Friday, February 04, 2011

Parisian Gift-With-Purchase

When you're lying on the floor for a week.

(Because your mattress is on the floor and you've got sciatica)

Your perspective changes.

You notice you're surrounded by 'Paris Trash'!

You get a tremendous urge to do something about it.

A massive clean sweep seems very appealing.

But then it occurs that perhaps others would enjoy...

These French ribbons, biz cards, napkins, shopping bags, Gerard Mulot postcards and Gawd knows what else.

Lurking within boxes and files of saved Parisien bits and pieces.

So henceforth, any PBers buying a watercolor at Etsy or from me directly, will receive a surprise Gift-with-Purchase of some of the above. I can't guarantee exactly what you'll get and supplies are limited, but I promise it will be pretty and fun.

If like me, you can't bare being engulfed by Parisien Souvenirs, you can always enjoy them vicariously in a book - Shop Image Graphics in Paris. I wrote about it here.


Photo courtesy of Jeanne Long


  1. fingers and toes crossed :)

  2. Anonymous8:42 AM

    I have to comment because I found the same light green Laduree bag as I was cleaning up last weekend. Could..not..throw..out!

  3. What a fun idea to include an "artifact" from our favorite city!

    Best wishes at the doctor's office.

  4. Dear carol, hope you will be feeling better soon.
    I think this pain has a lot to do with the cold weather because my neck is horrible!! So much pain in the last 4 days!
    I never did aquatic exercise, but I did a lot of Yoga on the first year after my surgery. After a year I got tired of the schedule, always at dinner time, then I switched to Zumba dance in the morning. Which I LOVE!!!
    I always feel good after one hour of class, like yesterday. But today I am crippled again! My kids are home, one is very sick the other doesn't have school. So, I guess I am not going to the gym today....
    Wish you well!

  5. It sounds like you are getting better with wanting to clean and all, clever idea, fun surprises, the real treasure though is your art work,

    have a toasty warm week end,


  6. I too have piles of scraps from everywhere I go! Glad I'm not alone! Hope your back on your feet soon!

  7. How creative and beautiful! A charming way to make the most of a sour situation. I am inspired. Sending tons of healing vibes for a speedy recovery.

  8. excellent thing to do NJOY fay xx

  9. What a great idea! I didn't know you were on Etsy, will go and visit. I'll be sending good vibes out into the universe for your drs. visit. Hoping you get good news. XO Claudia

  10. .. be careful, I keep a big box of Paris trash around and it's very conforting when you want to take a quick "memory" trip back ... but then you might have TONS ... hope you feel better soon ...

  11. Geri, NJ9:48 AM

    Love the trashy still life pics. Good luck and mind those stray ice patches!

  12. Great idea, Carol! All my Parisian tidbits are still stuffed into a big envelope and crammed onto my bookshelf, waiting for me to "do something" with them. I probably won't ever do anything with them, but I like knowing they're there.

    I do display my Chanel bag on my armoire, though, along with the cashmere sweater I bought at Galeries Lafayette (the sweater I thought was 39 Euros but was actually 89 Euros...oh, that pesky language barrier...)

  13. A prophet in his own country!!! I often consider why Paris trash or foreign trash in general looks so ....UNtrashy! Then, one day, on a foreign blog, I found a book made form a Land-O-Lakes butter box!!! Seeing it with fresh eyes opened my eyes to the possibilities of DOMESTIC trash. Soon I will be ready to appear on reality tv...on one of those hoarders shows.
    May you be up off the floor can't be easy getting in and out of bed when it's on the floor!

  14. Your "trash" is more like treasure... :) I would have such a hard time tossing any of it too. Great idea for lagniappe with purchase. Kind of like getting a box of Cracker Jacks with a surprise inside. they still do that don't they?
    Hoep all goes well with Doc, Ms. Agog. xo

  15. LA Wendy2:14 PM

    yr PB posts make my day.
    I so enjoy reading them and looking at your beautiful photos and paintings.

    Thank you for bringing a touch of civilization to LA!

    All the best,


  16. Oh but Paris has the BEST trash!!!!!Maryanne;)

  17. Anonymous5:01 PM

    Oh Carol you poor dear. Hoping you are feeling better soon - yes "trash" so interesting, is there such a thing as Paris trash? I think my suitcase would be full of it. I know when i come home I quietly tuck things away - even receipts and find myself glimpsing at them every now and then . I am sure anyone would enjoy anything "extra" from you x

  18. Love how you always make lemonade out of lemons!

  19. BIG SMILE!!

    I never sold Lemonade on a street corner as kid Robinita, but I'm making up for it now :)

    I have a feeling I'll still be coming home with a suitcase loaded with bits n' pieces of Paris.
    THANKS PBers for all your kind support!!!

  20. Sounds like fun surprises for those buying a painting. a great incentive. :) I sure hope you got good news today on your back problem. Keep us posted.

  21. Fingers crossed here, too!
    Let us know ASAP & I hope that it's good news!
    (Your floor is much more interesting than most :)

  22. Look at it this way, Carol.
    The more Paris trash you get rid of, the less you have to keep handling, moving around, carrying, etc. THUS, the LIGHTER THE LOAD!
    Which means you'll be able to maneuver better, and thus get well FASTER!
    Now you gotta' admit, that is pretty darn logical, don't ya' think!?

  23. You are surrounded by such wonderful trash it makes me home-sick for Beautiful Paris. I truly hope things are soon on the improve for you Carol & that all went fine at your appointment. xx

  24. Wheelies6:33 AM

    Superb Paris post again!
    I love your images both painted and photos...
    Very atmospheric indeed.

  25. THANKS Dianne :)

    At least I now have some idea what's wrong = my disks are not in such great shape.
    I'll have an MRI next week and home physical therapy lined up

    Upwards and onwards...

    With emphasis on the UPwards!

  26. The same thing happened to me during my last long stay in Paris. One day, I just looked around my apartment and realized it was loaded with exactly the same boxes and bags you're showing! They're somehow too pretty to seem like trash, yet they are. Oh, Paris!

  27. Sure hope you're going to be feeling better soon.

    For a moment I thought that you had done away with the French word of the day and the sentence -- in addition to your interesting posts, I enjoy that little feature on your site.

  28. ahhh--lovely! I never got my alert that you'd posted yesterday, so I was just going to write a note to see if you were ok. Glad to see you seem to be alive and well and living in Parisian stuff! xoxo Bon weekend, Carol. Hope you're feeling ok!

  29. Love the trashy still life pics. Hope you get well soon.

  30. i followw!!!!! so amazing blog!!!

  31. Julie in NYC5:54 PM

    Carol - Merci encore for my new watercolor!
    Now I have to find the perfect frame!

    And thanks for the Laduree box! It's been too long since I've been there .


  32. My "Paris Dream" watercolor arrived today and I am simply delighted!!!

    It's beautiful!!
    And I love the artifacts from Paris as well!

    Merci Mille Fois!

  33. Ow Carol I love Paris lovely trash tooo... visit cards... satin laces.... and parfuns little tasters papers =) all is in my fridg!!! =) bisous from Disneylandparis =)

  34. jessica caffe10:57 PM

    Ow carol , I LOVE LOVELY PARIS TRASH TOOOO!! like visit cards, satin laces to pack for gift or to taste a parfun at sephora =) and of course paper bags ... When u come back??? sorry for the salon du chocolat, a lot of people ... can t find u =( now the weather is not very good!!! merry xmas darling !!! a lot of sucess!!!


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