Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Je Cours

I LOVE to run in Paris.
Je cours/run...

And I love to shoot Parisians running.

They keep me on my toes.

Who sits in a cafe drawing everyday
Says I should get on a Velib to see Paris
Aside from sheer terror of crazy Parisien drivers, I would miss out on a LOT.

French Girl gave me this fun bag by artist Soledad Bravi. Hint...hint...she thinks I should slow down?

I would if I had a Paris dog trailing behind me...

Maybe that's why I relate to Paris Mommies - they're always running. You have to run to keep up with Parisiens.
Certainement pas in these chaussures raffinee!
 You could run in these red shoes.

No way am I a jogger!
Though I 'jog' in the pool.

Besides I have to stop for Paris chats.

Stopping to shoot someone else's coffee is OK.

 I prefer to keep things spinning.

I gotta run!


  1. .. the French don't jog ... how do they stay so trim? .... I loved the book Paris to the Moon, when the author wrote about moving there and trying to join a gym.

    The French have creams for staying "firm" ... only starting now to get the idea of a gym. Gyms are for "Americans" ... bon chance tomorrow .. safe trip

  2. .. amend ... Gyms are for those "Crazy Americans" ... who drive everywhere and waste time at the gym ...

  3. Oh this is just so charming!!!! You always make me fall in love with Paris again! Great photos, carolg, and DELIGHTFUL *commentaire*!!!

  4. I might cours, too, if I looked anything like those French babes you caught on camera! Actually, I DO cours: after les lapins!

  5. Just came back from my usual 2 1/2 mile jog, checked out your post...and saw RED.
    Nice nice nice, especially amidst all the neutrals throughout.
    Reminds me of that film from so many years ago, starring Donald Sutherland and Julie Christy, chasing what they thought was their deceased little girl throughout her little red raincoat
    Lots of running in that scary film.
    On a more positive note; do have a fun and safe trip, Carol.
    Bags packed yet?

  6. I thought Parisiens liked to trot? Its that confident fast walk that can't really be duplicated. I've never seen anyone jog in the Tuileries! Although that would be pretty nice.

  7. Anonymous12:16 PM

    very funny ! makes me long for Paris...need to go back (and NYC too!)

  8. Anna-Maria A.1:24 PM

    The Luxembourg jardins..
    You will be run down by devient French joggers.
    Stay off of the gravel paths.
    Forewarned is forarmed etc.

  9. Anna-Maria A.1:26 PM

    I meant DEVIANT!!
    I have been mowed down by them :(

  10. Justine1:29 PM

    I love when you do these visual themed poems..

  11. Your photos and your words always push my day in the right direction!

  12. and now you are "running " off to paris....enjoy your time there.....

  13. You got it! The true parisian life...

  14. I like your idea of running Carol.....photographing others.....brilliant, the only way to run....xv

  15. Great shots,& please say hello to Rick when you get to the Select (but don't take his advice about the bikes! - you're taking fabulous shots on foot!).
    Good luck with the last minute things and have fun!

  16. Bonjour Carol~ you can run faster in red shoes! believe me i've done the test and the results are in!!!
    so don't forget to pack your flattest of flat chaussures rouge.


  17. Funny, I am wearing my Red Ballet flats right now, after running very slowly out to the park with Pup then going straight back to bed.
    The fresh air is gonna kill me !
    I don't run. But I walk miles a day so I am fit, just not running. ... although... if you told me I could live in Paris if I ran, I would :)
    un beso

  18. Have a great trip, Carol! I have shoes just like those red ones, only mine are not red--they're sort of a camel/rust color suede. I love 'em! (but I don't run in them, I confess.) Have fun!!!

  19. Cute post Carol! I love the red shoes, and the "cats" "macs" rhyme :)

  20. Once more amazed by the number of photos (and nice comments) you always have in reserve! First time I saw "macs" used for macarons. Certainly a better understanding of "mac" than the MacDonalds! :-)

    Walking and "running" is a great pleasure, right now accentuated by some transport strikes! :-)

  21. BILL of Postcards from Philly4:58 AM

    A quote from Mark Twain:
    "Holding a cat up by its' tail is the only way to experience what happens when you hold a cat up by the tail."


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