Monday, October 18, 2010

Bonjour Paris !

BONJOUR PBers! We made it (BEAR and I) and this was the first poster we saw in the Metro.
I really wanted to go to this but.... French Girl went off and left us to our own devices... She left the internet code (25 numbers and letters!) in Euro scrawl - nearly impossible to deceifer without consulting the UN.
Enfin we figured it out!
Evidently there are TWO ways of writing a 1 in France and they look a lot like an upside down M (if two 1s are together as they are twice in FG's code :( or an L or I or a 1.
%$#@! There has been an unexpected bout of Jetlag...
But now we're back on track - up today at 4ish am :)
I wanted to do different things this trip so I've been going to museums that aren't really supermarches!
REAL museums.
Old habits die hard.
My first lunch was at Fauchon - same old, same old...
The first 2 days in Paris I've been test-tasting eclairs chocolat - more to come on the results...
I will never give up...
Gazing at Paris pastries. Jamais!
Nor Eiffel...
Nor towers of macarons!
More flowers as you requested...
Paris, as usual is bow crazy...
What THEY are wearing is a touch of the cat - anything animal.
I'm keeping an eye out for Paris Mommies and OFGs and everything that comes along.


  1. Bonjours PR! After tonight's news (increased terrorist watch in France!) I feel very grateful that you did not decide enfin to head straight for the Eiffel tower but instead you have stuck to your eclairs and same-old Fauchon (rhymes with yawn?) and pastry cases. Just think, with all the shots you take, your camera could capture an unsavory terrorist, causing you to become the object of a frantic attempt at termination. But wait! Our stalwart PB is not the fool! She will single-handedly trip up the plot by luring the terrorist to the pastry window, innocently challenging said terrorist to choose the best maker of les macs. Poor, unsuspecting terrorist then spends hours and hours attending mac baking lessons and tasting the wares at every single patisserie, while PB alerts les gendarms....I have to stop posting in the middle of the night. Dratted insomnia. Be safe!

  2. Great to know that you are (were?) full of energy and are scouring Paris for great photos.
    I love that Metro poster of the pets!
    Great pic of you napping to get rid of the jet lag :)
    Good to see Bear again, too.
    Have fun!

  3. Guten Morgen from Vienna!
    So good to hear that you are out and about in Paris again, the first impressions are as interesting and uplifting as always.
    May you have a safe stay and enjoy yourself while hunting for treasures,

  4. Bienvenue!

    Hope you didn't get caught up in the manif on Saturday and you haven't got anything transport wise planned for tomorrow. France est en greve!

  5. You always make me laugh... I love all your photos, doodles, and comments about the Parisian life...

  6. You made it!! I though Bear might get caught up in the strike marches ~ but no! there he is oh! so together ~ ready to hit the streets.
    I'm impressed.

  7. I love your blog and Paris...
    My english is not perfect, sorry.
    Je suis abonnée a votre newsletter, mais je ne laisse pas de commentaire à cause du fait que je ne sais pas si vous parlez français.
    Je vis dans le sud de la France.
    Belle journée. Bye.

  8. Bonjour!!!
    Your photos makes me want to be in Paris just now!! Beautiful!! xx

  9. Such fun to see your adventures in Paris!

  10. AM

    Votre blog est très sympa et il me fait rire !
    L'image que vous donnez de la France parisienne est très vraie !Je suis une lectrice fidèle !

  11. Glad you made it Carol.....happy snapping and I hope it is not too freezing cold for all your promenades...xv

  12. Lucky you. Glad to hear your safely in Paris! The city filled with eclairs and flowers looks as beautiful as ever. I hope you have the best time ever, and I shall be stalking this blog spot to see more photos your way :D

  13. Glad to hear you're there and out and about, Carol. Enjoy! I'm excited that you're heading to museums, etc, too. Good for you. out of the box: my motto. Eat some macarons for me.

