Friday, December 17, 2010

Boulangerie Gosselin

Sometimes the best thing you can do in Paris is take the wrong bus and get off at the wrong stop.

I thought I'd give you something to chew on over the week-end.

While shopping madly and wrapping gifts even more madly... A little look at Boulangerie Gosselin...
There are 3 branches - one is at 258 Boulevard St Germain, 75007
 Another at 28, Rue Caumartin, 75009 and 125, rue St.-Honore 75001 (merci Sweet Freak) Watch their delicious video here.
Oh why didn't I go inside and taste a slice of tarte au pomme or fige?
This is actually a neighborhood patisserie/boulangerie...
One you might never have heard of it...But everything looks...
Quite superior, including this lovely ganache gateaux au chocolat.
BEAR is always smitten with old fashioned giant meringues - miam
We WILL have to go back another time won't we for a taste!
Bonne Week-End!


  1. What a good discovery! Bear is so cute. Though, I'm more with your choice of tarte au pomme rather than bear's meringue.

  2. There is another one on rue Saint-Honoré. We were neighbors in my old office. Sigh. It's a dreamy place.

  3. Thanks for the info on Trader Joe's I will get some and attempt some macarons someday. Glad Bear likes the meringues I do too!
    Have fun wrapping gifts.

    Merry Pinkmas!

  4. Just to clarify, what is a Boulangerie, what is a Patisserie, and what is the difference between both? Can you give examples of both from your travels, please? Thank you!

  5. Good point Sybil!
    I was surprised that Gosselin was called a boulangerie, but then they do sell bread.
    Pierre Herme and Laduree do NOT!
    So I would assume the is the difference but I'm just taking a guess and could be way off base.
    It would not be the 1st time...ahem

  6. You've got to love a city where even your mis-steps lead to glory!

  7. "superior"...perfect word for your pics. thx!

  8. Beautiful shots, Carol!
    My God, those pastries look fabulous!
    The first shot is a stunner...

  9. Anonymous8:21 PM

    The best way to come across this sort of surprise - purely by taking that wrong bus - if you were looking for it perhaps you wouldn't have found it. All I want for Christmas is the first cake!!!! YUM

  10. Those pastries and cakes are so beautiful that I catch my breath just a little. Someday, I've got to be there again and eat my way across Paris. Thanks for the visual feast.

  11. TANKS Nikon!
    No wonder I didn't dare set foot inside.
    Though I've never bought a whole cake EVER!
    I'm leaning towards the second one since it's basically a glossy fruit basket.
    Healthier perhaps?

  12. mmmmmmmmmm!!!!

  13. Truly fantastic!

    I wonder what is it about those giant meringues, Italians have them too. They must make quite a mess when eaten. ;-)

  14. Seeing Bear looking longingly at those foof displays made me wonder, Carol.
    He's been hanging out with you for quite a while now, going on trips, surely more than tasting those goodies you have access to.
    Sooo...has the cute little guy put on any POUNDS since the beginning of your relationship?

  15. Oh my; displays of Foof" are what I find in windows here in Philly.
    I should have said "Food," of course.

  16. eveything looks so incredibly delicious!

  17. Oh man, I want that red one right there at the top. !!!! Sheesh, Could skate on it's glossiness. And wouldn't that be fun? Nice neighborhood. I am now craving giant marshmallow for tony cafe. well, anything from there actually . looks great. :)

  18. great NYC some places you find when getting lost..can be a great thing! have a great holiday!!

  19. Anonymous6:39 AM

    Dangerously delicious...


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