Carol, I'm very happy you're feeling better and able to make your journey once again, making everyones eyes, hearts and dreams come alive. GODSPEED sweetheart and many hugs for you both!!

  22. Those subway polar bears are beautiful!

    I have just acquired a copy of "Mad about Macarons" and have it permanently open to the picture of the macarons chocolat-betterave ...

  23. Non anniversaire dear BEAR and welcome back to Paris soon! :-)

  24. BIG MERCI PBers!!!
    I ALWAYS stop at Le Select Rick!
    How could you suggest otherwise?
    What a good idea to bring home my Bro!!
    WHOA gotta think about that one...could be a lot of competition around the bear den though over honey pots etc...


  25. I am so jealous that Bear has been to a macaron class! How wonderful to have such an adventure and only now be turning one. Please eat a chocolate bear for me while you are in Paris. Oh, that's for Carol. It just wouldn't be right for Bear to eat a bear. Of course, I wouldn't have any problem eating a chocolate person, and I'm a person, so if Bear wants to eat a chocolate bear . . .

  26. Mary Jo2:35 AM

    I'm so excited that you & Bear will be in Venice before me. I'll be going in
    May. Sooooooooooo I expect you and bear to find the best food, the
    shops not to miss, the best expresso, basically the best Venice has to
    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Mary Jo

  27. Bear is the cutest!!
    So you are healthy enough now to get to Paris & Venice? Good for you! Great news!
    I was in Venice for a few days & it rained every day :)

  28. Whoops Mary Jo...
    I'm into the visuals more than vittles.
    I don't even drink expresso
    And I don't do 'best' this or that - so many others do it better.
    I'm into looking.
    Not to worry - it should stll be fun...I long as I don't fall into the canal :)

  29. Your capture of Bear with all the stripes of Paris is the best. Bon Anniversaire and Bon Voyage. So glad that you are feeling better.

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  31. je suis trop jalouse... when do you leave for paris? can we rendezvous when you're back so i can hear all about it?

  32. i think Bear absolutely needs to meet the infamous Borromini Bear, who travels the world with artist Liz Steel on her watercolor sojourns!!

  33. As usual I love reading your posts. I have a basket of “stuffies” that I always share Bear stories with. Hopefully by the spring, there will be a vaccine for this crazy COVID-19. Then I’ll be over to soak up Paris again!! Take care, Carol!


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