Friday, November 06, 2009

Boston French Cultural Center Exhibit

Thank you for your kind wishes! Yesterday I painted for on the bus
Naturally first thing I delivered the (140) macarons to the French Cultural Center. And look what an elegant space it is.
Then I strolled out in the Boston Public Gardens... The Fall colors are extraordinary!
Boston is spacious and serene.
The streets are wide.
cars do not deliberately try to hit you When crossing the street. There are many well-behaved squirrels.
Quite a few showed up at the FAB opening.
Back at the show, the Franck Deville macarons await the guests... I think they lasted all of 10 minutes!
Violette, fraise, chocolat and chocolat foie gras. Toute a suite fini. The champagne was flowing...And guests were whooping it up! I whooped it up too - 19 24 33 paintings sold!!! Did I mention that I had 3 cups of New England Clam Chowder at lunch, dinner and breakfast this morning.Now I'm back in New York where several cars tried to hit me. c'est la vie


  1. Deborah Hopkins4:11 PM

    Congratulations! The exhibit looked lovely - I love the white frames. Did you have them made or did you purchase them somewhere? I love your work and your blog-Deborah (who has a black & white kitty named Paris!)

  2. Congrats on your show and selling so many paintings. How fun..Looks like a very great place to show off your wonderful Art. But how can you paint on a bus..? Will those go in the show too? I hope they all sell.

  3. YAY!!! lovely looking show . 19!! More Yay!!
    Glad you are quicker than those cars.. Big hugs and happy dance for you. :)

  4. What fun----seeing your work AND scenes from one of my favorite cities---Boston is right up there w/ Paris And Florence and NYC!! Congratulations on the show and the sales.
    And I love seeing your paint tin!!

  5. Estelle4:28 PM

    Congratulations Carol!
    What a great looking venue. I was so tempted to attend all the way from Ottawa, Ontario, Canada.
    I wish they would have had some really cool raised cookie stands to display your macarons. C'est dommage, but they looked good anyway!

  6. The macarons weren't around that long to care what they were sitting on
    Painting on a bumpy bus is the best!

  7. I love your photos, especially the outdoor shots of the foliage and reflections.
    I've never had a macaron - will the gallery keep them stocked?
    I was on the Providence RT95 overpass, I waved, did you see me?

  8. sorry I did not attend only heard about it yesterday in your email
    That was the public garden you were in.
    The Common is across the street once you cross Charles street.

  9. Sydney5:46 PM

    I love your work, so charming. I look forward to each new one and have for a long time now. Bravo for selling 19 paintings !

  10. Congratulations! Looks like it was a smashing success xo

  11. Congratulations, Carol, on a smashing success. (And thanks for letting us in on it...)


  12. You are a girl after my own heart! Great colored macarons and (I won't count them) bowls of clam chowder!!!!! (Legal Seafoods?) The show looks great. Congrats on the sales. It's actually very soothing to paint on public transport isn't it? I have a few more litte comments but I'll save them for another time. Watch those cars!

  13. I wish knew you were going to be in Boston! i would have stopped by to say Bonjour! I love your paintings and can't believe you did some painting on the bus ride from from NYC!

    I completely forgot about it.
    Now I HAVE to go back!
    I would have killed to go there...
    Clams over macarons anyday...

  15. Hi Carol,
    What a great venue for your work.Beautiful room.
    I am happy to see the NICOLAS watercolor sold, it is a great piece.I would still like a Laduree Bonaparte sans people and animals when you are up to the task.

    Best congratulations on your Boston success,

  16. Felications Carol! What a great venue for your show. Wish I could have been there - I might have bought more paintings!

  17. Laurie6:40 PM

    Being a Cape Codder and a lover of Boston, I really enjoyed this post. I am on the Library mailing list hoping to get up there for a french class one of these days. Thanks to you actually, as I learned about them from your post a while back.

  18. That is so damn cool about selling all those paintings . . . love to see it when people succeed and especially WOMEN owned businesses .. . gooooooo Caaarrrrooooollllllll!


  19. What lovely, lovely, lovely news !
    How fantastic to have a Boston show and
    to sell so many paintings and to have a
    beautiful day....and to be back in New York.

    I'm utterly delighted for you, Carol.
    Hugs and Best wishes~

    Barbara in the Mojave

  20. Thanks for the invite. If I were in the vicinity I would be there. I am in northwest Florida in the Panhandle. You sound like me, doing art work while on the go.
    Thanks for such an interesting site. I love it. Oh, to have some of that chocolate!!!


  21. The event looks like it was wonderful, and such a scenic location to host artistic talent. Such a cute squirrel, I'm glad they were well behaved, and didn't try to steal that yummy chowder! Your work is just lovely and I truly enjoy receiving emails for you about your latest finds!

