Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Are The French Goofy?

Are the French Goofy?
What do you think?
You could say they have a long tradition of fantasie certainment.
Cat umbrellas wearing furry coats - definitely goofy.
What about this popsicle?
And the French obsession with penny candy?
This big stand has been at the Odeon Metro for years...
Goofy Halloween lingerie!
Who needs it?
Did you know in his spare time YSL drew naughty, goofy Lulu cartoon books?
What about Burberry Parfums offering a give-away teddy bear?
Would you find this in Bergdorf Goodmans?
Does your dog wish to see his/her face in his/her dog bowl?
You can always depend on Plastiques on 103, rue de Rennes to supply goofiness for the whole family.
Eiffel Tower salt shakers are rather practical.
I must remember to pick up one.
La Vaissellerie has a ready supply of goofy stuff.
Have you ever noticed how many otherwise serious and refined boulangeries have goofy figurines around the shop?
I forgot to show you yesterday the giant Superman floating over Printemps Cupcakes Gallery - I just don't get some of these French obsessions...
Goofing around with paper cutouts is HUGE in Paris - you'll see this stuff everywhere and I don't think it's for the tourists. French Girl has tons of goofy stuff in her apartment by the way-more to come... L.APPARTEMENT, a rather chic shop in the 7th arrondissement, is full of goofy tchotchkas.
Skull and bones muffin tins anyone?
What is this stuff anyway?
These are Parisiens leche-vitrine not tourists.
And these Parisiens are happily marching in to buy nutty, goofy tchotchkas. For even more Frenchie dottiness do stop in Colette on 213, St.-Honore 75001!
I guess people who live in glass houses shouldn't throw stones. Anyone who goes around with a bear in her purse has got to be seriously goofy.


  1. Love this post! As if I don't love them all ! - but this made me laugh out loud and all the dogs wondered why! Woof!

  2. Justine12:32 AM

    The French ARE seriously goofy!
    You hit the nail on the head on this one.
    Who else would make such an extreme fuss about cupcakes and macarons?

  3. Hahaaa! Good point, M'lle. Cute post. Goofy is good.

  4. well I like that kind of goofiness! BTW Borromini Bear is hanging out to meet PB Bear!

  5. The French lightness of being, perchance?

  6. You've touched on something that not many have written about, but that I have observed.

    When I first came to Paris I looked around at Easter for life-like chocolate Easter bunnies and hens. Nowhere to be found. Instead - cartoon characters in chocolate! "Ludique" say the French. On the other hand, April 1st brings life-like fish and shellfish in chocolate for "Poisson d'Avril," and Easter brings life-like chocolate bells.

    The French do love goofy. Let's face it, Jerry Lewis was much more appreciated here than in his own country!

  7. Pas de tout! Les français sont, typiquement, chics et dignes. Je n'ai jamais trouvé que les Français sont toqués...mais c'est intéressant que après j'ai lu ce post j'ai pensé si c'était encore la verité.

  8. yup, I think we can say they are certifiably "goofy"...I had no idea:) but by the looks of all that "Kitsch"...yup, they like goofy..........made me laugh ,,thanx

  9. Parisbreakfast5:06 AM

    Oh thank you GRACE for confirming my suspicious.
    One never knows if one is just imagining things...
    I always wondered about those ridiculous chocolate Easter animaux.
    And how right you are about the FRENCH Poisson d'Avril getting much more respect than the French Lapin!
    AND they are BOTH CHOCOLATE!
    Perhaps all this silliness originates with French pastry chefs and chocolatiers who have to be dotty to work around sugar and chocolate all day non?
    I see a potential illustrated tome on this subject with The Grand Prix Goncourt in attendence.

  10. I thought they were!!Loved this post!!xx

  11. I loved this post! Always liked them all, bu this was funny.
    I think when we are not part of the culture we can see those "interesting" objects screaming at us!
    I always thought Americans were goofy! I can not understand the kitsch side of American culture, like dressing up with Halloween and Christmas theme to go to work.
    Have you seen how the ladies here go crazy over that stuff? Pumpkins earrings, Christmas tree with blinking lights sweaters, Rudolph ties, etc...
    When you are an outsider you see it with enlargement lens, I guess!?

