Thursday, December 30, 2010

The London Transport Museum

Yesterday I had a British moment. I succombed to a jar of orange marmelade (It was Sarabeth's not British). Then I went to see The King's Speech very spur of the moment and I LOVED it, but more later.London Transport Museum Have I told you about the London Transport Museum? London Transport MuseumAn oft overlooked London museum - loads of fun. Floors and floors of British travel immersion awaits you from all periods of history.
London Transport Museum AND you can hop aboard the trains.London Transport Museum Just 'Mind the gap',
'Keep clear of the doors'
'DON'T SPIT'!London Transport MuseumIt's tucked in a corner of Covent Garden and surrounded by fabulous outdoor eating stalls = not-to-be-missed. Your entry ticket is good for a year.London Transport Museum I loved the old graphics...
London Transport Museum Some of the best posters ever were created for London Transport.
London Transport Museum During the Second world War.
London Transport Museum When Underground stations became a refuge.
London Transport Museum Winston Churchill's poster graced the Underground and he's present in...
London Transport Museum The King's Speech, based on old diaries found by speech therapist Australian Lionel Logue's grandson in the attic.
I was expecting the usual Masterpiece Theatre concoction.
Instead it's a griping thriller both brave, witty, all-engrossing with superb acting. I can't think of a better movie to see this holiday week-end.


  1. Oh, I want to see this movie! Good for you!

    I love Colin Firth, and the whole cast sounds excellent. I've seen info on it and it sounds very moving. I heard the NPR clip but the grandson never knew his grandfather, so he didn't know very much, but I'm glad the movie was developed as a result.

  2. I've already seen it twice and I'm going again . . . how come there aren't more movies like that?
    That are intelligent, well written/directed/superbly acted, that don't have violence, filthy language, are inspiring and you actually FEEL GOOD when you walk out the door?

  3. I felt exactly the same way Robin, having sat first through 30 minutes of the craven, obvious BLACK SWAN, I was so pleased to be surprised and delighted by THE KING'S SPEECH>

  4. That movie is my very next movie - this weekend I hope! Heard the NPR interview and can hardly wait! When I was a new architect, fresh out of school, I got a phone call from the man who was going to install tile flooring in a store. He had a very big stuttering problem. I listened patiently, and finally understood his question: The tile has a directional slub in it; should he make all the tiles go the same direction or turn each tile 90 degrees? Being completely new and clueless, I had to ask him to hold on while I read the specifications and found the answer to his question. Thak heaven I found it because this particular owner would have made him rip it all up and re-do it if we'd gotten it wrong! I've often thought about him since, and marvelled that between his stutter and my ignorance, we actually managed to come up with the right answer!

  5. I love the vintage posters in the transport museum - I love the museum :)
    I'm a sucker for things from "the old days."
    The movie looks very good......

  6. Funny you should mention Black Swan as I saw that the same day I saw the King's Speech. Very, very different movies but I will say I was moved by Black Swan and id enjoy the intellectual thriller part of the plot. I think Natalie Portman did an awesome job and I can't believe she won't get an Oscar for that performance. I was spell bound. But there were parts of that movie where I closed my eyes and plugged my ears.....

  7. Justine1:28 PM

    Looks like a jolly good show!
    Can't wait to see it!!!
    Thanks for the extra push.
    I too was thinking Masterpiece Theatre...

  8. I've been waiting for it to be released in our market and going to see it tomorrow. It sounds wonderful.

  9. I went to see the King's Speech a few days ago (in LA), it was a sold out house and the movie was fantastic! Love love love
    Thanks for the NPR link- how could I have missed this interview when I listen to NPR almost everyday?

  10. Thank you, Carol,
    for further cementing my will to see this movie!
    I have been looking forward to it since I saw the first pictures of Colin Firth.

    The London Transport Museum looks so inviting and interesting, thank you for introducing us to it! You are a marvel, you truly are!

  11. Thanks for the NPR link, Carol. NPR and WAMU, I miss them immensely. Thank heaven, every now and then I can listen in online!

  12. Anonymous4:36 PM

    HI Carol,
    This is definitely a movie for the "must see" list. I read a review the other day and it sounded right up my alley - mind you I LOVE Colin Firth-- it won't be hard to watch.

  13. I finally made it here.. and you have a clip of the movie to see. It sure looks good. I want to see it if it ever comes here. We don't always get all movies.

  14. thankyou for my London fix fay xxx

  15. There is also a museum in London that someone told me about where each room is furnished in a different year (?) decade (?) something like that with furniture and clothes. Do you know of it?

  16. Oh Carol, Sarabeth's ... that does send a little shiver of "homesickness" over my way :)

    I am just waiting for this film to come to our theatres!
    I can't wait. I love Geoffrey rush and of course, Colin Firth .. I can't wait to see it.

  17. I just checked the schedule at our cinema and they are closing from Fri til Mon ! Only in South America :(

    I will see it , sooner or later !

  18. These passenger railcars are incredible, esp the ones that you can walk through to see the furnishings and fixtures and imagine the era. This movie looks like a must-see!

  19. That transportation museum looks very interesting. Autos, planes, trains, that's what I like.

  20. .. wow, on my way home last night, spur of the moment I slipped into The King's Speech .... liked it very much, but then I like everything British, including Colin Firth. Happy New Year

  21. Saw King's Speech yesterday. Just Fabulous.
    Everyone acted spledidly!

  22. I saw The Kings Speech just after Christmas. It was so fantastic- I've been raving about it to everyone too. The people in the cinema where I saw it gave it a standing ovation- have never seen that before. Friends have had that occur in other places in Australia, and in Canada too. Amazing. I'm looking forward to seeing it again. It's the sort of movie you could enjoy over and over again. So clever, so engaging, so funny.


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