Thursday, October 01, 2009

Your Paris Suggestions...

I'll be in Paris next Monday and your suggestions are requested...
I'm staying in the 10th arrondissement this time and I do not know it at all! HELP!

Do it in Paris had this story on the 10th...Have you been to any of these places?
I did once peek in the window late at night in Du Pain et des Idees and I long to go inside...
Of course there will many visits to various famed and unknown macaroneries - all for research bien sur.
French macarons, original art, 5.5" x 7.5"

And don't think for a minute I will miss one second of Salon du Chocolat 2009
More serious research!

I got an invite to the Foire d'Automne. Have you ever gone? They have workshops on wine, cuisine, decor, but the makeup is calling out to moi...
I may go on another Meeting The French tour to Gerard Mulot's kitchens. Can you ever get too much of macaron making?
I would love to drop in on a Paris piscine like this one in the 10th...

And wouldn't it be GREAT if they were doing Tai Chi in the Luxemburg? I just started classes...Have you ever been?

I hope to get a copy of this book with all the free stuff in Paris...

I saw this in The Ivy Paris News at the Musée des Arts Décoratifs, one hundred robot rabbits are waiting - their ears move to music!Do you live in Paris and have a small dog?
This is "Blog". He belongs to Christian of Le Banc Moussu - do visit. Anyway Christian says he will let me take pictures of Blog, but I need all the small Parisien dogs I can find. Let me know...
Any other suggestions of must-dos in Paris?
Do tell s.v.p.!


The Sabbatical Chef said...

I am so verte with envy at the moment that I can't think straight. I do not know this neighborhood as I usually stay in the 7th or 15th arrondissement. Just send lots of photos and updates, s'il te plaît. I won't be there until March...

Kyle said...

Dear Ms Paris Breakfasts:
I’ve been a subscriber to your blog for a few months now. I love it!! I lived in Paris in 2006, and your messages transport me back to that marvelous city every morning. Thank you.

I lived in the 3rd but got to know the 10th and 11th during my time in Paris. Canal St-Martin is nice for strolling, but I found the restaurants there to be a bit too trendy for me. I really liked the gourmet ghetto along rue Paul Bert in the 11th; Bistro Paul Bert became one of my favorites and is worth seeking out. It’s super value, too. There are a couple of other good spots in the immediate vicinity – Bistro Mélac on rue Léon Frot is excellent and also worth a detour.

It may not be in the 10th, but I would encourage you to lunch at Chez Georges (1, rue du Mail, 2e) just off Place des Victoires. It’s a great cuisine bourgeois place, and it’s filled with people from the Bourse and Le Figaro at lunch. (It also used to be a hangout for Le Monde, but they moved.) Their specialty is sole Georges: sole in a sauce made of crème fraiche, white wine, mustard and herbs. Just heavenly. It’s worth the trip to Paris for the sole alone. But as a bonus, the desserts are all excellent (I especially like their tart tatin; the only spot that can approximate it here in New York is La Lunchonette in Chelsea), as is the wine list. Save room for the macarons from Au Panetier around the corner on rue des Petits Peres; they are my favorite traditional macarons in town.

I wish I were going back to Paris, too! Have a great trip!!

T.L. said...

The 10e is the one arrondissement where I don't feel 100% safe at night. The area near the Cinema Brady (a gt. movie revival house, btw) isn't so hot.

I'm sure if you ask around, you will get more info. about safety.

Denise said...

Bon Voyage, Carol. You will return an expert on the 10th I am positive!

Anonymous said...

This isn't in the 10th but you should put it on your chocolate list....

I always thought that this was the inspiration for "Chocolat" the movie...

Stef, in chilly Chicago said...

You asked for info on the 10th arr. of Paris, since you will staying there. I have dreamed of returning to Paris for years and collected info off the net for years. I don't have a lot on the 10th, but do know it has become hip and is "kool." Probably past being "discovered", but surely the place to be.
I am soooooo jealouse you are going where I had planned to stay and explore next visit. Please, share lots of photos and your discoveries with your fans!

in chilly Chicago

Jan S. said...

It’s not in the 10th…. but photos and places on the Ile Saint Louis would be wonderful to see if you happen that way!!!
Jan S.

le banc moussu said...

I'm so happy to know I'll may be have the chance to meet you next month. Hope you'll like this small hotel.Don't hesitate to ask them for a bike. I'm close from there.let me know from which day you'll be in Paris please.
A bientôt

Leslee said...

