Tuesday, December 14, 2010


I seem to be stuck in/on London figuratively if not literally...
I can't get these London images out of my head, like the cookie glasses in ZARA's windows...
Or the cookie necklace to beat all cookie necklaces.
If you have a better one do tell...
Cookies to shield you from the sun or snow?
Or from popcorn-eating dogs?
I hope popcorn is not deleterious to hounds...ahem
Here's a non-edible hat in ZARA's window that is pretty delicious non?
Back to British biscuit tins...
And REAL British cookies - Gingerbread in fact!
And what about Christmas cake?!
Well if it's British, I suppose it should be Christmas Pud!
I insist on some British Seville marmelade...sigh
Is it snowing out where you are yet?
We got a light dusting in New York. No, I am NOT in London :(
I went out and 'swept' the snow away this morning with a broom. I saw my neighbor doing it and I could not resist :)
These London doggies are missing their woolly coats mufflers.
Mittens? Heavens, Button up doggies!


  1. ... love the biscuit tins ... so British ...

  2. I like the biscuit tins, too, Carol--we always had them and recycled homemade ones to our friends/neighbors every year at holiday time. And grandma made homemade marmelade jam constantly: I can still smell her kitchen now. Sigh....

  3. Don't you just love taking pictures of store windows? The cookie glasses are a kick!

  4. Oh, my, the Christmas cake and pud bring back memories! My family is English and, when I was a kid, my mother actually made her own cake and pud. It was a lot of work, but very yummy!!

  5. Justine1:30 PM

    Christmas pudding.
    I've always heard about it and never tasted it.
    I guess it makes you drunk as a skunk - all that brandy stewing for a year inside.

  6. Lovely evocative post today
    merci indeed.

  7. I LOVE making English christmas pudding though I don't know why they call it a pudding.
    Nothing about it shakes
    xx Annie

  8. J'adore London au decembre!!
    SVP visit mes vitrines NYC
    Pleine de Londres!

  9. Oh my. I'm afraid I want to eat my cookies, not wear them!

  10. SO appropriate...I fell down my icy front steps and after I lied to my neighbor and told him I was ok and then came insidea and cried, I opened up my Danish Butter Cookie tin and ate half of them.

    Cookies. Them's good medicine.

  11. Cute, cute, series of photos, Carol.
    I love those glasses!!
    And the poochies in the last pic......:)

  12. Edible glasses
    preferably GINGERBREAD!!
    I just ate some...
    I was BAD :)))

  13. London is the perfect place to be at christmas- just think of Dicken's Christmas Carol! Amazingly, we have an inch of snow- rather early for us. When I finish running around like a madwoman, I must make marshmallows!

  14. love, love, love your blog especially the content and photos. just got back from London & Paris and have some macaron eye candy from Pierre Herme and Laduree to share. i have lots more to add too.

  15. I love to see the interesting and tasty stuff you put on your blog. Love the biscuit tins. For once in my life I will spend Christmas in London, I can feel it! :)

  16. Love the cookie goggles!

  17. some marmalade for me, please!


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