Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Bonjour Cat Patterns!

THEY are wearing CAT!

Well OK 'wild' cat patterns
Really any animal pattern will do
But mostly catty patterns are preferred
Tell me the name of this famous high end stocking brand?
It begins with a 'W'. They have cat patterns galore.
Combine the trend for faux furs with cat patterns plus a shorty jacket and you're set.
These are all very neutral, but then Paris does go in for grey/gris in a big way. You'll find animal prints at all price points and for the kids too.
Here's what I can't figure out
With all the perfectly nice flat surfaces.
On these Paris pastries I find it deeply troubling
That the tres au courant and very fashionable Parisien pastry chefs
...Have not added a touch of cat patterns on top of these tartes. All that's required - a stencil + a sprinkling of cocoa powdre et voila! You have a tarte to match your scarf or leggings etc.
Me, I'm dressed in layers, none of them catty.
But ever prepared for Paris' changing weather 
Meanwhile BEAR is busy browsing Paris bears and anything stripey.       BONJOUR PARIS CHATS!


  1. Amazing post as everyday!
    For the "collants" brand that's Wolford.
    Have a very nice stay Carol!

  2. The leopard print is the print that just won't quit - c'est fou! Meow.

  3. Loved the post!! I adore cats and cat pattern!! These cakes and eclairs...so beautiful and yammy...and, I just descovered, I love leopards in coats!!xx

  4. Here in Us the leopard pattern is everywhere, too! Check Victoria's Secret catalog!
    It looks like you are having some good weather over there? We had a great weekend of sunshine, but now is all gray and cold again. Depressing...
    Have fun over there Carol! Don't forget to buy your cat leggings!...

  5. I assume that's Wolford. GG & I have to go back to bed now. Sniffles. But wanted to say thanks for cat-matters & miaow for the post...back later today or 'morrow.


  6. Gretchen9:44 AM

    Your website is sheer enjoyment and delight.
    It is indeed the next best thing to being in Paris.
    I love every photo and every drawing.

    Gretchen in South Africa

  7. The weather is quite 'spotty' SIMONY, as it usually goes in Paris -
    A bit of rain, a bit of sun, a bit of freezing cold...you know how it goes

  8. Mmm, how timley! I just pickep myself up a catty faux fur coat here in London ;)

  9. Justina10:27 AM

    there is something cookie cutterish about all these spots on everyone...though I wouldn't at all mind cocoa powder on my gateau.

  10. What I'm wondering is how French women stay so thin. Could it be that they don't eat any of those wonderful cakes and macarons and chocolats??
    PS Say hi to Bear for me!

  11. cat patterns!
    I am loving your Paris blogs!
    Are you still there?

  12. The stocking brand is Wolford. They make the best and most interesting ones. One pair has lasted me over a year!

  13. That is a great idea! The chefs should get with the fashion ;)

    I'm so glad to know the French fashion at the moment Carol...now I can pretend I'm being chic

  14. I like the "cat" look, but at the same time I'm surprised that it is so popular.
    I like the fabulous pastry shots, too! Always love those lemon thingys :)
    I hope that you and Bear are having a great time!

  15. Hi Carol,
    I'm back in Paris at the end of November. What's happening with the strikes and the terrorist warnings?
    Do you see any difference in the city?

  16. Do take care, Carol. We, your loyal readers, would not wish for you and bear to turn round the wrong corner.

    (I write this as someone who most days still enjoys working at age 65 years.)


  17. Hmm. Better a cat pattern up the whazoo than a whole cat!

  18. Michelle11:53 PM

    I believe I have seen a picture of a Fauchon eclair with a cat pattern. I'll have to research this.... I would not put this past them. Fauchon always has very fashionable eclairs.

  19. how fun!
    Now I need chocolate and a leopard print bag. :)

  20. Clearly, those bakers need your feline design ideas!

  21. Your posts are always so fun. I am a leopard fan all the way. Tell Mr. Bear that stripes are my second favorite!

    Thanks Carol, loved this post! xx

  22. Oh Carol, you're the Cat's Meow!

    But what, no Langues du Chat in a patisserie window?

  23. i'm normally not an animal print fan but your post has inspired me to get myself a leopard print scarf. will send you a picture when it arrives :)


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