  22. HI HI HI - I had stumbled on your blog over a year ago when I saw you in one of the Somerset publications - can't remember which - anyways I was googling "Paris Art Shops" and it showed a link to your blog - and them I remembered I had been here before.
    I am going to Paris at the end of the month - my first trip to PARIS ever - and I am trying to find out (besides the museums etc.)where the best art stores, paper stores, stationary stores, vintages stores etc etc are. Can you help. I've bought a book or two but I am not necessarily looking for the trendier place in Paris - just the best ones for an artist!!
    Congrats on all your great sales - I loved your work a year ago and love it even more now. Any help with Paris is appreciated

  23. Oh, Carol, how fabulous! I love it! AND I love to see that you headed out to commune with nature a bit--don't you love Boston Commons? It's so pretty there. You were like 3 blocks from where Eric lives--I wish I'd known--I'd have made him go find you! Congratultions--that is really wonderful! I'm so happy for you!

  24. Costco sells Legal Seafoos's clam chowder - and it's GREAT!!!!! It's easy to feel stranded in the midwest.
    Congratulations on dodging those NEw York cars!

  25. glad it was successful!!

  26. It was wonderful meeting you Carol! I'm glad you had such a good time in Boston.

    I'm writing up a post with pictures of squirrels on the Common too. There were so many of them! And I can't believe that I missed the macarons!

  27. Jeanette!
    you really are the BEST source of info IN THE WORLD!!!
    An d a Costco is not too far from my house...a bus ride away
    but I would have to join
    and then I would be eating N.E. Clam chowder EVERY DAY!!!
    Because you have to buy a ton right?
    Like 6 cases?

  28. Congratulations!
    Is there anywhere we can view your paintings online? What a beautiful space!


  29. Bonnie7:17 AM

    What a lovely report. Congratulations.

  30. I would love to own one of your much is one? Any chance of getting a little red daschund in one?
    Happy your Boston Show was such a big hit! !!!

  31. Good luck, girlfriend!
    Sell them ALLLL!!!!


  32. Georgia from Texas7:31 AM

    Fabulous.... keep up the photos and paintings. It's so much fun to live vicariously through your work.
    Merci from Texas

  33. Welcome to Boston and congratulations on a successful show and good visit. Thank you for bringing Paris closer to home!

  34. Gail of LA10:05 AM

    congrats on your show - the survival of the macarons,
    being in Boston at fall foliage time..
    and oh gawd...did I ever wanna eat that bowl
    of clam chowder....and it's only 5:30 in the morning..

  35. Bravo Carol!!!
    j'adore Boston et aussi tes peintures....

    Bon dimanche


  36. Congratulations, Carol! How exciting - wish I could've seen it. I admire your ability to paint on a bus - pretty amazing. Have a great weekend.

  37. Congratulations on a triumphant show! Back in NYC you may have to switch over to Manhattan Clam Chowder with your macarons!

    Please do a show for us in the NY area!!


  38. Hi Carol,

    Wishing you all the best with your show in Boston. Some pre-verissage sales. Vraiment chouette!

  39. Congratulations on your very successful show! The space looked very French, so fitting for your macarons.

  40. Carol, I am thrilled for you. I cannot imagine how it feels to have a gallery with your hearts work all over the walls. Beautiful. Today I will practice my clouds and writing with a paint brush. You have really made me think...what do I love, that I would love to paint. You know what I love? Books, words, how the heck can I paint that hmmm? I'll figure it out, don't you worry.

    Ooooh i want to go to boston to see those colorful landscapes! Good photo's!

  41. nice to hear your show was a hit! congratulations!

  42. I'll keep hoping you have a New York event one day! Your work is wonderful!
    I guess the Parisiennes don't have to worry about dieting!!

    Your site is so refreshing!

  43. I would have loved to be there! I love your work!! In fact, I think I will be emailing you soon about a painting!

  44. Wow, that show looks glamorous!
    And the food, oh dear, way better than the usual fare, I'd say. The fall colors are as brilliant as ever. Glad you outrun the cars - please try not to hit them, will'ya?

  45. Re Legal Seafood:
    They are in DC too,
    in case you happen to have a show at the Capitol! ;-)

  46. Congrats on the sales! Looks like a beautiful exhibit!

    I just stumbled across your blog and I absolutely adore it!

  47. Awww. I really wish I could have made it. Hopefully we can get together next time you visit Boston.

    I do plan on going to see your work before it leaves the library though.

    Congrats on a successful event.

  48. Congrats on the show. Let us know of any left overs. I've been working on an order for a few weeks. Just got back from Paris, and always spend lots of time near St Suplice and my favorite Cafe de la Marie ... home base for me. Bon chance ... (working in NYC)

  49. So, it was well worth the trip!!

  50. Congrats on a great show...
    Totally jealous you got to be IN the fall colors of Boston. ;-)

  51. Foodwalker5:13 PM

    What a beautiful room to have your equally beautiful paintings hanging in!
    And I know you!!!!


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