Thursday, December 09, 2010

'Little Paris' in London

Piles of Frenchie croissants right in S. Ken SW3
'Little Paris' in London. Bute Street off the Brompton road. Full of cafes, charcuteries, boucheries, papeteries, French book stores. You'll hear lots of French spoken and see French kiddies with their au pairs, mainly because the Lycée Français Charles de Gaulle is nearby... You think you're in London. You took the Eurostar from Paris.
But in fact you're in 'Little Paris' - well that's what I call it...
Clafoutis at PAUL Boulangerie, 9" x 11"
There's a PAUL cafe just outside South Ken' Station where Frenchies and wannabe Frenchies grab a croissant and a demi...
Bute Street on Saturdays becomes a weekly marche loaded with French goodies..
Coq au vin...boef with vin name it
True, the Frenchies will break down and don their English wellies if it's raining...
On the week-end they head to cafe Aubaine further down at 260 -262 Brompton Road for 'le brunch' If you are not dressed appropriately "Frenchie' forget about going...
Bien sur there are menu ardoise/blackboards with stacks of baguettes...
And bien sur there are MACARONS!! After all...
I had chocolat chaud, a croissant and multi-pots of very British jam. Was there a choice?


  1. Chas B. of TX2:10 PM

    Would it be possible for you to drop “frenchie”? It is hideously offensive to every French man and woman I know and it besmirches the brightness of an otherwise fine electronic newsletter.

  2. Cassandra2:21 PM

    Frenchie: A Terrific Modern Bistro
    Parisiens don't seem to mind lining up at said 'Frenchie' resto...hmmmm

  3. Yum that food looks so good! I'm hungry and that did not help!

  4. all looks delicious to me.

  5. Who knew :)
    The food pics - especially the pastries - look great and your painting is excellent. ( I like the one on the sidebar, too.)

  6. I would love to visit there next time. You are so lucky you can go there.Fiona

  7. Yummy!!

    Those foods look great. I love the place as well. It looks so peaceful and comfy. I might spend hours if I visit it! Should put it on my list to be visited next year. :D

  8. Oooh, la and la. I do know that area, and agree that is very full of temptations.

    Truly, your posts are convincing me that I must travel somewhere across that Pond next year.


  9. Your blog is always the bright spot in my day - have to make it on my own through the weekend but I look forward to each Monday!

  10. Your always find your own little bit of France wherever you go!

  11. Very inspiring blog - great read and gorgeous water colours:)

  12. So true Carol.....South Ken is such a French enclave....great snaps, xv.

  13. Oh my - where did those amazing-looking fruit tarts descend from??

  14. Those amazing fruit tarts SWEET FREAK ascended from Mme. Gautiers of Bute Street (only on Saturdays I'm afraid..)
    Tisk tisk

  15. Love your blog. It's my daily dose of virtual Paris even if it's 'Little Paris' in London... Makes me more intent and excited about fulfilling my life-dream of traipsing across Paris for days on end ...

  16. Oh chocolat chaud, my love, my dream! (Swiss Miss powdered mix in a cup of decaff coffee just isn't cutting it right now.......)

  17. Anonymous10:49 AM

    I have lived in town for such a long time and yet didn't know about this little Parisien oasis. Thanks for helping me rediscover London though your inspiring eyes. Will be there asap to check it all out ;)

  18. OH NO!
    Swiss Miss! Quelle disastre
    have you tried French Hot Chocolate - L'Ancienne
    by Les Confitures a l'Ancienne Then cut it with a TB of Valrhona plain cocoa + a few chunks of dark chocolate

  19. Congratulations!!! Tu blog es una joya.

  20. Ah - I remember it well! Bute Street has grown from an ugly duckling into a beautiful swan. Wonderful post.

    PS Wellies like that are now available in deepest Dordogne!

  21. Oh you don't know how much I have enjoyed this post of yours! I feel quite moved as I used to live right there and my two children were going to Charles De Gaulle :-) => the best cantine of all French schools abroad by the way!

    Your report is smack on and I just wanted to thank you for taking me.

  22. you featured some of my favorite hangouts in London. Aubaine makes the most divine breakfasts in the area!

  23. Anonymous4:39 AM

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