Tuesday, November 10, 2009

J'aime les jeans

It's Tuesday, so it must be what-do-I-wear-in-Paris day again at PB...
Hey LES JEANS are la plat de jour!!!
Even though we think we own em what with The Gap, Levis and les cowboys etc., I'm here to tell you WE DO NOT!
THEY DO!!! They know how to make a pair of les jeans look incredibly chic/classe or whatever you wanna call it - here with the "Hot" white wool scarf. L'echarpe - check
Les fringes - check
Little dog - check
Pricy extreme high heels - check
LES JEANS - check
On y va!
The new jeans shorts - who can wear em?
They can, that's who! $%#@!
OK so maybe we could wear these..? Regarde! Twin jeans with ballerines and Converse!
How come they take our stuff and make it look soooo much better :(
See: les Converse + Pierre Herme sac + eating a macaron in the street! What's up with that?Le poncho + les jeans...
Les bottes with les jeans tucked inside + the BIG bag...
WAIT! She's got TWO BIG bags!!!

I LOVE this look and I would kill to have it/wear it/fit into it-
I found it somewhere on http://www.cafemode.com/

Like that isn't bad enough, Parisien kids are every bit as chic as their mums! Wha'?
Matching outfits! and Mum has perfect "bed head" while kid has the au courant top knot!
Too chic !!!
Where are the chicest bébés in the world?
Just guess!
A PB reader asked, How come all the photos you take are of thin Parisiennes?
I don't really have an answer for that - just know this.
They do suffer for those skin-tight jeans =^%$#@! Le Regime!!!



  1. Some of it is the walk....the french bend from the knee and walk like a gazelle....americans "kick" their legs out to move forward...ask any european..they notice our "awkward gait" immediately!

  2. Some of it is the walk....the french bend from the knee and walk like a gazelle....americans "kick" their legs out to move forward...ask any european..they notice our "awkward gait" immediately!

  3. They dont suffer to be thin,
    They smoke instead of eating.
    Watch them in a cafe.
    Take a bite,
    puff a cig,
    take a bite,
    puff a cig.
    Push the plate away.
    Puff a cig.
    Drink cafe.

    I love it!
    I'm just getting my Paris regime info from Soledad's books...
    MERCI Nancy!!!

  5. Hi Carol,
    I just read your "J'aime les jeans" blog news and I was surprised to find a photo of a friend of mine with your comment «I LOVE this look and I would kill to have it...
    It's funny.... no?
    I find that you very often quote the macaroons Pierre Hermé….you have some shares of his Co ? Macaroons F.DEVILLE are definitely better but unfortunately we don’t find them in Paris !
    Cordial regards

  6. Catherine11:36 AM

    I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your passing on such wonderful pictures and info to all of us "Paris Fanatics" from afar. I love to read anything I can get my hands on regarding French fashion, culture, etc., and took your recommendation of "What French Women Know." If you have any other recommendations of some "jewels" you've read, please pass them on. Again, thanks for your daily dose of all things French... it makes me look forward more than ever to the day when I can return to Paris myself!
    XO, Catherine

  7. Carol, my dear.
    Thank you for this first picture...
    It is nice to see a frenchie that does not have pencil thin legs. Merci encore and bravo!

  8. Carol, your Paris street scenes simply never fail to disappoint. No matter what the subject (love this one!), you're there and you bring the city to life. Nothing escapes your eye! (Meaning I'd better be on fashion alert myself while walking about the St. Sulpice or Marais areas on my next visit; one never knows who might be snapping shots!) :-)
    All the best!

  9. I totally agree with Theresa Cheek and Nancy's funny but true comments above. Great photos, as usual.

  10. It's so nice to know that I can roll up the cuffs on my jeans and not be goofy anymore!

  11. Funny.
    You are funny.
    One of your best posts.

  12. So true!
    I'll never forget this beautiful woman I saw once in a store in Lyon. She was wearing jeans and a button up white shirt and looked SO CHIC! I really don't think I've ever seen anyone else more striking.