  12. Hey Carol,

    You have a great blog. It was a lovely experience to visit your blog!

  13. Oh but I love the goofy figurines, gotta get a fat pastry chef for my kitchen!

    If this goofiness is for all to see, imagine what goes on behind the scenes ;) It reminds me of quirky Amelie! Love it.

  14. I'd say drôle - Meaning whimsically humourous. They coined the term.

    Recently I saw a goofy street performer who made the adults sit in minscule chairs while he balanced a bike on his chin. Have you seen that goofy TV channel ZAP? They once had a reputation for liking goofy Jerry Lewis.They also love their goofy Bande dessinée. Comic books.

    I take that back, they are probably goofy.

  15. ha ha ha !!!very funny post!

  16. "Goofy" does not even begin to describe it, mon amie!!!

  17. I LOVE the scull and cross bones muffin tins! They are a little goofy aren't they?

  18. PB is SO clever!!
    just loved this post and it's going in the SAVE many fun places to find "next time"....I can't believe we didn't see any Eiffel Tower salt shakers!!! would have bought several.
    You just have the best time!
    Merci, merci, merci....

  19. Check the kitsch outside the kitchen at the lovely corner restaurant L'Ilot Vache on Ile St-Louis. Old stone walls, beautiful fresh flowers, lovely tableware and distinctive draperies - but on the window sills and covering other surfaces you find a collection of cow figurines, some riding Harleys. Great fun! Delicious, too.

  20. Love the ET salt shakers! I must have those for my ET collection. I have 2 different sets made of ceramic but do not have clear glass ones. Did you spot those at La Vaissellerie?

    Love your blog! Always look forward to it.

  21. I had to see if anyone mentioned Jerry Lewis, ultimate goofy!

  22. Great collection of shots - just further proof that you have a great eye!
    I do have to agree that you neglected Jerry Lewis, who the French think is a comic genius..........

  23. Of course Jerry Lewis is the first major Goof that comes to mind when you think Frenchie, but I wanted to show there were other areas of goofiness going on...

  24. M. in Paris10:03 PM

    Le nom du french goofy is :
    "le fou du roi",
    the fool of the king...

  25. Emilie in Minneapolis10:05 PM

    I love that paper(?) fold-out(?) skyline of Paris in the photo above
    the caption, "Goofing around with paper cutouts is *HUGE* in Paris -
    you'll see this stuff everywhere and I* don't* think it's for the tourists.
    French Girl has tons of goofy stuff *in her apartment

    Emilie in Minneapolis

  26. It hit me when you showed that the French display Superman above their USA cupcakes: You must start another blog, this one posted for the French to educate them about the USA!
    You owe it to Bear to get him that fancy-pants Burberry bear companion!

  27. Cheryl9:06 AM

    Bear must travel to France. He is developing into a cultured and refined bear, so that you have much to discuss after your exciting travels. And he looks so cute sitting about in the outdoor cafes. (Uh-oh, maybe I am OFG goofy, myself, Mon Dieu!)

  28. are seriously. goofy...thank goodness...I so appreciate and am a member of the seriously goofy club myself. You are immersed in a world of wonderful art, chic fashion, and tour Paris with great taste...but to have your flavor of fun (goofiness) intact in the midst of all the fabulous sophistication....what a gem you are, and it makes this blog better...bear and all. Thanks Carol!

  29. Oh my God, it annoys me to no end that I live at the moment in Edmonton, Canada, the most boring city I can think of. Even the umbrellas here are boring - just black. I want one of those furry kitty ones!!

  30. Joan M.11:57 PM

    Do you know the blog Paris Versus New York?
    It's a priceless and witty visual comparison of the two cities!

    Joan M.

  31. I call it whimsical. The adult version of goofiness. It allows us to stay young at heart and not take ourselves too seriously.

  32. Anonymous2:33 PM

    This is late, but Jean Dujardin and Jerry Lewis would say OUI! -- Elizabeth


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