Greetings from the rainy, but colorful Berkshires.
This am while walking the bi- langue pooch
whose pix I have sent you ( w/ chocolat chaud,etc)
I wondered to myself if you knew about this antique
fair and this shop in particular...
Also wanted to mention that in the spring I did purchase
the same camera you have and like it lots... big enough but
not too bulky to handle with a dog on a leash in the
other hand.
Have your usual frenzied and marvelous trip!!!

Anonymous said...

one more address for you and all american epicurean :

i wish you a good stay in paris.
sincerely yours.
pascal (

J. said...

Thanks for your wonderful posts each day. I look forward to having a morning taste of Paris with my coffee as I start each day at work.

SYBIL G. said...

So excited for you going to Paris. We live vicariously through you....

For a suggestion, maybe you can do some research on what other dog breeds Parisians own besides the token Jack Russell or Yorkie Terriers and Poodles. What do the Parisians think when they choose their canine companion and how do they train them to behave so well in the French way. That would be great research for you, too, since you paint such cute pooches. I would still love you to paint my Chloe, by the way.

Have fun and Bon Voyage!

Margaret B. said...

How about a visit to the musee pour les modes (vetements)?
I can't recall the correct name. Also musee pour les arts decoratifs/interior design. how about a really cool/interesting bookstore?
What are they wearing on the streets of Paris?

Have fun!
Margaret B.

Ilva said...

One year I will meet up with you in Paris with or without your approval! This is a threat!

Eb A. said...

I do not know where to send blog comments... so here is my request
"Stalk" David Lebovich for me... :)

Anabela said...

u mentioned u going to Paris, i revceived this, dont know if is your cup of tea ;o)
i have been to the 10th, there are some nice places around the canal, but specific spots, others a bit more dodgy. they filmed part of amelie around there

Susan said...

Hi Carol,
There's a great cafe in the 10th called Cafe Prune which you will stumble across along Canal St Martin. Over the bridge by the cafe is the famed Hotel du Nord. google for more info on that. ( a film was made about it)

If you go swimming remember that it is "obligatoire" to wear a swimming hat which can be bought at the pool. Take lots of loose change which you'll need for the lockers etc.

Have fun....I'll be going in November...
Bon voyage!


Christine said...

Canal St Martin is lovely to walk by…and there are cruises too.

robin said...

You can take a walk with Google maps! Looks like a nice neighborhood!

le banc moussu said...

if you wish Iwould be glad to have more informations about your hotel cause I did call paris velo right now and also about your arrival time on next monday. Which flight?
a bientôt

Randy said...

The bakery Du Pain et des idees is a great place to buy a treat. Also, there's a great place to eat on the canal called Cafe Prune. Found it from David Lebovitz' blog.

Nina said...

Just home a week and I would love to be back. We stayed in the 11th this time and loved the area between Bvd Beaumarchais, Rue Charonne and Rue Chemin Vert, especially the Sunday flea market on the Bvd Voltaire. Lots of cafes, lively and interesting, and stumbled over the head quarters of Medecins sans Frontiers. I also love Merci, on the Bvd Beaymarchais, and was able to find affordable gifts there. They were so kind in ensuring that each piece was wrapped for travelling, and that each recipient would get one of the lovely bags.
Have a great trip

Melody said...

In the background of the chocolate fountain that there was
a white chocolate fountain. WOW!!!!!! I love white chocolate.

I love your paintings and your blog. It makes my day better.

My daughters and myself went to Pairs in 1996 and it was wonderful.
Everyone had told me they hate Americans and that they are rude.
That was not true for us. We were treated very well and had a short but great visit. I would suggest visiting the Louvre Art Museum and seeing the Mona Lisa.
The cruise on the Seine River is nice at night time. You will see lovers all along the river embracing tastefully on the banks. Lot's of local artist
selling paintings and even the little carts sell the best sandwiches. Seemed that everything taste better in Paris.

Thank you for your website and have a wonderful visit.


Nikon said...

I would just say, Have A Great Time!

Georgia from Texas said...

I love your web site.
I check it every single day and reminisce. Years ago I taught school for the Army. I was a civilian and lived in Orleans. Our school was a small school only 3 grades and we were in quonset huts. The office was in a small chateau right on the Loire. I cherish those memories and wish I had stayed forever.
You bring back so many wonderful memories. Thank you,.
thank you,
thank you.
Georgia from Texas

Len said...

I have been following your blog for quite a while and enjoy it very much. I picked up a book called "The Seven Sins of Chocolate", recipes by Laurent Schott, photographs by Thomas Dhellemmes, with the styling by Veronique Villaret and have fallen in love with French display and styling. Take as many pictures of window displays and shop interiors as you like. I love the French design sense.