  13. Greetings from Australia. I just want to thank you for making our recent trip to Paris even more enjoyable. Your jeans post reminds me of an indicent when we were in London and were on the way to Hampton Court by boat. A lovely English woman commented to us on the ugliness of mature women wearing jeans. I had to take a quick look to make sure I wasn't wearing mine that day! As a grandmother of 7 I still find them the most wearable item in my wardrobe.

  14. The pics and paintings on PB remind me so much of Paris that I couldn't resist. I love your blog and when I am feeling that I miss Paris a bit too much I hop over and have a look at what you are up to.

    Keep up the great work and have a good evening,

  15. Chere Carol:

    Re the love of frenchies for les jeans, I've often wondered if it's somewhat like tennis. A game they invented, are now rarely winners at, and they harbor this secret envy of the Americans' successes.

    That is , "jeans", formerly Levis and dungerees were traditionally cut from denim(ie. material de Nemes). The original working- stiff garb from France made popular in America by Mr. Levi and now the subject of "pants envy" by you-know who. How egalitarian !? The working class overalls now so universal and chic ! Cool ! But you probably know all this anyway........

  16. I just discovered your blog and I LOVE it. I have been to Paris twice and longing to go back....
    Your blog is a nice Paris indulgence on a rainy Vancouver day.
    Keep it up, it is fabulous.


  17. I'm kind of secretly glad they "suffer" for those chic looks: my mom always said "you have to suffer to be beautiful," and I long ago decided it's just not worth it! LOL Fun post, Carol, as always.

  18. They all look great -- but New York ladies own jeans, IM not so HO

  19. They all look great -- but New York ladies own jeans, IM not so HO

  20. Jeans are so universal. You can do so much with them. I agree with the smoking to keep thin bit. I would rather not be that thin if thats what it takes. Sues comment cracked me up.. Thats me too. lol
    Fun post.

  21. How does the woman in your dream outfit get the long end of the scarf to stay diagonally (the most universally flattering line!) across the front?

  22. Your posts are so interesting, Carol! Hope you have a great week.

  23. Everything is better in Paris!!!! I think they are thin not only because they smoke but they walk or ride a bike everywhere. Unlike us who jump in the car to get where we must go. Also, I think the portions of the food you get are smaller.....they aren't in to super-sizing everything.

  24. I've to put on my jean and go for a walk round Paris. My morning croissants with apricot jam are over and I'm cooking my first BABA au rhum huummm smell so good round the apartment.

  25. Anonymous6:07 AM

    Ah J'aime le jeans! I am never outta jeans and this post has cheered me up no end. I've been feeling less than glam and fashionable today but now I am chic ;-) Actually I might nip to the shops and buy a pair!!

  26. monica6:41 AM

    mais oui, les Parisiennes sont minces, running in the Metro, running for shopping, running for Kids, running all the time, I know what I am talking about,but just a little thing, they still love cooking!!! not only BABA au rhum!!!
    ha, ha, ha,!!!!!

  27. I like your parisian jean's story (just write "au courant")
    The diet is like that - tomorrow and tomorrow,
    sometimes we can win !
    isn't it...

  28. j'adore.
    cette petite etude sur la mode parisienne est tres fraiche et vraiment sympathique.
    Moi, je suis parisienne et j'habite dans les suburbs de Boston. ah ah ah !!!!!
    Pour la mode c'est pas ca, D'ailleurs j'ai recemment ecrit un post sur mon blog sur le sujet. En effet, mes copines bostoniennes de mon club de gym, me demandent toujours comment je fais pour etre toujours bien habillee. Je leur reponds : Parisian touch !!!!!!

  29. What I initially noted was the fact that the jeans no longer seem as dark colored as favored in the past? I was thinking the darker jeans were favored. Is this no longer the case? I so enjoy your fashion posts/updates! Merci!

  30. Get your self to the outskirts of Paris there are some humongous women out there.

  31. juliette3:52 PM

    everyone wears jeans world wide. didnt ya know?


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