Friday, October 02, 2009


All my life I've been always been a bit of a runaway...
Like Janet Jackson's song, Runaway..
When I was little, I ran away from homework and cleaning my room (I still do that). I loved to escape into books and my imagination. I dreamed of traveling the world, never thinking it would come true.
Sometimes I ran away to the penny candy store to browse and admire..

And now I get to do just that...
In Paris!
And I get to share all my adventures with you!

I never have gone up in the Eiffel Tower...

I am a little afraid of heights...ahem

Nor would I be inclined to take a flying leap off of anything!

I've seen the world
Been to many places
Made lots of friends
Many different races
I've had such fun
Around the world it's true...

(from Janet's Runaway)

But it sure is nice to come home...

Like Janet does in the song...

To her little dog.

Next week I'll get to meet "Blog" the dog in Paris, the beautiful pup of Christian - Le Banc Moussu and I can't wait.

Thanks again ParisBreakfast Readers for making all my wishes come true!

Are you a runaway too?

Et Merci


  1. I do not care if you ARE afraid of heights, you MUST see Paris from the top of La Tour Eiffel at dusk. I am deathly afraid of edges but I do this every single time I am in Paris because it makes me cry. Just from the sheer beauty of it. Allow 2 hours to take in the whole experience. I just checked the time for sunset in Paris next week and it will be around 7:20 pm. Go up and watch the lights come on...
    Bon voyage, mon amie!

  2. I'm so brave that I took a picture for you so you don't need to go. You can see it on my blog. A surprise for you about Janet! Wait and see!

  3. thank you so much to you too! take care.

  4. Been thinking of your up coming "Escape from New York" to the "City of Lights". I can just about imagine how excited you must be, as I be would too ... I know your stay in Paris will be as fruitful and inspiring as previous trips, as you cram ever more images onto your hard drive.
    Bon Voyage!


  5. bon voyage à Paris,


  6. When did this happen? :-)
    Have fun, wish that I could get over there, too.............

  7. You have a beautiful and inspiring blog that keeps me reading everyday! Thank you!

  8. I wish you a very nice trip to Paris! Don't be afraid of the height of the Eiffel Tower, it's really small indeed but we love it so much :)
    There is so much things to do here. I know that with Le banc moussu you'll have the right guide.

    Look forward reading you :)

  9. foodwalker3:10 PM

    Have a splendid Wonderful time and I look forward to your emails from Paris!

  10. Marty3:11 PM

    Have a safe trip......Enjoy....!!!!!!!!!
    If you happen to get near Ave Marceau....
    say a little salute to my father, Marceau Louis Halluin....
    His father, Louis Gaston, named him after the General the street is named for.....

  11. I just got back from 2 weeks in Paris a few days ago. I already miss it so much.

    Just found your blog...LOVE IT. It fills my heart with all things French that I love SO much.

    I was in the 18th, and then moved for week two to the 6th, one block from Jardin de Luxembourg.... oh, be still my heart.

    Great blog!

  12. Wishing you and your taste buds a wonderful journey.


  13. Marie6:50 PM

    If you have time please check out Chantal Thomas shop it is amazing and so pink and girly- perfect for Oct pink breast cancer awareness month.

    I enjoy your blog and the watercolors you made for me.

  14. Melody6:55 PM

    When we got to the Eiffel Tower, I forced myself to go up.
    I stooped down facing inwards with my eyes closed tight. Once up there I was hanging over the side. Please make yourself try it. The view is beautiful and you will be fine.Trust me, if I can do so can you.
    Don't run away this time.
    You have so much to give and the experience will be wonderful.
    Have a fun trip.


  15. I have a jack russel just like that! and yes i think each of us who loves traveling has a runaway spirit, to explore and be free. And im sure you've learned a lot since traveling and meeting new ppl!

  16. I have never been a fan of Janet Jackson.. however, you did a wonderful job of presenting this song of her's with your words to the images,,,, with all your beautiful photo's and watercolors of the Eiffel Tower, I wondered briefly why not from the top? You must give it a try like The Sabbatical Chef suggested a Tour of the Eiffel at dusk-- take Christian with you-- now I must go and see his surprise for you on his blog,,, Oh my wish I were there, too
    Safe and happy travels,

  17. Oh yes, I feel the same and arrived in Paris 2 days ago. I plan to revisit Le Tour this trip also. Go on a weekday so you can have your postcards postmarked from the post office there.
    Perhaps we will meet at lunch with Peter.

  18. Have fun, how about more cage/croissants pix??
    Love them, maybe a Gauloise burning in an ashtray(only kidding), reading a lot of Alan Furst these days...

  19. Have a fabulous trip. Thanks for taking us with you. I look forward to your great posts from my very favorite city! I've been home 2 months and already long to return. La sigh!

  20. Blog the dog! So cute! I'm looking forward to more pictures of him and all of your latest Paris adventures! : )

  21. Run baby Run! Then tell me all about it.

  22. You are a runaway
    and that takes a brave person.
    You are brave and creative!
    And open to LIFE~

  23. Le "Banc Moussu" is a fantastic blog! Glad I found thanks to you!

  24. i hope you do go up the tower one day :) with macarons in tow. Imagine the view those macarons would have behind them! :) Imagine the water colours that would come from that image! :))

  25. you're leaving again for goodness gracious...lucky you.


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