Monday, December 13, 2010

Inside Fortnum & Mason!

Inside Fortnum &Masons is a completely different story.

Very Xmasy indeed!

Naturalement they have the traditional teapots of every variety bien sur...
But tea in a pear container? Quite festive non?
In fact F&M's containers are some of the best!
Like this jolly tin...
Where else but merry old England can you find a biscuit box like this one?
More delightful British tins..The perfect gift for Xmas - a container of Stilton fromage...

An advent house to beat all advent houses non?
Holiday cupcakes not to be forgotten...
So even if the windows are full of skulls + truffles...
One can seek instant refuge inside with all the essentials for a lovely christmas


  1. It all looks great to me! I have never been to Fortnum & Mason, so you're making me want to get there one day, Carol. Looks very festive and full of holiday cheer. Anything tea-related always catches my eye.

  2. I'm such a sucker for pretty things in evern prettier boxes, tins, containers!

    Love the glass teapots. I gave one to my Mom last year with tea bouquets that a "bloom" when they're immersed in the hot water. Delightful.

  3. OH, this is so fantastic Carol! Thank you so, so much. Having not traveled in over a year I have an awful travel bug itch and your photo tour of London at Christmas is helping me. Are you in London right now? Keep warm, be safe and Merry Christmas to you!

  4. Wow Carol;
    what a change of pace from last Friday's post (dark and foreboding)
    to today's (lush and Christmasy.)
    A bit of something for every taste.
    And good taste is what I can always find when dropping in to PB!

  5. I love F&M's containers they are so pretty and whimsical. I agree, the window display is more like a Harry Potter movie, not very Christmas-like. Carol, I hope you'll have a wonderful Christmas, take care and enjoy many delicious treats!

  6. Lovely displays! The biscuit tins are fun. Thanks for letting me "armchair" travel there with you! Bess

  7. Oh how beautiful! If I could climb through my computer screen and be there, I would. Lovely, dreamy store!!


  8. I love glass teapots too Amy...though not the flower teas so much - makes me want to put on a mask and snorkel :)
    I am NOT in Chilly London right now. I'm in chilly New York Jenny.

    You would LOVE F&M Sue. They should put yr name on the door.

  9. Justine4:22 PM

    British tins are the BEST!
    I wonder if they invented the biscuit tin..?
    The F&M boxes look similar to Tifany's blue boxes - interesting.

  10. I am experiencing significant container lust! Not a huge fan of Stilton, I know I could eat my weight of it to get at that container!

  11. I would love to receive a crock of Stilton for Xmas!

  12. Teapots are gorgeous! Thanks for the grand tour Carol

  13. Beautiful
    I love everything you share
    Love and many blessings

  14. the beautiful package design and the pyramid displays, like giant 18th century jellies. Thanks!

  15. oh just perfection! would love to try some of those delish cookies and tea!!

  16. oh just perfection! would love to try some of those delish cookies and tea!!

  17. What a great store!
    I never thought containers could be so artsy and so much fun, too!

  18. Lovely Advent house!


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