Tuesday, December 21, 2010

New York Xmas Animaux

Animals bearing gifts is always a welcome sight. Though this Bergdorfs Doberman looks like he might take a bite out of you if the gift box were not firmly wedged between his teeth...ahem I prefer a pugs bearing a diamond-studded mini pugs to the fierce Bergdorf hound. Racoons wearing pendents and pheasants decked in diamond bracelets are certainement easy on the eye... I LOVE Mes VitrinesNYC green reindeer spotted at Covent Garden in London. Rather more than this odd New York reindeer sporting a wild boar and a goose on his back - who knows what this means? I haven't a clue.
Saks Fifth Avenue saw fit to put a giant octopus tentacle in their Xmas windows. Go figure..?
Their clock-work elephant makes a tad more sense but not much.
I'll take Ralph Laurens Rugby giant swan anyday.
Offspring Dylan of Dylan's Candy loves fishing penquins and who can blame her? Especially when the fish are Swedish and not on the endangered list!
Roasting marshmellows over an open fire of candy corn looks like fun.
There is a plethora of bears in New York Xmas windows...
With good reason - the well-dressed bear is an essential.

Cashmere scarf + woodsy red-checked hat makes the New York bear de super classe.
I got it from BEAR'S mouth and who would know better?


  1. Cute post. Love your interpretation of the world! Could the mad reindeer display be a fractured version of Town Musicians of Bremen?

  2. Justine11:28 AM

    Very good for a giggle
    The animals do come out in the store windows at Xmas
    I wish they would come out more often...

  3. Love the reindeer in Covent Garden....I'll never forget our brief brush with London Christmas spirit back in late Nov. of 2005...it was magical and amazing to ice skate in the mote of the Tower of London with the Tower lighted in red and green. Thanks for the eccentric displays...nothing like it 'round these parts....Merry, merry Christmas to you Carol.

  4. Is bear becoming Americanized? I would have expected him to go for a French couturier scarf ---something with stripes ?

  5. I love the elephant and the topiary reindeer! They're so cool...
    There are mice at sewing machines in one of the Boston windows.


  6. So much to like, Carol!!
    The penguins are my favorite, I think, but the opening shot, and the bears are great, too.
    (Things with tentacles just don't do it for me :)

  7. ... charming, I saw the Saks window and thought the octupus interesting ... must go to the Ralph windows .... thanks for sharing.

  8. Elwyn in Melbourne8:23 PM

    I want to wish you a Merry Christmas and a very happy New Year in 2011.
    Thank you for all the enjoyment you have given my husband and
    me over the past year - you have presented memories of Paris, given
    us new places to visit there, e.g. Merci, and you have shown us New
    York which we have yet to visit. Your photos are wonderful as are
    the subjects.

  9. Loved the penguins but loved most of all Bears's little ears.

  10. I like that green reindeer, too--I think that'd be festive in our yard. These are fun. I often wonder what the inspiration is for some of the wacky things in store windows--fun!

  11. I love New York in the fall and winter (any time really). Wish I was there.

  12. I love those pinguins!

  13. You really do have the best posting themes, mon amie!


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