Thursday, December 23, 2010

Paris Xmas Vitrines (repost)

I took this shot in October of Galeries Lafayette rather early Xmas tree. The rest of the Paris Xmas window photos are THANKS to Anne Corrons of MesVitrines NYC.
Please click on the photos to see more detail and immerse yourself in Paris vitrines!
Galeries Lafayette First off Galeries Lafayette Rockette bears...Galeries Lafayette And their Mama Mia musical theme -
Do not ask me what this has to do with xmas puleeze. OTOH next door at Printemps the windows are truly magical.I have no idea what's going on here but j'adore!Clique and you tell me.
More mysteries...
Printemps does verte et rouge too
Let the soiree commence!
Chanel is sticking with a traditionally white snowy theme (of which there is plenty in Paris) and cutout doilies - tres femme blablabla
While Dior is thinking ahead and pushing post-Xmas cruise wear in their vitrines...hmmm
I'm all for Kenzo's Parisien biker yanking.
A slew of Parisien soiree-goers, perhaps over to...
Over to Repetto perhaps to get their dancing shoes?
So they can dance their way over to Jean-Paul Hevin for a portable Xmas tree of macarons non?!


  1. Joyeux Noel PB~
    What a perfect post for today....unlike Paris we have no snow in Florida.
    So Festive~such a delight.
    And may I added, LOVED LOVED LOVED
    les framboises.
    Have a wonderful Holiday!

  2. Justine10:57 AM

    I must say I love the ravished by foxes at Chateau Printemps window!
    Quite the little fantasie going on here...

  3. Justinien10:57 AM

    I will be retreating shortly to my hayloft with tuxedo gent in tow...
    But where is the essential champagne? M.I.A.
    I'll take Printemps over Galeries Lafayette anyday.

  4. I must say NYC, Paris and London outdo San Francisco with their widow displasy!!!! That was so much fun when we visited you in NYC and went window hopping.

  5. HA! I thought the first shot was of a Christmas tree in a cathedral!!! Well, I guess Galeries Lafayette COULD be called "The Cathedral of Shopping."

    Plus, I want that pink tulle skirt to wear when I play my harp on Christmas Eve...

  6. Such wonderful fantasies!

  7. Anonymous1:52 PM

    I just want to say I love your blog! Your pictures are beautiful and I love seeing what life is like in Paris. Thank you for sharing this wonderful blog with the world!

  8. Oh, so lovely! I adore the Printemps windows and also the bike - so perfect! Happy Christmas!

  9. I think that someone had a little too much egg nog!
    I love the creativity, colors and lights of the displays, but some sure are a bit bizarre!!

  10. Merci Carol for your wonderful blog. Christmas in Australia is oh so different!! My daily dose of Paris Breakfasts takes me a world away every day. Thankyou, Nicole

  11. Thank you for these sparkly windows and ornaments, and for your posts, photos and artwork this year, beautiful--wishing you health and joy this holiday season.

  12. How fun! Thanks for sharing the windows! Beautiful!
    I usually try to at least drive through Beverly Hills to see some windows but didn't make it this year. Of course, these are far and away more fun and fabulous!

  13. Thanks for making me discover the Jean-Paul Hevin macarons. I love macarons but had somehow forgot about those of Jean-Paul Hevin. If you tried them, how to they stand against those of Pierre Hermé and Ladurée?


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