Thursday, October 21, 2010

Paris Pastry Lecon

Angelina's glorious pastries.

A little pastry lesson/lecon today in comparative analysis... You will not be graded but the first two pictures are from Angelina. These are from a patisserie ordinaire.
Can you spot the difference?
Back to the finesse of Angelina.
Mille Feuille de Angelina...
Lovely domes and cones at patisserie Gerard Mulot.

More domes and tartelettes.

Gerard Mulot's fraisier.

You pick out what you want at Gerard Mulot and they give you a ticket (pronounced tick-ay)
Then head back to the caisse/cash register and get on line, same as in Italy.
 To pay and get your ticket stamped.
And head back to pick up your goodie. They have a corner seat by the window if you want to eat sur place/on sight.
Non-Gerard Mulot pastries are lacking in sheen, perfection
Wouldn't you say?
True they do cost a less, but is it worth it?
I say NON.Some of Dalloyau's glossy beauties.
 A hound hunts for crumbs at Galerie Lafayette-Dalloyau.
For those of you gluten-free: a Paris bouquet. It will last longer than Paris pastries.


  1. AH, thats why a sweet toothed monster like me cannot live in Paris! My budget will be thrown out on these edible gems.

  2. Bonjour Carol,
    Mille Feuille is my mom's favorite sweet, and as it happens, my mother-in-law's too. It must have something to do with their upbringing or the times. The worrying thing is that I have rather dropped chocolate sweets in favor of, well, mille feuille. Am I getting old? Am I getting chic-er? Am I being nostalgic?
    Always smitten by your posts.

  3. Oh for a perfect mille feuille once more!
    Is there anything more perfect?

  4. Anonymous4:31 AM

    thanks Carol!

    up & early with a post on Desserts & Pastries...

    one is trying to eat in moderation whilst living here!

    note to self - always eat before reading your blog!


  5. Anonymous4:32 AM

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  6. Anonymous4:33 AM

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  7. Anonymous8:09 AM

    OH le dernier milles feuilles que j'ai deguster avec champagne est au Nespresso au champs elysee, que de beau souvenirs. Merci

  8. Had to click through to your previous posts on Angelina and Gerard Mulot! Thanks for the lesson, I do see the difference. What craftsmanship in the pastries and the boxes.

  9. Oh my goodness look at all those goodies.
    Too early in the morning to seek them out, but the flowers reminded me I must buy a single rose for a certain lady-friend, today,to make
    her smile, as your posts always do for me, Carol.

  10. the roses add a special touch at the end of your post....they are gorgeous!

  11. the roses add a special touch at the end of your post....they are gorgeous!

  12. Its because of blog posts like this one I can't finish my lunch break without having a coffee and something lovely and sweet at the end.

  13. What can I say…
    I live in Israel and day dream of NYC.
    So happy I stumbled upon your dreamy blog. There is no doubt in my mind that from now on I'll be visiting it quit a lot ;)
    Sending a sunny smile from Israel,

  14. Those 'non-Gerard Mulot' pastries still look thousand times better than any pastry I have ever seen in Edmonton!

  15. Oh Mon Dieu! I was at Angelina's on October 10 and had an Africain and a Mont Blanc. I did try two macarons at the Salon du The Galfa in the Galeries Lafayette. A salted caramel. The better one was a Laduree at the airport. Rose petal. Very nice indeed.

  16. "For those of you gluten-free - a Paris bouquet.
    Surely it will last longer than any Paris pastries..."

    Awwwwww! Thank you Carol for thinking of those of us who can't eat the pastries. :) That was kind of you.

    I have to say from a purely artistic point-of-view, the pastries are pretty phenomenal-looking. They look too fancy to eat!

  17. Is it only in the US that "Mille Feuille" is called a Napoleon?

  18. Fantastique lecon! The side-by-side comparison is amazing! How sloppy the lesser bakeries are...makes me wonder how many things are tossed (quality control!) at places like Mulot. Have you ever tried hanging out in the alley with the dumpsters? Please give it a try and report back.
    I now realize it is futile to eat those brownies from Costco. Nothing less than perfection will do!

  19. My God, this one is an amazing feast for the eyes :)
    I'm so hungry now........

  20. Oh my Carol!!! That mille-Feuille is scrummy!!! every thing in sweet Paris is just as it has always been ~ delectable in every way

  21. OMG, Carol. It's TOO much! Look at all those gorgeous pastries! It's just as well I'm not there, I'd have NO willpower! They all look like luscious jewels! Edible, of course. ;)

  22. Michelle7:29 PM

    Okay, that does it! I have to return to Paris and SOON. I can't go any longer without a real Paris pastry. Good thing Air France is having a sale. Just to make us all even more desperate, please let us know what Pierre Herme is doing this season.

  23. They ARE too fancy to eat KARIN
    Why didn't I think of that when I was eating them?
    I will have it tatooed on my wrist for future reference.

    Paris was pretty calm as far as the Greve went. The Metro and buses running-no fires etc.

  24. You have said nothing about the strike in Paris; here, the papers are full of pictures of piled up garbage, and rioting workers. Looks to me like you are getting around just fine (with no mention of the Euro diet).
    You go American Girl!

  25. Zut alors, c'est magnifique. Maintenant - j'ai faim!

  26. absolutely appealing to me!

  27. OH NO! These cakes are just too much! Have to call it eye candy since I can´t be there to get some!
    Nice blog, I will definitely read some more!


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