MrsLittleJeans said...

I am verte with envy too, as the first blogger put it cutely. Below is my friend's blog about stuff to do in Paris. She is moietie francaise and lived in Paris for 5 or 6 years. Oh, I am so verte.

Nancy said...

Ms. Paris Breakfast:
Well, last year we went walking on the Canal and stumbled in to Le Poisson Rouge ( A wonderful lunch,monkfish as I remember and the owner made for me a special vegetable plate, great wine, and terrific atmospher. Eat in or out, filled with locals of all ages. Let me know what you think.
I am envious of your trip.

Judith, Your Aussie Shadow said...

Hi Carol,
How unbelievable, I will be leaving Perth Australia on Monday 5th October and by lunch time on Tuesday 6th my mother and I will be hopefully settling down and unpacking in our apartment in the 6e on Rue de la Huchette (just around the corner from the Notre Dame). We are staying for 5 weeks. How I would dearly love to go to the Chocolate Show, can you give more details on how to buy tickets and what is the best way to get there etc etc. Cheers and best wishes for a fantastic holiday.

joanna said...


Have a wonderful safe journey-- can;t wait to see what you discover...and paint. Thank you for introducing us to Christian of Le Banc Moussu - his blog & dog are very entertaining & delightful.

Sadly I do not know the 10th. or the Paris scene. I noticed though a few fellow readers posted comments about the 11th -- I would love to see some photo's and all on the Musee of Edith Piaf. You did such a lovely photo shoot and several blogs on Marie Antoinette, I know you would do one on Edith beautifully as well.
This is a private museum and is located in a stunning apartment. Some features included memorabilia of the legendary French songstress Herself (Edith) Some of the collection’s best features are Piaf’s own china set, gold and platinum record collections, fan letters, personal photos, and of, course her designer garb! The museum is free by appointment only.

Practical Information

5 rue Crespin du Gast
75011, Paris
Phone: 01 43 55 52 72

Maybe another trip is on order for discovering the 11th??
Bonjour Paris

A Brush with Color said...

Sounds like a wonderful trip, Carol--enjoy! You'll get to explore tons of new things and I have no doubt you'll educate us all.

Parisbreakfasts said...

Judith you can buy chocolate tickets at FNAC and the Metro goes right there.
Here is the SALON DU CHOCOLAT website for more info.

Foodwalker said...

How wonderful.
After only 4 months you're off to Paris, again.
Good for you.
Eat lots of chocolate for me.
I like chocolate with snap and crunch!
I'm a texture girl.

André P. said...

Dear Carol,
I’ve stayed once next to the Bassin de la Villette, which is a large rowing channel but big enough to hold boats as well…

It is a nice neighborhood, specially on Sundays, when Parisians spend some quality time in the region.

When in Paris, you should visit one of Nespresso’s boutiques. The flagship one is in Champs Elisées and you’ll be amazed how such a good espresso can be made at home! ;)

Enjoy your trip! Keep us posted.

André P.

Anonymous said...

I always tell friends who are going to Paris for the first time that they MUST take a tour of the Opera Garnier. They do one English speaking tour a day. It is one of the most magnificent buildings in the world
My trip there was to document Art Deco which began in Paris. There are some incredible Art Deco restaurants such as La Coupole, Le Vaudeville and Prunier Traktir.
Also the chocolate expert, David Lebowitz gives classes and leads tours about chocolate in Paris so you may want to check him out as well.
Bon Voyage,

Cynthia said...

All I know, is that you'll be pretty close to my home, I'm about 10 walking minutes from Le Palais des Expositions to which I'll go for the photography salon :)

Stephanie said...

Most of the time I have spent in Paris has been in the 10th! My dear friend used to live on Rue des Ecluses St. Martin!
On Rue de Paradis is the Musee Crystal - all by Baccarat. When I went in, I was the only one there! Fascinating place.
Also, if you like to walk, the most amazing park in Paris that has zero tourists is the Parc Butte Chaumont - - you never see it advertised... I think they want to keep it to themselves.


Anonymous said...


I suggest you the piscine pailleron, such a beautiful swimming pool, the butte chaumont and take a bike and ride along the ourq canal until the parc de la villette.
You can also go to the parc de belleville , you will find there one of the most beautifull view of Paris.

From an inhabitant and big lover of Eastern Paris.

jeanette mistress of longears said...

