Friday, February 11, 2011

MRI Paris Pinks

As you slide onto the MRI table, you don't expect to see pink cherry blossoms overhead.
But no, they don't give you a pink paper hat to wear whilst inside getting zapped.
Nor do they wrap you in pink sheets(like French Girl sleeps in every night).
No decorative pink tassels (again c/o French Girl) hanging from the equipment, though it would certainement be an improvement.

It can get breezy inside an MRI, but they've forgotten to provide a pink scarf to wrap around you neck.

After you're finished and have survived the ordeal, no pink truck comes to pick you up malheureusement.

Nor are you assisted out of your surgical gown by aides in hot pink aprons - whyever not?

A post-MRI snack would be very welcome, especially in pink, but dream on.

Snacking under pink umbrellas wouldn't be remiss.

A hello from a rose in the Rodin museum garden - M.I.A.

French Rose Tea, watercolor, 9" x 11"
Instead I went home and tried to paint in bed this rose.
There are hazards to that activity - like spilling your jar of paint water over everything!
Here's a tip for coping with an MRI - don't get much sleep the night before and you'll doze like a baby inside the blasted/blasting thing.
Well I did :)


  1. Painting from your bed. That's all Frida Kahlo! Love the painting! All those rosebuds!

  2. Yikes. An MRI? What are they doing to you? Or should I ask, what have you done to yourself? That aside, your French Rose Tea is beautiful. I'm not too sure if I'd want a guy wearing a pink apron helping me out of my gown, though. Of course, it's probably a very French thing to do.

  3. Let's look at it this way: the information it provides will help to get you IN THE PINK as soon as possible.
    Bonne chance, Carol!

  4. I enjoyed all that pink! Best of luck with your results Carol!

  5. Just love all that pink!
    Hope you are feeling better after creating such a beautiful rosebud filled painting.
    Take care Carol.

  6. It sounds like you survived the dreaded thump thump thump of the MRI machine. It is never a pleasant experience. I have several great photos of the roses de Rodin as well. Feel better!

  7. I love Pink. I love that first photo.. what a cool thing to look at. and I really love your painting. How is the back doing?

  8. Wow, what an interesting inspiration :) Pink theme! So sweet! Beautiful painting as always.

    That pink truck doesn't look so intimidating like most trucks :D

  9. I'm not exactly a color-girl, but all the pink that linked the pictures made me smile!
    Jess :D

  10. Anonymous7:37 PM

    Bon chance with the results...despite the feelings when in bed, you've produced a beautiful tea rose image, as usual, and makes me want to have a refreshing cup of Earl Grey tea!

  11. Well, instead of singing the MRI blues, you turned it on its head in the pink of things! Bravo, and sending love and prayers for rosy results!


  12. Carol, continued wishes that your recovery will continue on or ahead of any designated schedule. We want to see you again firmly in the "pink."

    Jam jars for watercolor brush washing etc. are great, except when they tip. Quick reflexes are not always there when one's been deep into a wash or a painting detail. I know.


  13. Jeanne Long8:27 PM

    Seems as though your experience led to an especially lovely painting!

    I wish you all the best!


  14. I'm amazed you could sleep in such a loud, claustrophobic machine.

    What's ailing you?

  15. Poor Carol!
    I remember the MRI being cold and very noisy!
    Your watercolor is beautiful! Hope you didn't spill water on your bed, that would make a pink stain on your sheets!
    Get well soon.

  16. M. in Paris9:17 AM

    quand lalalalala

    je vois la vie en rose.....

  17. I absolutely love your zest for life and your attitude.... you took getting an MRI and made it a beautiful journey (at least the wishful one)... you always make my morning so much better!

    Hope you get good news from the MRI and are feeling better very soon!


    Of course I spilled some water on the mattress on the floor - I wish it turned my sheets pink..
    Maybe I will order some PINK sheets from dear Amazon.
    As I mentioned being exhausted helps a great deal inside that noisy thing.

  19. Love the pink, Carol, and I sleep in MRI's too ... it's very zen.

    To your good results!


  20. And I found lovely pink jersey sheets for summer at the Company Store website, fyi.

    Christine Hueber

  21. Dearest PB~
    I can not believe you slept through that thunderous hammering sound!
    I loved the rose painting~worth a soggy sheet.
    And am so glad you added the rose from the Rodin garden; they were the largest roses we have ever seen.
    A lovely post!
    feel better soon....

  22. Oh, Carol, I'm glad that's behind you--how'd it go??? Are you ok?! I've never had an MRI, but my mom did and so did Claudia--it sounds so claustrophobic to me. Hope you get good news soon--I LOVE the watercolor here!!! Feel betterxoxoxox

  23. Carol, so the sleeping in the MRI was a good thing, right? Here's hoping it all went smoothly and there are helpful, good results. Hope you are feeling better...The pinks are gorgeous, leave it to you to link an MRI to Paris. Think, Pink!

  24. I completely agree with you on the post-MRI snack! Though I had a really lovely nurse who tucked my feet into extra blankets because she knew I would be chilled.
    Hope you'll be back in the 'Pink' of health soon!

  25. yes hope it's a passing pink-MRI fancy! loved your paris trash post!

  26. Boy, do I hate an MRI and that is good advice to go in sleepy! I love all the pink in your post - since having surgery last month, the color pink is like crack for me, lifting my spirits and brightening my mood whenever i see it. I am also loving vanilla scented candles - go figure. Thank you for your uplifting post and I hope all is well with you!

  27. Hi, Carol

    Thank you for this inspiring post. I've been following your blog. While I like all posts, I make this my favorite. God bless you with better health, peace of mind, and daily inspiration. Thank you for creating roses for your readers always.

  28. Just picked up your web site and love your lovely watercolours.
    Carol your paintings are so luminous and charming.
    Feel better soon

  29. Anonymous7:08 AM

    Oh You poor dear. MRI - painting - photos and blogging. YOu are amazing.
    I do hope you have some joy with the results and you have some wise medical assistance.
    Sending a little pink and some healing your way.

  30. Jenn Kelly8:38 AM

    Do keep us updated on how you are my dear.
    I absolutely love that watercolour. How much?
    get better soon, prayers are being sent your way.

  31. Obviously you managed to save the painting of the rose and the cup, a really good one!! :-)

  32. Carol, your painting of the rosy pinks is so beautiful! I have a photo of that exact same rosebush from Rodin's garden.

    Do keep us posted about what the MRI showed up. Here's hoping you'll be "in the pink" very soon!

    (P.S. I bought myself some Godiva chocolate today, not Dove.)

  33. Your blog inspires me to paint. I sketch and paint but have not been posting them. Life gets complex. I think I found your blog in your second year and enjoy seeing it become what it has.


  34. Thanks for your comment on my blog Carol. It's great to see you popping up on my posts. I admire your blog so much.

    Pink and Paris! It doesn't get better than that now does it? Oh wait, if it was my reality then it would be perfect...

    Ps. Hope you are on the mend you poor thing!
    Bonne journée


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