Thursday, October 14, 2010

Paris Goes Green

Paris IS very into the whole green trend...
Today's post was really going to be about how hairy Paris men are...
OK this is a grassy guy...
Gateaux vertes - only Pierre Herme can get away with this!
I was thinking of doing a post on all the 'Bio' stuff I saw in Paris...
No, it was NOT going to be another post on macarons!
It does seem improbable that quite formal Mariage Freres would have Kelly green tea tins non?
Somehow I don't think my air hostess on AirFrance will look like this today...
Somehow I don't think London will look so GREEN this visit...
It is true BEAR prefers to sit at green tables...
And I'll be sitting at tables eating my GREENS as often as possible. Sometimes I think I eat more 'greens' in Paris than I do at home :(
I know. I should be packing instead of posting, but I'll do it LATER just before I leave the house like you suggested :)

See you in a bit...



  1. Justine7:41 AM

    Bon Voyage
    And don't spend too much green over there...
    Except on pastries, green or otherwise...

  2. Have a great trip, Carol! Safe travels, and see lots of good things for us all. xo

  3. Your green Paris is as delicious as ever....Hope you are having fun Carol...xv

  4. French men are hairy? Not from my experience.

  5. If only, VICKI, I could 'click' my heels together like Dorothy of Oz and arrive toute a suite in Paris without all the travel shennanigans...

    ALAN, I was referring to the hair on their heads.
    Nothing else.
    French men have A LOT of hair on their heads...

  6. Green with envy!!!!
    Wish I were in Paris!!!!!!!

  7. Sadly I don't buy the green/bio hype. Mais, un gateau vert by Pierre Hermé? Ouuui! S'il te plait!

  8. Have a safe and fun trip. I look forward to the visit with you. Is Bear going too this trip?

  9. Honestly I had to google "bio yogurt" having no idea what that would be and it sounds positively unappetizing!!! Turns out to be a perfectly fine thing to eat but really they need a better name for that.

    I'm pleasantly surprised to find out that Paris is into the whole green thing. Not the first city I would have thought of on that score, so good to know.


  10. Anonymous2:05 PM

    I see travels are in order for you as well - you certainly get about.
    Where are you in the next few days? on Saturday I am in Paris! Until Thursday next week. I remembered you saying that you were going to London - it was beautifully green when we went.
    Safe travelsx

  11. Safe journey, Carol!

  12. Have a great trip, we're all awaiting your new discoveries!
    Have fun!

  13. Safe travles! And a smooth flight - to keep you from going green.

  14. Bear definitely likes taking his coffee at ~la table verte~ I can tell from the pic he is comfortable in his own skin, absolutement!!
    Does Bear get travel sick ?? I hope not.
    Travel safe!

  15. Bon voyage, Carol.

    Have a fabulous time in Paris, and of course, tell us all about it!

  16. That last plate of greens looked fabulous! Have a wonderful time; use you camera like crazy and bring home lots of stories for us and gifts for youself :)

  17. Kelly green tea tins at Mariage Frères?
    Must have! :-)

    Giggles over the yogurts: They are not French, the Andechser brand comes from Bavaria, Germany (there are plenty of French bio yogurts, I know!).

    Organic is all over the place in Viennese supermarkets. i rather it yogurt made from milk produced by a "Happy Cow" that is out and about on Alpine meadows instead of being chained down and fed hormines day in and day out! Kudos to the French for being Green! (Even though it is not always easy, as Kermit the Frog knew so well!)

  18. i forgot to take my "Spelling Vitamins" - sorry!

  19. Anonymous8:06 AM

    Bon voyage. I hope you go to the exibitions at the Grand Palais, Monet is there with all is glory. The tableaux comes from different museums in the world, I wish I was there.Je pense a vous.

  20. Whaaaat!
    Am I the only one feeling green with envy that you are once again off to Paris, and I'm not?
    As you often say, Carol;

  21. Anonymous3:34 PM

    That Pierre Hermé dessert is TO DIE FOR!! It tastes as good as it looks!

    Did you purposely not include Ladurée's (slightly) mint green packaging?

  22. Anonymous6:35 AM

    Hope you've taken GOOD shoes, either green or not, because of the many strikes now on !!!!

  23. Anonymous8:35 AM

    Hope you haven't had travel problems.Just back from Paris. Lots of strikes and go slows on trains etc due to union actions over proposed change of retirement age from 60.

  24. Bonjour Marie-Noëlle
    Enfin I got the internet code correct here...26 numbers and FRENCH Letters!!
    So far only the customs at CDG was a couchmar=1 hr+
    But it is not over yet...
    I need all the walking I can get as far as that goes :)
    Merci beaucoup MN!!

    So thoughtful
    Bear refrains from eating period to keep his 'boyish' figure so no nausea on the plane
    I ordered a 'Vegan' meal to be different, which was inedible so ate nothing as well - Yuck
    At least we finally figured out the code and have internet!!!
    Fr Girl's Euro handwriting leaves something to be desired..


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