Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Galeries Lafayette Michael Jackson Noel 2009

Photo by Anne Corrons
Paris gets the ball rolling way before us when it comes to Xmas windows.These shots are all by Anne Corrons of Mes Vitrines NYC. Merci Anne for inspiring today's PB post on Galeries Lafayette Noel 2009.
The theme this year is based on teddy bears. This bear is flinging herself into a champagne bucket. Not a bad idea non?Really it's the ginger bear that captured their imagination.
Anne got to interview the window's designer - Jean-Claude Dehix
Why is the hero Ginger?
This seemed obvious. Gingerbread (pain d'epice) is reminiscent of the traditions of Christmas, so we made gingerbread a star in every shop window and inside the store.
(I spotted this ginger bear in red down in front...)
This rockin' teddy bear is designed by Zadig et Voltaire...And if this bear is not an homage... To MJ (note black hat, wearing red, and dark glasses) Well I'll eat my Trilby hat...
Oh why didn't I buy one of these in Paris?
This photo is c/o Do It In Paris...
In fact Paris is crazy for MJ. Certainement the French couture.
Balmain designer Christophe Decarnin showed a slew of jackets influenced by MJ's military style in Spring '09 collection.
And ironically Michael Jackson wears a ton of these Balmain jackets in This Is It, an inspiring look at the inner workings of an artist par excellance IMHO.
I saw a lot of MJ whilst in Paris...
This T-shirt homage was right by my apartment...
I'm a new fan but a 24/7 one - I love his music and dancing.

Here's Printemps in all their Xmas glory. Enjoy


  1. Jannice10:12 AM

    what fun to get a first peek at Xmas in Paris!
    Merci Anne!

  2. Melanie10:13 AM

    Hi Carol--
    I love the ours en plush (teddy bears).

  3. Gingerbread cookies are one of my favorites--I have a great recipe that's delicious. As for MJ, I've been a huge fan of his talent since Eric was little. Excellent! I did make a dress for myself out of fabric from Galeries Lafayette when I was younger.

  4. Oh so pleased to see that Paris Hearts MJ!
    Quelle surprise..well they are up on many things aren't they
    Like macarons so..

  5. Merci Mille Fois for such a perfect blog.
    You inspire ME and my work with chocolate!
    I never tire of your posts.

  6. Michael Jackson - great singer, great dancer, weird bloke. Gone but will never be forgotten for various reasons. THE END!

  7. Hi,hi,hi, Michael Jackson is always here!!!! Yes, Paris " smells" Christmas, now!

  8. Misha in Paris12:58 PM

    what is MJ ?

    Thanks for the clip
    I will see it again-very energising

  10. thank you so much for all of the fun inspiration... just love it... x pam

  11. Anonymous1:48 PM

    Carole, I've been meaning to congratulate you on your lovely exhibit at Boston's French Library. Your work is wonderful -- I love the scenes and the colors. We're all so proud of you! Catherine Louise, a faithful reader and looker

  12. Those Paris windows get their fari share of licking. WHen my daughter was a two or three she literally licked their windows!

  13. Great post - the opening shot really gets your attention with the reds.
    I love that shot of the Eiffel Tower with the crowd pointing their arms into the air.....

  14. I am ready to leave now. Paris is magical especially during Christmas.


  15. Can't believe Xmas is on its way! Fun pictures!

  16. So THAT is what a trilby looks like...hmmmm... I THOUGHT Dectective Oswald wears a fedora...but now I'm not so sure. It SHOULD be a fedora..but never mind, gingerbread is one of my favorite subjects...I like the cake-type and the cookie-type and last year I finally found a recipe to make those thick (maybe 1/2 inch) gingerbread cookies rolled out with a carved rolling pin....yes, I have molasses and brown sugar and ginger in the pantry... pardon me while I indulge.

  17. I Love Galeries de Lafayette! How magical to be Christmas shopping in Paris. Hope you have a great week, Carol!

  18. Wow, these parisian department store showcases are unbeatable. Thanks for sharing with the underprivileged (those who can't make it to paris this season) <3

  19. Votre site fait honneur à mon pays et ma ville d’origine,


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