Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Paris Colored Leggings

PB reader Jay L. sent me this photo, saying,
"New York girls are wearing the same look as Paris girls!"
I took a second look and noticed bare legs.You don't see bare legs often in Paris.
Except in Summer as
grace mentioned in the comments. I saw them exactly one time with these lace-up heels...(Not my photo) but from the Spring shows-
Here lace-ups are shown with black leggings.And in H & M's Paris windows woolly leggings. Go inside and try to find those woolly leggings. I dare you. I couldn't. On the street you see.A ton of BLACK leggings/tights/with feet and without but black.
Here a double set of leggings.
The guy with the Pierre Herme bag is about to lose it gaping at these legs. OK we were all gaping. I was on the other side of the track and a Metro was coming. I nearly fell in.
More leggings from a French style guide.
Cable-knit leggings in H & M's windows (pronounced ash n' M)
I couldn't find those either.

A PB reader asked me to look for colored leggings in Paris.
I found them on this kiddie/gosse.
And in
A lot of shop windows.
Only a few Frenchies were actually caught wearing them.
Were they trying too hard?
Purple leggings AND purple scarf?
Here's a French girl window shopping (leche-vitrine). Would she be caught dead in these violette leggings? I wonder.
The French are conservative and stick to their grey, beige and black.
Looking is one thing.
Wearing another. What do you think?
One thing you'll see in Paris - completely buck-naked and happy is Pierre Herme macarons in a see-through bag.
No complaints here unless you're planning on bringing them home on the plane - pack them in a protective box.
Or eat immediately.


  1. Synchronicity! I bought a pair of Le Bourget leggings Sunday when I was doing a little shopping at J20. Black. Just under €10. They were supposed to be for my daughter but I decided to keep them for myself!

    Re bare legs: in the summer. French women often do not wear stockings whereas american women do.

    Lovely post, carol.

  2. Ah Ha!
    Summer is a different story
    I meant to say that!

  3. I always call leggings the coverings sans feet and tights the coverings that include the feet. I am not surprised about the current lack of colored (if too bold) of leggings but wonder when the weather starts to warm a bit in the spring (but still cool enough) might some be more bold with colors? Who knows. Thanks for this great report!

  4. Hi Carol, I don't many Amercican women with stockings in the summer, me included. Bare legs everywhere except, maybe in a corporate office.
    Colored leggings are rare in the U.S. but are bought and worn and yes, I wear them with minis when I'm not wearing black. Otherwise, mostly young women wear them, found at Urban Outfitters (at least last winter they were). Urban also had cable-knit last winter--I don't know about this winter. Best,

  5. It's very funny because, we, French people call leggings those tights without feet. Collants ou leggings!

  6. LOL, Grace, I don't know any American women who wear hose in the summer. I guess it all depends on who you know...

  7. LOL, Grace, I don't know any American women who wear hose in the summer. I guess it all depends on who you know...

  8. Things alter where ever you go in the world, H & M are called H & Ems here and leggings don't have feet.
    The ones with feet in are called just thick tights here.
    Leggings they say are for girls but l have some in black and purple that l wear under long skirts and when its very cold l get my pink leg warmers on top.
    When ladies wear leggings as they would jeans you have to be young or have great legs. There is are many out this winter, leggings like jeans with all the stitching, wet look ones,glitter and camouflaged ones.lol
    Did you see any leg warmers in Paris - They were started at the Royal Ballet School here in London because ballet dancers were damaging their legs while practicing and everywhere so cold so they got a pair of thick socks and cut the toe part off as it wouldn't go into a ballet shoe.
    Jill xxx

  9. Michele9:43 AM

    Enjoyed this post! I was in Sacramento yesterday and noticed the women downtown were wearing the leggings as well! Anyway as I was window shopping I saw these cute leggings in the window!!!! They are studded down the sides, so I bought two pair, one in black and one in brown! I picked them up at a place called CITYWEAR. Thanks again! CHEERS!

  10. Just found your lovely blog...I so love this post. I live in leggings..mostly black but I have gone for mustard or blue....but always come back to black..I love looking at your images. Fun fun fun. Now those macaroons are the real winners. I will for sure be back ...right now off to visit your post on the Chocolate show..yum!

  11. You are right, black and grey leggings reigns supreme. I'm in the black collants mode myself, just can't get up the nerve to don a colorful pair (I think its due to the results of my sweet tooth). Happy painting!

  12. You can always tell an American from a Parisian by the mere fact that Parisian girls will wear skirts and leggings in any weather (rain, sleet, snow) while Americans pull out the Uggs and jeans as in survival mode! :)

  13. Tights without feet are "leggings", but it depends where you shop. Tights with feet are collants.

    I love those colours, but somehow cannot see a chic Parisian woman wearing them. French kids of my daughter's age probably would. In fact DD has just walked in and seen the purple and pink ones. WOW! Cool!

  14. I went wild & ordered some aubergine tights (not here yet). But mostly black, chocolate, charcoal gray. (BTW, not shilling but the best selection + colors + sizes IMNSHO are to be found this year on UK Tights site. Even with shipping to States. Many are excellent Italian-made & were less than the junk in nice dept. stores here. Just sayin').

