Tuesday, October 12, 2010

What to wear in Paris?

So what are THEY wearing in Paris - those French Girls? This is what star blogger, Marie of MarieLuvPink is wearing. It all comes from Tati.com - pas cher! And how do I know this?
Because I keep up with another Paris blogger, Anne Corrons of Mes VitrinesNYC. She daily uploads window shots of the best Parisien fashions. You get a birds-eye view of all the latest Paris trends. Galeries Lafayette's vitrine last week were full of popular French bloggers and their favorite looks for Fall... Balibulle.com in another star blogger... I went crazy when I went to Mon Blog de Fille by blogger Helene!Photo by Helene
The BEST red lipstick by Chantal Thomass/Nivea-pas cher

FAB instructions
how to apply this maquillage parfaitment.
PBer Paris ex-pat,Rhoderic Land sent this shot of King Kong outside Printemps plus his own catchy song on Le Monstre.More Paris fashion from Le journal des Vitrines by Stephanie Moisan, more Printemps... Another of Le Journal's 'I Love New York' vitrines... Pierre Herme can be depended upon NOT to show bagels and cupcakes in his Fall collections!
Mango, litchi, coconut are his flavors du jour.
If you want these Paris fashions,you'll HAVE to go to Paris. There's no guarentee you'll find any left. Pierre Herme's Fall collection is on till 7 novembre.
All Photos are c/o MesvitrinesNYC, Le Journal des Vitrines, Marie Luv Pink, Mon Blog de Fille and Balibulle.
(except my doodle c/o Marie Luv
Pink photo)


  1. Michelle10:35 AM

    Please do tell us what YOU see French Girls wearing when you arrive. This summer it was stripes and pink, can't wait to hear about fall!

  2. Justine10:37 AM

    Yes please!
    Doodles, photos, even scraps of fabric torn from passersby in the street...
    ANYTHING is most welcome!
    Desperately seeking Paris info

  3. Super want the boots...

  4. Anonymous12:25 PM

    Your blog is a visual delight. More watercolours, please!

    Many thanks for befriending the ape,
    -Rhoderic Land.

  5. I'd love to know what kind of cool eye glasses Parisian women are wearing. I love Alain Mickli eyeware.

  6. way fun but i'm especially loving your new photo stillifes. whatever next mamzelle?

  7. - what a totally charming tutorial on the application of make-up ... I just couldn't stop smiling ... played it twice and will take another go at it ... great post even tho you may be rushing to fly away ...

  8. I love your collection of blogs - great fashion education :)
    I thought over-the-knee boots were in? Not anymore?
    Ah, women.........

  9. Terrific, Carol. I have to say that I do not see as much a difference as I used to (20 years ago) between there & here. Well, if one wants to wear certain things & so on. Immediacy of images/merchandise/ideas/etc.

    Good of you to tell people about maquillage other than Chanel. Nothing against them but hey, I used to go to Prisunic & buy Bourjois. Now, this is sold as 'premium' in the US. Makes me laugh every time I see it. (Also nothing against it--I used it faithfully. But no. Can't get over things like that.)

    xo have a great trip...hope that Bear has many adventures & that you both stay out of trouble:)

  10. So true Karen & Susan..
    If you know what you're doing you don't need YSL, Chanel or Guerlain $$$ makeup to look terrific!
    Her video inspired today's post :)

  11. That Bourjois 'upgrading' business makes me laugh as well! As does Maybelline over here. Don't get me wrong, I used their mascara for years. (Now it's Sephora house brand mascara.)

    Have you ever visited http://www.deedeeparis.com/blog/
    ? She also edits Cosmopolitain.fr, and is funny and slangy and of the moment. With a focus on things sartorial, bien sur.

  12. That video! If only I could keep up with her French! Riveting! And wow, does she use a lot of base! Not for her the little sponge or brush that soaks up most of the base! And all as you say "pas chere"....when I was younger "pas chere" everything worked quite well. However, now that I have attained a "certain age", tres chere is usually required to do the trick. Sigh.

  13. This is fun, colorful, funky, kinky, lush, and always informative,
    and you stay ON POINT

  14. J'adore your posts about Paris street fashion

  15. Help, I have too many bookmarks titled "Carol's Breakfast Must Sees!Do!"!!! (I have been told they can only be deleted by going straight to Paris. *help*

    Seriously, Carol,
    I can't wait what you are going to show us of your Paris in Autumn Grand Tour!

  16. Oh, Tati - now there's a name from my past!

    Thanks for the memories...


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