Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Eiffel Tower Bleus...

So how come I have the Eiffel Tower bleus, aside from not being in Paris at this moment you ask?

Because everytime I walk up rue Bonaparte I would see this Eiffel Tower lamp in the window (on the left hand side of the street - it's been there 2 years+(200 euros+). That's why.
Back at chez Parisbreakfast I bought this lamp from Target in a fit of Eiffle Tower insanity.

It has been sitting for months looking like this.  The lampshade is the pits. Plus I am a tad dyslexic and I don't do instructions well. A PB reader mentioned this BHV Eiffel Tower as a nice addition to my decor and I found it! But at 129 euros and with a lot of instructions and in French.

If only I could bring home this Eiffel Tower sitting outside the window of the musee Branly and put it outside my window.

 A nice champagne-high Tour Eiffel, but these are too heavy to bring home and could crush macarons.

A marbelized chocolate Eiffel Tower wouldn't last very long. 

Nor this tour des macarons spotted at Printemps.

A true Frenchie decked out in her topknot, trench, big bag, leggings/collants, boots near the Eiffel T.

I found this nice Eiffel pillow by IOSIS Paris at the CDG duty-free  and grabbed it for 48 euros.

But they had a matching Japanese-style Eiffel pillow and I should have grabbed it as well and did not.
Resist shopping and repent at leisure.
 A Eiffel at Amazon - it has been added.
 I got this one too - I need a huge frame for it...
Slowly but surely my Eiffel Tower themed appart is coming together.

This weekend there was a huge celebration for the 120th birthday of the tower. Peter's Paris has the whole story.


  1. Robin S.10:35 AM

    Come to my friend's store.
    We'll fix you up!
    Gail and I both make pendants!

  2. I don't know where you can find one now, but the Signals catalog had an Eiffel Tower night light years ago. I made my husband buy me one for Christmas as soon as I saw it.

    It's about a foot tall and the bulb goes in from the bottom. It stops just where the tower narrows and the cord goes out the back at the bottom. It is just wonderful.

    Sorry about the Target lamp. It really is sad.


  3. Must I say it again. I love your sight. And my humble Texas ranch house is a veritable Where's Waldo of Eiffel Towers. It is my thing. As I see from your post it is a lot of other people's thing too.

  4. you are clearly suffering from post travel syndrome. The sad realization that you aren't in Paris anymore. Don't worry, we understand.

    LOVE the black and white photos - very romantic.

  5. Bonjour! ADrable pillow you snagged at CDG. The snowy Eiffel Tower is very nice. You really are so talented, your paintings are so soft and pretty.

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  7. Oh how I love the Eiffel Tower. Last year for my birthday I recieved an Eiffel Tower necklace and standing clock! I also have an Eiffel Tower soap dispenser!

  8. This is the best blog EVER!!
    Thank you so much for doing this!!

  9. ah yes, I wouldn't mind having that view every day as well!!!!

  10. OOooooh, I have that lamp too! Ours didn't have any instructions, we just plugged the sucker in. And I absolutely love the foggy b/w photo of Msr Eiffel. I say,scan that sucker and turn it into a pillow! (they have those supplies at Michael's Craft Store on the West coast. Easy shmeezy. Have a lovely wk.

  11. Cynthia12:01 PM

    You never cease to amaze with your astounding posts. Love this one. I did not know that there are so many Eiffel Lamps out there!

  12. Carol T.12:17 PM

    Wow, that is absolutely brilliant , the Laduree wagon at CdG...what a great idea! I wanna be there now!!!

  13. Yes that wagon is a life saver!
    And not the round kind either...

  14. From Rio...12:54 PM

    I love this post so much.
    Je t´aime Tour Eiffel.
    Love from Rio-Brazil

  15. I'm sure you know about paris
    I'm a bit of a night owl and almost every nite I go to the web cam and look at her majesty Eiffel.... It's early morning there of course and I look at her waking to a new day, wishing I was there to have breakfast with her (coffee & croissant or something with apple)

  16. Oh Carol - you are ruining my diet! Today I thought "safe", La Tour Eiffel. Then I saw the macarons - disaster!
    Oh well, there was the lady in the lovely boots.
    I really do need new boots.

  17. Tatiana1:35 PM

    Hi Carol, la Tour Eiffel... je soupire. I adore this wonderful tower and I buy everything that I find about it. My daughter bought in Paris a poster about "la construction de la Tour Eiffel" where you can admire the different construction's steps, its absolutely marvellous. Infortunately I could'nt find it in Spain, so I'll have to travel to Paris... quel dommage...!


  18. if I could find good macarons in NYC Liz, I would be happy to ruin my diet.
    Fortunately I can't!

  19. I'm going back to Paris in January and like you I think I live just to go there. I want to move there or at least visit 3 times a year. I've been about 7 times but there is still so much I haven't seen or done. I CAN'T wait!!! I'm going to have high tea at Laduree and Cador.
    Thanks again and by the way your watercolors are gorgeous!

  20. Rhonda2:06 PM

    Dear Carol
    your musings, photos, drawings, observations bring much joy!

  21. Great post, Carol (I love your red-arrowed Frenchie).
    Nice new widget, too - as if the blog needs improving!

  22. Please take pictures!!!
    of your istallation, dearie!
    In Boston

  23. Apparently I need to check out Target! I love the pillows!

  24. OMGosh I love that pillow. Love the lamp too. Love this post!!!

  25. wcartist5:56 PM

    Sur La Table has eiffel tower place card holders. A must for the collector! The pillow is adorable.

  26. I wonder what you really love the most, the Tower or the macarons? :-)

  27. Anonymous7:32 PM

    Timmy woods Eiffel tower bag.

  28. Love all your Eiffel towers, Carol. They're marvelous. Can't you google lamp shades to find one you like? I'm sure the perfect one is out there for you...bon chance....!

  29. How very considerate of Laduree to post a wagon of macs rght where it's needed! And the wagon itself: to die for! Forget the Eiffel Tower and bring me that wagon!
    Ok, try this with your Target ET: Toss the shade, do not put a bulb in - but wrap a string of christmas lights up and down it. Or paste macarons all up and down it and leave town - visit your soeur - so that they will be hard and stale when you return. You could even hide the empty bulb socket with macs...really. you could. if you wanted to....

  30. Notre Dame la tour Eiffel est très à la mode en ce moment!
    bonne journée


  31. And new lights for the Eiffel Tower, now! I prefer the last version; this one is not so chic! I'm lucky to see it every day going back home.

  32. I bought a lazer-cut pop-up eiffel tower in Paris on the street that comes off the middle of I'Lle St. Louis to the Right bank.

  33. Lovely, all! I don't think I've ever seen something with the Eiffel Tower on it...that I didn't like.

  34. Last Chance Macarons!
    I imagine all those panicking traveler spending a fortune, just one more last dozen of macarons. ;-)

  35. I am lucky enough to see the Tour Eiffel outside my apartment window! (for another month, at least)

    I love the big framed print on the wall!

  36. I love your blog. As for Eiffel towers ... I once saw a poster of a black and white photo of the Statue of Liberty still in Paris, in a crate, ready to be shipped to the U.S. and, in the background, the Eiffel Tower. I’ve searched high and low for this poster but have been unable to find it. Do you know of it?

  37. It is really great post. Amazing.
    I love it. Thanks for this post.

  38. wonderful post and blog! always enjoy visiting. thanks!


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