RUN FOR YOUR LIFE!!!!!! Paris is NOT safe with 100 robot rabbits scarfing up all les macarons and casting their evil spell....the next thing you know, you will be scouting out tender young shoots of garden perennials and soybean sprouts! You will no longer be our
Paris Breakfasts, enduring sugar, cholesterol and chocolate all for the sake of your readership!!!

PeterParis said...

You seem to have prepared your visit carefully and have studied all types of files! I'm sure you will find a way to keep your days busy! Just round the corner is Brasserie Flo where we could perhaps have meal together and dicuss this further?

Catherine said...

Hi Carol, I'am sure you know Paris better than I do, the 10th ardt is not so hard, just take care...not to eat too many macarons! I use to read "le banc moussu" blog, and I like very much all your paintings!
have a nice stay in Paris! (I live in the Loire valley)

Sandrine said...

I am sure you know Paris better than me already...I just like to wonder and breathe the atmosphere when I get there...If you want to visit La Provence I could help you better!Have a wonderful time;)

Minie said...

J'arrive chez vous par le "Banc Moussu de Christian" Beaucoup de choses à voir sur ce très beau blog. A bientôt. Amicalement

Gordon said...

We had a great meal here. Best French onion soup in Paris.

Chez Plumeau
4 Place Du Calvaire
75018 Paris, France

Debi Lilly said...

OOh la much to do in Paris and I am on the wrong side of the Atlantic in Chicago.

What to do in Paris...I have just returned from 32 days of bliss and you can see all the hot new things to do, eat, shop, stroll, meander, and so much more on my twitterpage (easier than retyping it all, plus there are photos there). My screen name is aperfectevent. A bientot et bon voyage!

Fifi Flowers said...

My suggestion to YOU is HAVE A FAB time... I LOVE everything you show us!!!

Karen said...

I arrived yesterday and I am in the 6th near Luxembourg Gardens. I'll be here for the month. Perhaps we can meet through Peter. Another blogger will be here then, too. I haven't been to the 10th, yet, so cannot help with ideas. I just know that however much time spent here, it's not enough.

manon 21 said...

j'ai déjà dit à Christian que j'étais verte de jalousie!!!
Dis lui qui t'emmène chez Contiani rue du bac ,mais le connaissant il a du le prévoir.
bon voyage Carol


Unknown said...

Hi !

you're welcome if you want to see my 2 dogs !!!!!

I work in the 1st, near St Roch church !

welcome in Paris !


Lumival said...

Carol, I uses to stay at the hotel Chabrol Opera on rue Chabrol. Chabrol is off Hauteville, which is across from the church at the Place Franz Litzs. Hauteville runs down to Grand Blvd's and most of those buildings hide offices.On Chabrol is a humble little chocolate shop, Fougets and I found it wonderful! Around Chabrol and metros Poissioniere, and Cadet there are lots of little inexpensive restaurants that cater to the locals at lunch time. Be careful around the metro Strausbourg as it is known for pick pockets! The area around Gare du nord isn't as charming as it could be, but its ok. I know this isn't much info, buts it's all I could think of!

Malise said...

I love walking along Canal St. Martin. I have not been "inland", my experiences have been the area near the Bastille. The boat people live such interesting lives, with their plants and furniture on the decks of their canal boats. I also love it when I come across an art show along the canal - paintings under a tent are the way to go - not "snobby" like the galleries, and affordable for everyone.
I am not into macarons, but I would love to see this part of Paris through your eyes!

I am new to your email group, and enjoy paris-breakfasts...but it is giving me a bad case of the envie!
Wish I was going with you.

Unknown said...

Walk along Canal S. Martin on a Saturday afternoon and you will see hundreds of Parisians in their 20s and 30s having picnic.
You can also visit the stunning Headquarters of the Communist Party by the great architect Niemeyer, at Colonel Fabien Metro.
See the Alsatian delicatessen Schmid across Gare de L'Est.

Bill Boston said...

Just went to this place last night:

Passage de Pondichery
84 Passage Brady
Paris, 75010

It's in Passage Brady (along with numerous other Indian Restaurants). This is quite close to where it looks like you are staying. If you like Indian, it's a great choice. The Butter Chicken and the Palak Paneer were both exceptional.

Bill Boston said...

P.S. When we walked by last night, Chez Jeannette looked like quite a popular place. It was overflowing into the street with people. I think we'll have to make a trip back up there (we are staying nearby in the northern part of the 3rd) to check it out.

Chez Jeanette
47 Rue du Faubourg St-Denis, 75010

Anonymous said...

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