Saturday, October 23, 2010

Borough Market London

I hope you're REALLY hungry today. We're going to Borough Market today! I love this location sign. Have you ever seen such big wheels of cheese?
London leafy greens are at Borough Market in depth.
And plenty of reds.

Every stall offers tastes too...
Though not the vegetable stands.

The signs get you salivating.

Plus the aromas + visual treats = unbeatable!
So many savory goodies.

The entire planet is represented here in national cuisines.
Of course the very British old favorites like pork pies.

Choosing is the hardest part.

I love these giant vats of steaming delicious foods...
And there are tastes before you buy.
Most plates of food cost about a fiver.

Cassoulet with cider offered nearby.
Even the signs are delicious at Borough Market.

Simply scrumptcious melty cheese reclette.
Unmelted cheese tastes aplenty.

Gorgeous still lifes just waiting to be painted everywhere.
Someone was sitting on the ground sketching.

I went around 11 o'clock just as things were starting to hum. London Bridge Tube station is the best stop to get out at in my opinion.
Not everyone was eating fish & chips, though it surely seemed that way.
There's a nice church nearby where people eat their goodies.

What did I have? I had a scallop shell full of crayfish and a falafel wrap with humus. I showed a little restraint for once.
I was saving myself for Ottolenghi's passion fruit meringue tart. Fortunately I never made it . Well not yesterday anyway.

You can buy lovely hand-painted plates to eat off if you prefer.

And of course there were a gazillion sweets on offer. These are from l'Artisan du Chocolat :)


  1. So much food! It all looks so good, too - especially those vats!
    I'd love to try those......

  2. Oh yes, you just made me very hungry! That first shot especially of the bread and cheese and croissant...

    After that, though, I love how British the market is: the pork pies and sausages and ethnic foods. Hearty, smelly fare. Miam!

    (I do hope you treated yourself to some l'Artisan chocolates??)

  3. Hallo Carol! So you are in London!.. Probably i'll go to Borough Market as well today!
    Maybe we could meet there!!!
    If you want i could send you my mobile phone by mail.. just let me know!
    A kiss

  4. Fun! I posted about Borough Market yesterday on my blog !
    It's nice to see your photos, I don't dare to take pictures so near of things.

  5. Anonymous6:12 AM

    so have Good times in London
    Best regards

  6. Thanks for taking us along. It is so interesting how markets can have such a different flair in different countries.

  7. Looks like such a good day out! Like the rest of the bloggers - its so exciting to see foreign food markets.

  8. How magic!
    We have got a bit carried away about our health and safety here and everything has to be covered, which rather tends to dull the aromas and the views!
    I am so jealous!!!!!!!

  9. OMG! I wouldn't have thought you could possibly beat Paris to make me ravenous --- But this time London did it! I could almost taste the deliciousness in those vats. Ah, Carol, you are not just a treasure hunter, you are a treasure finder.
    In fact, you are a treasure!

  10. I am starving!!! Really starving!!
    Wonderful post!!xx

  11. ... looks great, total yum ... thanks for taking us along.

  12. I love your blog. Your photos and captions are so wonderful. Enjoy your time in London. Makes me want to travel to Paris soon!

  13. Michelle9:07 AM

    What a treat this Saturday morning. Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! I can't wait to go!!!

  14. What a feast you've treated us to! The enthusiasm of the market's sellers and visitors just jumps off my laptop's screen.

    Best wishes.

  15. What a wonderful place to go. I loved seeing all the variety of foods. I would go nuts trying to figure out what to buy & eat. :)

  16. I love your blog. Great pictures too, yum!

  17. Apple Day?!! I bet that's fabulous. I was just thinking this morning that it's getting chilly, and that means apple crisp weather, all toasty and warm topping, made with oats and brown sugar, with homemade ice cream on top. Looks like great fun, Carol--I love markets like this--looks like our farmers' market, which I miss when I'm on the road.

  18. Andres in Budapest10:49 AM

    Hi Carole,
    i'm in budapest trying deliciously hearty goulashs and pork axles!
    The dog is a Berenese hound, original from Bern, switzerland. Related to the also swiss Saint Bernard!
    Love your posts, and i'll use them greatly as i'm in paris next weekend. (if i can skip the strikes...)

    Sent from the road.

  19. What a fabulous Market.
    I do love London!

  20. Carol, Yum! I would love to be able to shop aT a market like this!!

    I have a Fabulous Giveaway from Metis Linens you will love!

    Art by Karena

  21. Anonymous12:14 PM

    I walked these streets with my daughter when it was closed - very sad :( Looks amazing x

  22. My FAV market of ALLLLL !! LOVE!!!!

  23. Do they still have the sausage and rocket sandwiches? Those were my favorites. After seeing your pictures I guess I will add a few more goodies to the list of favs! Thanks for the walk about the market.

  24. Hi Carol .. Leesa and I loved it at the market.. We had a fabulous day there :-)

  25. Whoa! Did this ever look like FUN!

  26. I guess I won't be going to sleep yet after all. I have to go raid the refrigerator!

  27. how can i not have been here??? oh well one more reason to go back to london!

  28. OH, Carol...this food fest has sent me over the edge. I love watching Samantha Brown's travels on the Travel Channel and recently they aired the episode where she went to this market and had a toasted cheese sandwich (heaven). I must go now. Also I love that the sign about the sausages said "lashings" of gravy. Somehow makes gravy sound tasty to me and I normally keep away from the stuff. here's to Happy travels with more to share...

  29. I wanted to attack that melted cheese thing so badly JENNY, but I restrained my terrorist inclinations for once!

  30. everything looks so perfect to have a nic walk in the market and to do some shopping

  31. Anonymous5:21 PM

    Dear Carol:

    Thanks for 'compartir' your life in Paris. You are a very nice & very happy person (Surely). Excuseme my english.
    Un saludo afectuoso desde México.

    Be happy,

    Ma. Rascön -
    Pd. My son Alberto study in Paris.


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