Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Patisserie des Reves

I'm aware that I have been keeping you in a state of starvation PB readers. Four days and no French treats. Not fair I agree. Let's visit new Patisserie des Reves and make up for the deprivation.Allons y! Very dreamy/pleine des reves indeed.The desserts are kept under specially temperature-controlled globes or domes.
 Like a Cartier bijou non?
Ah...Le Saint-Honore - feuilletage inverse, creme patissiere, pate a chou et creme Chantilly d'un legerete vaporeuse.
Does one need words to describe this creation?
Meanwhile creator chef Philippe Conticini is next door chatting up a neighbor pooch. If there is a Paris dog around I’ll find it.
"Le Grand Cru" - 100% chocolat - mousse and fondant plus a little fleur de sel.
Everything is pink. The pink sign says, demain sans fault, meaning manana/come back tomorrow. You're too late/trop tard. Gone, gone, gone.
A dessert Bento box
A celestial snow brick
The vendeuses are dressed up like celestial vestal virgin handmaidens.
What to get? What to get? I was too busy stealing shots and enroute to the chocolate show, so I got nothing but these pictures to show you.
Others were scooping up the dreamy jewel-like desserts.
Patisserie des Reve's box is pink of course and easy to spot on the streets of Paris.
A little something for the road? Munch, munch.Please drop in and tell me what you ate.
Patisserie de Reves
93 rue du Bac, 75007

Open Tuesday - Saturday 10AM-8:30PM, Sunday 8AM-2PM


  1. AHA! So this is what you call "breakfast time"! So appropriate to post this at dream-time! Tomorrow morning, I will wonder if this was only un (une?) reve...but now I must proceed zombie-like to the kitchen to ransack the pantry . It is a universally accepted practice that calories eaten in the night under the influence of Paris Breakfasts DO NOT COUNT. Sweet dreams!

  2. What a cool patisserie of dreams. I love the first pic of the
    croissant/brioche shaped like a turban?!
    Beam me up tarte citron!

  3. I haven't gone yet, but I will go this weekend to taste these fabulous tartes!

  4. Oh my mouth is watering...oh for a bite of that rich and buttery goodness!
    Best wishes, Natasha.

  5. Now I have to go eat something boring for breakfast out of my own kitchen... ::sigh:: oh, if only to be in Paris this morning....

  6. Now I have to go eat something boring for breakfast out of my own kitchen... ::sigh:: oh, if only to be in Paris this morning....

  7. Oh my Lord that looks SO GOOD! And all I have is my oatmeal. Boo hoo.
    I love your description of the vestal virgin handmaidens! Perfect!

  8. This is absolutely so wrong. I have gained 2# this morning just by dreaming and drooling over these treats.

    Seriously...some fun and fattening photography.

    love it...

  9. I love yr. blog. It's in my favorite blogs list. Rue du Bac is one of my favorite streets in Paris. I'll check this patisserie at my next visit. Thank u:)

  10. Oh boy!! That's really great!! I think it's beautiful...and, of course, delicious!!!!

    Good choice!!

  11. Beautiful shots, Carol. I love that opening one!
    And those boxes are incredible.

  12. I love the glass globes and the pink box!! Do tell are the treats taste as good as they look?

  13. I was there yesterday but I already had "religieuse à la rose and strawberry guimauve from Ladurée in my bags so...I'll go back on saturday.

  14. Anonymous5:56 PM

    It was extremely interesting for me to read the article. Thank you for it. I like such topics and everything connected to them. I would like to read more soon.

  15. That looks the domes...

  16. you're speaking my language! That all looks soo amazing. What the heck is that think with chocolately looking balls and white meringue? through the middle??? Whatever it is, please send to me, STAT! Beautiful shop, goodies, and I bet price!!$$$

  17. Mario Nobre9:39 PM

    C'est vraiment artistique, ultimate artisany.

  18. I LOVE those displays so original

  19. This looks intimidating but delicious. I will visit but only if I have my French husband there to do the talking.

    1. omg
      the opposite of intimidating not that the hand maidens are gone..more like a play pen with toys
      and they speak eng too...ever so helpful with yr addictions :)


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