Monday, February 07, 2011

Mad About Macarons

Just as Repetto has 300-500 different colored ballerina slippers

French Girl has on hand an endless array of chocolate bar flavors

That's how I discovered her irresistable Cote d'Or Citron Gingimbre - I am forever addicted.

French Flavor Spoons,  9" x 11"

This past weekend, while I was painting in bed, BEAR was busy reading my new book, Mad About Macarons, full of exotic flavors up the whazoo

Scottish author Jill Colonna lives in Paris for 20+ years and she's made it her mission to help the rest of the world make Parisien macarons

Jill lets her imagination run wild with macaron possibilities - well that's what BEAR says.

 Jill has a macaron forum where she answers all your questions directly.

I've never seen so many exclamations of macaron success first time round, right off the bat!

I would love to know if it's possible to make macarons without a Kitchen Aid? Meanwhile I'll admire her Caramel Macaron 'Tatin'-style vicariously...


  1. Happy to see you've shifted your focus back on one (or many) of your favorite things, Macarons.

  2. I'm completely sure that I would spend all the weekend reading this book whit the Bear!! Great post! xx

  3. So, are you better?? Inquiring minds want to know that you are well. Love the spoons, M'lle!

  4. ... yes, we want to know how your back is doing. You sound pretty good.

    Well, we are all drawn to different needs, but a kitchen without a Kitchen Aid isn't a kitchen ... for me that is. I have very few appliances, but that is tops.

    Bon Jour ... feel better.

  5. I love the opening shot.
    Bear is such a hoot when he is in a shot! He looks so engrossed in that book!
    I have yet to taste a macaron!
    Hope that you are better and had a good therapy session

  6. Love the Repettos and chocolate bars, Carol!

    What computer do you use when you're in Paris?


  7. Do NOT even contemplate making macs without a Kitchenaid. You will regret it. I will regret it. Bear will especially regret it.
    Thnaks for the book info. I still have not made my macs!!!! What is my problem?

  8. Christine:
    I take my home Compac laptop with me to Paris.
    Absolute essential!

    For the BACK update:
    I have visiting homecare and nurse and physical therapist coming here.
    Little by little it is getting easier to walk.
    But I CAN paint no matter what which is wonderful! :)

    on verra bien.

  9. That's my friend Jill's book! She's great, and her macarons are awesome. Definitely an amazing source of macaron recipes; I think there are about 40 or so in it :) Glad bear enjoyed it all, too.

  10. I'm glad your back is getting better. I'm so amazed that you can do anything when you are flat on your back most of the time. Yet you faithfully post everyday, and such wonderful posts and pictures, too.

  11. I checked Amazon for the Macaron book and it's already out of stock!

  12. Thanks for the update. I hope you are feeling some bit better. Thank you too for the Mac referral...I LOVE it and have it on my must list..Have a restful day...dream of macarons.

  13. What a lovely surprise to see your post. So flattered to read that bear liked it, too. Merci!
    You know I've been making macarons for years with just a hand-held electric whisk. My husband gave me a Kitchen Aid last year but I've been so used to my hand held one, that I continue to use it and use the kitchen aid for brioche etc. So no fancy gadgets needed for macarons!
    Hope the back gets better.

  14. Wow! I don't think I could have all those chocolate bars in my home. They'd disppear too quickly and show up on my hips! Also, I don't think I could have your watercolours because I'd constantly crave macaroons

  15. Those are really a Adorable collections of shoes ...I feel very glad to visit ur site..She's Stunning and her macarons are amazing... Wanna Have that chocos right now..mouth watering post..

  16. Oh for crying out loud, that ICE CREAM CONE WITH A MACARON ON TOP!!!!!

  17. As an expert of macarons, do you know its history? I didn't, just checked ... and now I know.

  18. Liz at Waverley Books8:55 PM

    We love your blog!
    Thanks for the post on Mad About Macarons.
    We are the publisher – in Scotland – and thank you very much!
    Hope all is well with you,
    Kind regards

  19. Anonymous6:10 AM

    My husband and I used the basic macaron recipe in "Mad About Macarons" and managed to make some successful macarons on our first attempt . We didn't have a KitchenAid then , so my husband just whipped the egg whites in a stainless steel bowl ( no cream of tartar)-it took him a few minutes, though.

    I divided the batter into 3 then added vanilla bean , matcha and cocoa. Only the vanilla bean was consistently successful.The matcha had little feet while the most of the cocoa had none (I must have put too much cocoa/ stuffed too many shells in one tray).

    So, you CAN make macarons without a KitchenAid - the French/Italians have been doing it since the Renaissance , right?


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