Saturday, February 19, 2011

Rose Petal Tea

Comptoir Richard Rose Tea, watercolor  9"x11"
Friday we were wiggling our toes in the hot pool so we forgot to post.
But never mind BEAR has been busy busy busy. Busy making setups for me to paint. Bleu willow Rose Tea, watercolor, 9" x 11"
~ Marie wanted to know where the rose bud tea came from.

I see the rose tea and it looks like a bunch of tiny rosebuds bunched together. Is it one of those flower teas or is it actually roses that open to make the tea?
It's from Fauchon in Paris and I have an old jar of withered buds still.
Comptoir Richard has rose bud tea too.
Pink Peony, 9" x 11"
Red Rose macaron, 9" x 11"
We plan to do more 'rose' shopping whilst in Paris next month.BONJOUR ROSE PETAL TEA!



A Brush with Color said...

Love the paintings, Carol--you are on a roll. The pretty ribbons dancing around in-between packages of goodies are entrancing. Lovely! Hope you are feeling better!!!

jeanette, mistress of longears said...

Whew! I was worried about a relapse! The rosebud tea: I plan to make some from the Longears roses!!! Hope it tastes good.
The setups and paintings astound! Perhaps I should train Ozzie to do setups for me (to improve my paintings!) HAA!!!

Frances said...

Carol, I do admire Bear's talents...remarkable.

As I was looking at these still lifes, the word "elan" came to mind, as I marveled at your marvelous way with a brush and watercolors.


Parisbreakfasts said...

Oh Golly Frances!
You do me proud :O
'elan' is such a Frenchie term of endearment...not sure anyone one ever said that before..?
You are LOADED with 'elan' btw

The Scrappy Apple said...

I absolutely adore your work. I am a subscriber to your posts ...

and when I bring up a post it always brightens my day.

Just wanted to let you know!

Ann said...

I'm looking forward to your trip to Paris since I can't go right now. I just know you'll share street and window scenes, beautiful pastries, and more to make me feel as if I'm there. Thanks in advance.

P.S. So glad you're doing better!

Cris, Artist in Oregon said...

Lovely paintings.. Seems like your being down with back problems has enhanced your painting ability. All your paintings are stunning lately.

Deborah said...

Love the roses....
I have been to that shop..Au Nom de la and fabulous!

Merisi said...

I don't know what this recent spill with bad luck did to you, but for us it seems as if it unleashed a plethora of incredibly beautiful paintings and images. And publishing on Saturday was one of the nicest surprises in my mailbox ever!

Giulia said...

Pretty, pretty. A welcome sight on a floofy Saturday afternoon. Bonjour, Bear. xo

Cat said...

Your blog is so delicious! I loved it! :)


Lin said...


Emma-Jane said...

I don't comment enough here, but I love this blog and your watercolours so much, Carol!

I'm off to Paris on Monday for the first time in 2 years and plan to visit Hermé with husband and daughter, who's 4 years old and already an avid consumer of macarons, to buy vast quantities of the little beauties ... Will also venture into Sennelier for the first time (no idea why I was always too intimidated to do so) ... and on that subject, there was an entry in which you mentioned that Sennelier was featured in a book about Paris shops. I can't see a search button on the blog to try and get back to that entry ... I don't suppose you have any recollection at all of what that book was?

Kind regards, E-J

Foodwalker said...

It will be the time of tulips, not roses when you are in Paris. Roses come in the summer.
I'm sure your back loved that hot bath. Go again.



Parisbreakfasts said...

There is a search window in the upper left corner at the very top.
The post on Sennelier is here.
The book is from a series on Paris shops...
Have a grand trip!


Sweet Freak said...

Such a pretty post, my friend... makes me excited for the spring season ahead!

~Suzanne~ said...

Bonjour PB~
I agree with everyone else...your Muse kept you company while you were down!
I have a photo of the roses on the chair I must have passed this beautiful little shop.
I whine because my "art space" is so cramped~then I see your space...I am such a "whiner".
Thanks for all you do!

Bren said...

oh your painting is so lovely! and yes, hello, roses and berries! :)