    The chicest Frenchwoman I know...she will (occasionally) wear something wild. She likes to shake up the idea that they only wear conservative colors. I'm seeing her today with her little one, so I will report back if she's wearing tartan leggings or something. (She has to wear all black, all the time as a makeup artist, so sometimes, she gets an urge. Not often, though.)

    great post, C.

  15. Diane in Salt Lake City12:04 PM

    I’m a new reader on a quest for macarons in the USA.
    Would rather fly to Paris for them, but not just now.
    Can you help?
    Diane in Salt Lake City

  16. Shouldn't you be "legging" it to Boston? The curtain is about to rise! I hope the exhibition is a great success for you.


  17. Carol you obviously have your finger on the pulse! This is a great public service you are performing you realize to keep us all up on the way parisiennes are covering their legs! No really! I loved the one with the laceups, scarf and oversized jumper. When I was in London in summer '06 leggings were first making their appearance and I took some street shots. Keep thinking they must be so over by now but I guess they are NOT! Yes and what word on your show?

  18. I vote for the black and grey leggings...safe I guess, xv.

  19. Mlle Paradis, my finger is on Paris' Achilles tendon maybe..
    it's just what the camera sees
    I am a camera

  20. Even at my age I absolutely love leggings (footless) and black tights/stockings for winter. The best leggings I have found are by Wolford--they have a shop in the Marais. They are great to hide any flaws and give such a polished appearance. Also, wanted to let you know I received my painting ~ it is absolutely wonderful! Thanks for memorializing macarons in such a delightful way!


  21. Carol T.2:32 PM

    Bare legs only in summer, then you will be hard-pressed to find a French girl in stockings....office or not.

  22. Finally I have some clothes in which to go to & fro on Metro or bus & not look really hideous..

  23. Interesting!
    I must look at my Street Fashion pictures.

  24. I didn't know that you are a camera - perhaps we are related?
    Thanks for helping me keep up with the latest fashion trends: Converse, scarves, leggings, "pirate" boots, ponytails - you are invaluable!

  25. I noticed every single person in your pictures is thin. How is that?

  26. Stay tuned - next Fr. fashion Tuesday we'll do=
    J E A N S ! ! !
    Farrah- I don't know how these Frenchies stay so thin with all the pastries around, but they do.
    It's the big mystery no one has solved yet, no matter how much leek soup you eat.
    It is not contagious either :(

  27. I like leggings, but it's too hot here for tights! Hope you have a great week, Carol.

  28. Lots of leggings at H & M in Chicago! Perhaps they could ship some to NY? As a devoted fan of "What Not to Wear" I am in conflict about black - almost verboten by WNTW but still so city-chic in Paris, NYC, San Francisco. What's a midwest gal to do?

  29. Thank you so much for this post! :) It's wonderful, accurate (I live in Paris and I agree with your assessments) and this completely cracked me up: "The guy with the Pierre Herme bag is about to lose it gaping at these leggings. OK we were all gaping - I was on the other side of the track and a Metro was coming and I nearly fell in..." No kidding!! :D I would have, too. That's quite a pair of leggy leggings, lol.

    Also, I had occasion to link up to this and one other of your Paris fashion blogs on my own blog http://wp.me/pzsfz-3J (I hope that shortlink works). I needed to briefly explain Paris street fashion in my story and your blog was perfect to link to.

    I also recommended your to a good online friend today, too. I think she is going to love it.

    You bring a lot of joy to a lot of people with this blog, Carolg, and I am so glad you do this. Thank you! :)

  30. I recommended your BLOG, that is. :D

  31. Hii... i loved your blog and i linked it on my blog. i am a girl from Brasil and i would love to know paris and your blog allow me to see more of frança!

    sorry about my bad english

  32. mais Carol tu prends combien de photos à Paris??!!!



  33. I love leggings, these are great pictures. I guess I'm kind of the same way, I stick to mostly black and grey! Eventhough the colors are soooo pretty.

  34. I think a lot of those "leggings" are actually Tights. I LOVE them in winter, they are so darn cozy. But can you wear them without boots?? Because I do not have boots, and that seems like all they are wearing them with.
    P.S. Leggings were big in the 80's. So funny to see the old stuff back.
    Am I giving away my age, or what?

  35. I saw a woman wearing a pair of leggings the other day that had buttons the entire length of the legs. Cute! But you have to be tres thin to pull off that look.

  36. catherine11:21 AM

    I love your blog and all of the Parisienne photos. Thanks for sharing

  37. In southern Cali we wear leggings all year long. LOVE them.

    We wear UGGS too though... so.... what can you do. They're awesome. Anyone who gets a pair will always have them. It's just how it is. Californian's have their icky UGGS... Parisians have their icky cigarettes.

    I think this makes us even. :) He!

    OK, so here is MY theory on how French people stay THIN; The subway.

    Seriously. It's because everyone walks so fast in the subway tunnels!! Why do they walk like they're all about to miss a train? The trains come like every 5 minutes, yet everyone acts like if they don't get there in time they will be left behind. You have to speed walk just to keep from getting run over. It's basically like being on the treadmill every day.

    I love your fashion posts! Makes me miss Paris.

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  46. Re Legs Leggings Comment that French Women have bare legs in summer, yes; but "American women wear stockings" is absurd.

  47. Anonymous2:54 AM

    Aww, I wish I could go shopping for leggings in Paris! Lucky!!


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