Monday, December 27, 2010

Bear Takes a 'Snow Day'!

BEAR is having his first 'Snow Day' in New York City.
Instead of 'Bright Lights....
'And Big City'
It's snow branches...
And 18 - 20 inches of snow
We've been outside shoveling on THREE different occasions with little to show for in the end...
How we wish we had bought this nice chocolate buche de Noel in Cafe Petrossian's vitrine...


  1. I love the snow!!!

    Hi Carol, my blog has changed name!.. now you can find me here
    So i hope you'll follow me even in my new address!

    I wish you the best!

  2. Any day, even a cold snowy one, feels better with a chocolate buche. Hope you had a wonderful holiday!


  3. Justine10:03 AM

    Love Bear's new sweater and matching mittens!
    Busily knitting Bear a hat!!!

  4. At least you have hot chocolate! And you could make some guimauves.... ? I'm just waiting for our first snow day, no, make that 2nd snow day. The first scant 1 inch wasn't enough!

  5. Happily I have a generous neighbor
    who for many years, like his father before him, does most of the sidewalks on our little suburban street, AND my driveway! He loves his big snow machine...
    as I do. (hee-hee)

  6. Snow day in Boston too! Enjoy!

  7. Does Bear have his own little snow shovel to help you?
    I hope you two do get out, how about the Russian Tearoom? Looks as if they have a Bear menu (well, there is a spelling error, "Bar menu" - but we all know that the Russians are fond of bears, aren't they?)

  8. Oh bear, how could you let her escape without buying the chocolate buche? You know you need an extra layer of, um, well, you know, warmth to survive that cold snow.

  9. We got bombed here, too!
    It was the wind that impressed me the most - like a hurricane all night long.
    Glad to know that you and Bear enjoyed it :)

  10. Carol and Bear, I also love snow, when I can play in it. It's not so great when you have to go to work in it.

    I've been shoveling, too. Taking photos, too. Will try to post some soon.

    Best wishes.

  11. Bear is definitely ready for the snow - he looks adorable! Or should I say debonair?!

  12. Joyeux Noel, Carol! I hope you and Bear are enjoying snowballs and chocolaty buches galore! xo

  13. My goodness - it looks just like home! We've gotten 47.5" of snow so far this year. I am so buff from shoveling I can hardly stand myself. Irish wool and hot chocolate (okay, sometimes hot whiskey) are the tricks to getting through it all!

  14. You keep that Bear outta the snow. Pour little guy. And why ever are you shoveling snow? Let your landlord do that!

    Stay warm and safe.

  15. How we wish we had bought this nice chocolate buche de Noel in Cafe Petrossian's vitrine...


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