  14. patricia1:08 PM

    So relieved to hear that you are safely in Paris. I was there in Sept. and conducted my eclair a day diet plan. Didn't gain an ounce. Must be all that walking I did. I tried to determine the best eclair, but they were all outstanding. (Perhaps, Lauduree is the best.) Mariage Freres is wonderful of course, but check out Dammann Freres at Place des Vosges.
    have a wonderful visit!

  15. Instead of a Terrorist Alert
    wouldn't it be nicer for the
    government to have put out a "PB Alert!"?
    They would know from the get-go where to find you; in all those wonderful eateries and shops, and when the security folks saw the only "threat" was your voracious appetite for things cultural and edible, and the passing on of such information to your fan/friends around the globe...well...then I guess you'd be classed as an "International Terrorist..."
    of sorts.

  16. Salut!
    I tried to send you some of my favorite places to check out from a trip I took in May, but the message got returned. It's probably too late to consider these places this time - but maybe on your next trip.

    I organized a painting trip for 9 of my artist friends to France. After one week in rural France (near Gueret)we spent a week in Paris.

    We stayed in Vincennes - just east of the peripherique in "Hotel du Donjon" just a block away from the Chateau de Vincennes. In the immediate area around the Chateau are some marvelous places - Restaurant - "Tables des Trois", marvelous fleurist - "Chateau Fleurs" on Avenue Charles de Gaulle in front of the chateau. Also right in front of the chateau is a delightful toy store called "Bonhomme de Bois."

    As always, I enjoy your daily posts- my daily "Paris Fix!"

  17. Carol, the vibrant reds of that last pic just seriously brightened my day -- you are simply the atmosphere queen, as always!

  18. Anonymous5:34 PM

    how I love Fauchon! I can never tire from a visit!


  19. Carol, how wonderful to see you reporting from the actual Parisien scene.

    I do hope that the on-going strike actions will not be taken up by the bakers! Quelle horreure!

  20. Egad- the news is even worse tonight - strikes! students setting tires afire in "a Paris suburb" and half of all flights being cancelled! Hope all goes well for you!

  21. Ah those pastries, my favorite!


  22. Some unusual museums in Paris that I recommend.
    I love the Museum of the Hunt.
    It is a little weird, but wonderfully so. They have asked some contemporary artists to interact with the collection of hunt related items in this beautifully restored Hotel de Ville.
    Musée de la Chasse et de la Nature
    60 Rue des Archives
    75003 Paris, France
    01 53 01 92 40
    Subway: Rambuteau
    It is across the way from the Museum of the History of the Jews in Paris. It is a wonderful museum and has some of the best jewelry I have ever seen.

    Of course, the Musee Carnavalet in the Marais is full of wonderful treasures.
    23, rue de Sévigneé, 3rd Arrondissement.
    Tel. 42 72 41 13 (Fax: 42 72 01 61).
    Métro stop: Saint-Paul, Chemin Vert.
    Open to the public:
    10h - 17h40; Closed Mondays and public holidays. School groups and people over 60 free.

    I finally went to Delacroix's studio in St. Germain des Pres. It was an interesting experience. Worth the visit.

    Don't miss the bookstore at the Guimet!

    Have you ever been to the rooftop cafe on top of the Printemps Department Store? The cafe, Deli-Cieux, is so so, but the view is tres magnifique. There are two buildings for Printemps. It is on top of the older building. Friends took me there and many Parisians do not know about it.

  23. Cheryl1:17 AM

    You are doing a fantastic job with photos for all of us at home. Don't forget a few photos also of the chic OFGs. We want to look our "french-best". Enjoy your stay in France.

  24. Hi Carol,
    I was in Paris in Sept and will back there this Sunday. My work is taking me there...I am so happy!! I have 'French' Laurie (my french girl) that I stay with...Life is good.
    Have a wonderful time!!

  25. Yaya Girl1:43 PM

    Fabulous Colette photos!
    This certainly works for OFG. Merci.

  26. C'est un joli blog publié par vous. J'ai été la recherche de ce type de blog qui ont un contenu frais et intéressant.


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