Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Automne à Paris

Cranberries - bet you thought we owned them.
Nope these were shot in Paris. Imported from Vermont?
Leeks /poireaux are definitely a Frenchie veggie - they own this one.
And marrons/chestnuts. Oui, they own it.

And Soupe de marrons...oui aussi.

Recette de soupe de Potiron/pumpkin- regarde!

Photo from l'Internaut

So here's the Paris Fall story/histoire d'automne.

I was in a Paris mall with French Girl and asked, "what are all those polka-dotted mushroom-like things in the shop windows?"
"It's Fall. Mushrooms are the symbol of Automne - it's when we go picking wild mushrooms in the forest."
Uh huh...Oui.
So do all Parisien shop owners meet at the Mairie/town hall? And do they hand out polka-dotted mushrooms and dryed leaves? I think they do. Every window/vitrine has the same stuff.

Here Jeff de Bruges offers a special automne collection of chocolats
Why don't I see this in New York? 'Cause it's New York. Only in Paris are there seasonal couture-style collections of chocolates and macarons...

Champange is good anytime...non? it's even better with champignon d'Automne/mushrooms.

Fauchon decked their halls with stags and bunnies.

And Fall leaves bien sur.

More gold feuille/leaves.
Macarons in Fall colors-well they look Fallish to me.
Yesterday I passed a restaurant window in my neighborhood decorated with falling leaves. I thought, Eeeep. Fall is almost over. I haven't shown you Paris Fall! Et voila. Well I must go get me some choux de Bruxelles PDQ and make my Thanksgiving dish.
What are YOU making?


Bev said...

Brussel sprouts!

Jessica said...

I love your posts so much! Each one makes me want to travel! I adore the mushrooms everywhere - how darling! Although, I never thought of them as an autumn symbol.

I'm excited to make my family's signature mushroom and celery stuffing for Thanksgiving. No holiday gathering is complete without it.

Judith said...

The vitrine (L'Automne) with the reflets ----
Nostalgie! How wonderful, the essence of Paris.
We will be eating easy pumpkin pie with pecan crust (and pecans, at least, are American).
With thanks on this holiday for Paris Breakfasts and Carol Gillott!
Berkshire Tsarina

Judith said...

I was so excited I must have pressed SEND three times. If you know how, you can delete two!
And again, Happy Thanksgiving.

manon 21 said...

j'aime aussi le petit marché bio à Union square!!!!

bonne journée


vicki archer said...

Lovely autumn shots...xv

fabienne said...

Paris in Autumn..is there a better time to visit?
yes in spring..and every other time of the year

Merisi said...

Just beautiful to walk through your images!
I particularly like that shopwindow with the golden leaves and all those reflections.

Viennese shops do a pretty good job celebrating autumnal goodies and themes. Chestnut roasters have appeared again at many corners of the city. I could stand in their downwind the whole day, freshly roast chestnuts are like a gift from autumn, earthy and tasty.

Elizabeth said...

I used to gather mushrooms in the mountains of N. New Mexico and S. Colorado. Curiously the polka-dotted ones are the poisonous ones. I wonder what Anne would say about that.

Of couse, the polka-dotted ones are the most visually attractive!

The Sabbatical Chef said...

I am making all the usual Thanksgiving fare for the family but I do plan to sneak in my French inspired tarte of chèvre (I have a friend who makes amazing goat cheese) and caramelized onions. I will eat the whole thing all by myself if no one else wants any!! And I will try round #2 of macarons. How do they get them so darned perfect??
Bon appétit!

Julie said...

Carol I'm really loving your blog. Read it every day.
Meanwhile check out mine today, you'll love the macaron post!

Jan said...

Happy Thanksgiving!

last unicorn said...

I think it´s time for xmas...so please post some xmas pics ,-) that would be wonderfully. But the weather in germany sounds not realy after xmas..it´s rainy windy cloudy like a never ending automne...

Marina Mott said...

I want so hard to go to Paris! This post is great!

Rebecca Ramsey said...

As always, your blog is a feast! I so miss l'automne in France.
Did you happen to see my post on Todd's attempt to make the candied chestnuts we loved in France? The French do them like no one else!
Hugs to you! And Happy Thanksgiving! You're on my list of blessings.

Ayşe Şakarcan said...

J'adore les marchés de Paris:)

Nursapalooza said...

I never know if you're in France or New York. Where are you today, France?? I'm so jealous. Hmmm, mushrooms and Fall, sounds wonderful. I absolutely adore anything mushroomy.

sue said...

I love that I live where I do experience all 4 seasons--fall is so beautiful--and I'm actually home to finally enjoy it for at least a few days! Happy almost Thanksgiving, Carol!

The Daily Connoisseur said...

I'm making two pumpkin pies!

Nikon said...

You have captured autumn perfectly with those shots.

Anonymous said...

What am I making for Thanksgiving? It's funny that you should begin with cranberries. I am making a cranberry upside-down cake, a persimmon cake and my favorite pumpkin pie, the recipe of which is one hundred years old. They are all fabulous. Happy Thanksgiving to all!!

Parisbreakfasts said...

Oh Stephan do you tell..give out recipes?
I never heard of a cranberry upside down cake but heavens!!!
I want to know it much better.
And Persimmon something or other..

rochambeau said...

All luscious photos, but for me you saved the best for last!
I'm dropping by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.
To say I'm thankful for you and your talents.


rochambeau said...

All luscious photos, but for me you saved the best for last!
I'm dropping by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving.
To say I'm thankful for you and your talents.


annechovie said...

Talk about eye candy! Love these photos - those chestnuts are making my mouth water. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving, Carol!!

Dumbwit Tellher said...

That journey was quite..quite fun! I should be out shopping too as I am cooking the whole dinner and certainly not ready. Why do I do this to myself? Oh happy Thanksgiving to you as well ~ x

Anne Corrons said...

Hi,h,hi, I've just bought the Bruxelles sprouts and the cranberries to celebrate Thanksgiving on Thursday! Nice pics!

jeanette, mistress of longears said...

It's going to be a vegetarian Thanksgiving with my dear family! Yay! Cranberries, swt potatoes, apple shallot stuffing, pumpkin tarte, chocolate mint brownies, etc. Have a great weekend!

Di Overton said...

Did you know cranberries are good for hot flushes? Didn't work for me :(